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The Directors are the staff members in charge of Nookipedia. There are two directors, who manage the wiki's day-to-day operations, lead the staff team, and handle communications with other sites. Additionally, each Director specializes in a different aspect of the site's maintenance. Unlike other staff ranks, promotions to this position are not handled through an application process; when a Director plans on retiring, the two current Directors will select a qualified staff member to fill the position.

In the event of a major vandal attack, directors are able to lockdown editing of the site to users below the Patroller rank, below the Administrator rank, or to all users.

Director list


Jake (TalkContribs) Staff since October 22, 2010 Active
Pierce CF.png
Jake is responsible for maintaining the server and database of the wiki. He's also the person who pays for hosting and other site upgrades. He performs extension installations on Nookipedia, and also contributes actively by adding content to articles and assisting the staff whenever they need help.
SuperHamster (TalkContribs) Staff since December 5, 2010 Active
Having joined Nookipedia in December of 2010, SuperHamster works on general wiki maintenance, templates, article content, and most frequently, media files; he's also willing to help any users who require assistance.


Dragonfree97 (TalkContribs) Staff from November 18, 2010 to May 13, 2011
Dragonfree97 was originally from Animal Crossing City, but proposed a merger to Jake on the NIWA forums. She was responsible for general wiki maintenance as well as assisting the Administrators and Bureaucrats with their duties.
SuperAlpaca (TalkContribs) Staff from May 13, 2011 to February 1, 2012
Bones DnM.png
SuperAlpaca was originally from Animal Crossing City, and joined Nookipedia along with the merger. He was responsible for general wiki maintenance as well as assisting the Administrators and Bureaucrats with their duties.


Directors have all of the abilities of a Bureaucrat, as well as these powers:

  • Hide a blocked user's name from the block list and log
  • Manage all user rights
  • Edit interwiki data
  • Lock and unlock the site's database
  • Edit sitewide CSS and JavaScript
  • View, hide and unhide specific revisions of pages from any user
  • View the suppression log and checkuser log
  • Place 'director blocks', that prevent users from viewing or editing pages
  • View statistics and reports about the performance of the site
  • Shut down the site entirely in an emergency