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This page is here to help you get started on Nookipedia. It assumes you have a basic knowledge of Wikitext and have read our Manual of Style. If you have any questions about how to contribute here on the wiki or you're unsure about what you're doing you can always ask a staff member, post a question on the talk page in question, or bring up the issue on our Discord server.

Making your first edit[edit]

Once you've found an article you want to edit, you can start by clicking the Edit button at the top of the page. This will bring up a text box where you can make changes to the content on the page. Before saving your changes though, you should click the "Show preview" button— this way you can make sure that you've typed everything in as you intended. If you're unsure about how an aspect of language or formatting is handled on the wiki be sure to reference the Manual of Style.

Before submitting your edit, you should also type in a quick summary of the changes you made to the page. For example, "Fixed 'Nok' to 'Nook'". You should also check the "This is a minor edit" box if you made a small change, like correcting a misspelled word. If everything looks right, click the save page button. Congrats! You just made your first edit! You can view a list of your recent edits on the Special:Contributions page.

To-do list[edit]

Checking something off of the to-do list is a quick way to start making a difference here on the wiki. Each of the icons below links to a list of different pages that need a specific type of editing. Templates on each of these pages will often provide additional, specific information on what the problem is. Once you take care of a task, you can remove the template and make a note in the edit summary.

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Nookipedia projects[edit]

Joining a project team is a great way to learn about the different kinds of pages on the wiki and the different standards used when editing them. There are several ongoing projects that focus on different aspects of the Animal Crossing series, a list of active projects is listed below, but you can find the full list on our Projects page.

Project Clean-Up

Project Clean-Up

Leader: Wanted
Project Clean-Up is dedicated cleaning up a lot of extra things lying around including unused files, redirects, unused or uncategorized categories/templates, and miscellaneous other formatting. In addition, it seeks to have the To-do list cleared of a majority to all of its entries.
Project Database

Project Database

Leader: SuperHamster
Project Database aims to generate a Nookipedia database that contains factual information on all aspects of the Animal Crossing Series.
Project Images

Project Images

Leader: LoneShadowStar
Project Images involves categorizing every image based on game, character, and content, replacing outdated/poor quality images, uploading requested images and renaming images to be more concise.
Project Interface

Project Interface

Leader: Wanted
Project Interface works to develop Nookipedia's interface and templates across all devices.
Project Items

Project Items

Leader: Wanted
It's a project. And it's about furniture, clothing, interior, and many other items in the series.
Project Museum

Project Museum

Leader: SuperHamster
Project Museum covers fish, insects, sea creatures, paintings, fossils, and constellations. Over 150 articles and counting!
Project Music

Project Music

Leader: Vmario97
Project Music lists and provides a sample of all the music in the Animal Crossing series.
Project Pocket Camp

Project Pocket Camp

Leader: PanchamBro
Project Pocket Camp focuses on keeping the Pocket Camp coverage up-to-date.
Project Villager

Project Villager

Leader: Wanted
Project Villager maintains the article pages of all Animal Crossing residents.