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This page documents a Nookipedia policy.
A policy is a widely accepted standard that all editors should normally follow. Users who fail to adhere to policies may be blocked.
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This page documents a Nookipedia policy.
A policy is a widely accepted standard that all editors should normally follow. Users who fail to adhere to policies may be blocked.

This page contains the editing and general usage policy for Nookipedia. Keep in mind, however, if there is behavior most users find unacceptable and it is not listed here, it does not give you the right to continue expressing misconduct.

Article style and etiquette

The policies below govern general user behavior as it pertains to editing on Nookipedia.

Content on Nookipedia is meant to express a neutral point of view and should not reflect the opinions or beliefs of its editors. When making contributions to the wiki, an editor should try to be conscious of any biases they may have and should place any partial opinions on their user page.
Content that is controversial or related to an unreleased product must be appropriately sourced or it may be subject to removal by Nookipedia staff.
  • Consistent reversion of controversial edits is considered edit warring and is unacceptable user behavior.
    • If an edit was reverted in error, please start a discussion on the article's talk page rather than engage in potential disruptive behavior.
    • If a resolution cannot be achieved via discussion, please contact a staff member to intervene.
Standard grammatical and spelling conventions of American English should be followed when editing articles.
  • Use of 'chatspeak' or 'textspeak' in the mainspace is prohibited and can be considered disruptive behavior.
  • Only proper nouns or words at the beginning of a sentence are to be capitalized.
Use of the second person ('you' or 'we') is discouraged, and any instances of this in an article should be replaced with 'the player' or the pronoun 'they'.
Editors should not include 'claims of authorship' in their edits here on Nookipedia. Authors are automatically recorded in every page's history once their edits are saved.
The edit summary field should be used to help other users understand the changes made to an article.
  • Be sure to include what information was changed and if applicable, why.
  • Explanations requiring lengthy discussion should be placed on the article's talk page.
Editors should use the preview window to proofread edits before submitting them.
  • Making a series of small edits to a page in quick succession to fix a number of small mistakes clutters the page history and makes it difficult to understand what changes were made, why, and when.
An article's talk page should be used to gain input from the community when making drastic changes to an article, or to request it be moved, merged, or removed from the wiki.
Editors should never plagiarize writing from other websites; copy-pasting text word-for-word from other websites is unacceptable. All submitted edits should be written using the editor's own words.
  • It is acceptable to use other websites for research. They should be cited as references in order to provide proper attribution.
  • Direct quotes or closely paraphrased quotes may be cited with proper attribution.

Spam and vandalism

Vandalism is the insertion of inappropriate, seemingly random, or deliberately incorrect information into pages, while spam involves the posting of promotional material encouraging users to visit another web address (often unrelated to Nookipedia).
  • Both are prohibited and will result in action from Nookipedia staff to remove the material and issue a warning and potential block depending on the severity of the offense.
  • Persistent vandals and spammers can be blocked indefinitely, including their IP. See Nookipedia:Block policy for more information.
If spam or vandalism is found in an article, simply remove it from the page or revert the edit. Do not attempt to address the user in edit summaries as it provides the user desired attention.
  • For an entire spam/vandalism page, mark it with the {{Delete}} template at the top of the page.
  • If the content of the revision or edit summary is inappropriate, please contact an active Bureaucrat or Director to hide the revision or edit summary.

Images and files

Main article: Nookipedia:Upload policy

Nookipedia is not to be used as a generic image-host; any file uploaded to the wiki must be used appropriately in the mainspace or on a user page and tagged with an appropriate license.
  • Users may upload up to 5 personal images / fanart for use in their user space. Additional personal images after this threshold may only added at the discretion of Nookipedia staff.
  • Any files that remain unused after 24hrs of upload may be removed at the staff's discretion.
All multimedia content uploaded to the wiki should be appropriate for all ages; given the popularity of the Animal Crossing series with minors and children, Nookipedia takes this issue very seriously.
  • Offensive content and profanity can warrant warnings and temporary blocks.
  • Repeated offenses, along with violent, gory, or sexual content, can result in long or permanent blocks at the discretion of Nookipedia staff.

User page content

Userpages are a place for users to write about themselves, the Animal Crossing series, and to help them with their daily editing.[1]
  • There is leeway with userpages, but nonconstructive and unrelated userpages (such as games) will be removed.
Be careful with revealing too much personal information; see Nookipedia:Personal information for more information.
No offensive, racist, gory, sexually charged or pornographic content is allowed on user pages.
  • If any inappropriate material is found posted to the userspace the user will be subject to a warning or ban at the discretion of Nookipedia staff based on the severity of the offense.
Other than for necessary basic maintenance edits, editing another user's user page is not allowed, even when censoring or correcting spelling or grammar. Concerns about user page content should be directed to Nookipedia Administrators or Bureaucrats.
Username changes are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and are made at the discretion of Nookipedia Bureaucrats.
  • A name change request may be made, at maximum, once in a six-month period.

Community interaction

Each page on the wiki has a 'talk page' where editors are encouraged to raise issues about article content and engage in wiki-related discussions.
  • Communication between individual users should be restricted to individual user pages; each user's talk page is located at User talk:Username.
  • Editors are also encouraged to join the community conversation on the Discord server or The Roost.
Talk politely to other users, remain civil, and assume good faith when reviewing other users' edits.
  • Avoid swearing, vulgar language, and unsubstantial comments such as 'Hi!' or 'I'm bored'.
  • Posting of inappropriate or inflammatory comments towards other members of the Nookipedia community can result in warnings or user blocks at the discretion of Nookipedia staff depending on the severity of the offense.
Sign all posts and comments with four tildes, like so: ~~~~
New messages should go at the bottom of talk pages.
Do not remove other users' messages, except in clear cases of vandalism, personal attacks, being off-topic, or maintenance (removing duplicate messages, moving to correct talk page, etc.).
  • If there is a conflict with another user that cannot be settled, please contact a staff member.

Friend code exchange

The exchange of friend codes is encouraged, but is limited to the Discord server.
If a friend code request is rejected, do not continue to bother the user in question; doing so after being asked to stop can result in action on behalf of Nookipedia staff.

Nookipedia staff

A description of all staff positions (and its users) can be found at at Nookipedia:Staff.

Applications for becoming a staff member (or being promoted to another position) can be submitted at the staff application page.
  • Before submitting an initial application, editors must have made at least 200 mainspace (article) edits.
  • If an application fails, editors must wait at least 60 days (starting on the date the application was closed) before re-applying.
  • For the safety of the community and to protect the site from attack, staff members are expected to meet certain minimum account security criteria.
    • All staff members must protect their accounts with a strong password that cannot be easily guessed or brute-forced.
    • All staff members must have a valid and verified email address associated with their account, to be used for official communication and password resets.
    • All staff members are encouraged to enable two factor authentication to secure their account. Two factor authentication is required for bureaucrats and above.
Nookipedia directors may only be appointed by an existing director, and may only be removed by the site owner. Applications are not accepted for the position of director.
Any current bureaucrat or administrator may apply for the position of Editor in Chief (EIC) through the standard staff application process.
  • Administrators may apply simultaneously for the bureaucrat and EIC position, but all votes will be contingent on the applicant being qualified for both positions. An unsuccessful application will count as a failed attempt for both positions, and the individual will need to wait 90 days before submitting any further applications for any position
  • In the event two or more qualified staff members apply for the position simultaneously, the vote on all applications will be extended until the latest of all active applications to allow adequate time for a selection to be made.
  • Applications for EIC will not be accepted while there is an active EIC in place, unless a director has specifically opened applications for the position.
Once an Editor in Chief (EIC) is established, they may only be formally removed by a site director.
  • In the planned absence of the Editor in Chief for an extended period of time, they may appoint an acting EIC from one of the active directors or bureaucrats.
  • In the event of an unplanned leave, a director may appoint themselves or another qualified staff member to serve as the acting EIC.


  1. You must be logged in to create a userpage.
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