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This guide is here to help new users with getting started on Nookipedia. It contains information on creating and editing articles, along with text formatting.

Editing Articles[edit]

Once you've found an article to edit, you can start your editing by clicking the Edit button at the top of the page. This will bring up a text box where you can edit the article however you need. Before saving your changes however, it's recommended that you click the "Show preview" button next to the save page button. This way you can make sure that you've typed everything correctly, used correct formatting, etc. If everything looks right, you can click the save page button. Just be sure that your edits to the article fit within our site policies.

Before submitting your article, you may also type in a quick summary of what you edited. For example, "Fixed 'Nok' to 'Nook'", or "Fixed incorrect item source". You should also check the "This is a minor edit" button if you made only a small fix, such as correcting a misspelled word.

Creating Articles[edit]

If you can't find an article you feel like editing, you can always write a new article! First, you'll need a topic. It should obviously be related to Animal Crossing. If you're stuck, try looking at our list of wanted pages. There are a couple different ways to create an article. The first is to click a red link. If you can't find a red link for the article you want to create, feel free to place it in the sandbox and click it. The second way is to search for your article. For example, if you wanted to create the article 'Dr. Shrunk', you could search for Dr. Shrunk in the search box (either to the left of the page, or to the top right), then click the 'create this page' link.

Wiki Coding[edit]

Simple Text Formatting[edit]

Wikis such as Nookipedia have their own text formatting system. Although you can use the toolbar above the edit box to apply basic formatting to text, it can only do the most basic of formatting such as bolding or italicizing text. Below you'll see a list of some common formatting code.

Description What You See What You Type
Bold text Bold text
'''Bold text'''
Italic text Italic text
''Italic text''
Bold italicized text Bold and italic text
'''''Bold and italic text'''''
Escape markup '''This''' is not bold.
<nowiki>'''This''' is not bold.</nowiki>
Underlined text Underline
Strikethrough text Strikethrough
Signature/Timestamp --GoalieGuy6 15:45, 26 October 2010 (EDT)
New Paragraph/Line Breaks Paragraph 1. Single line breaks will not show up.

I can force a new line with the br tag.

You need a double line break to start a new paragraph.

Paragraph 1.
Single line breaks will not show up.<br />
I can force a new line with the br tag.

You need a double line break to start a new paragraph.
Comment Comments can only be seen when editing a page. (Click the view source button to see the comment)
<!-- This can't be seen when viewing a page. -->
Monospaced text This is monospaced text
<tt>This is monospaced text</tt>

Formatting Links[edit]

There are also special wiki codes to create links on Nookipedia. See the table below for more help.

Description What You See What You Type
Direct Link Animal Crossing: City Folk
[[Animal Crossing: City Folk]]
Piped Link Wild World
[[Animal Crossing: Wild World|Wild World]]
Non-Existent Page Link (Click the link to create the page.) Fake Page
[[Fake Page]]
Category Link Category:Video Games
[[:Category:Video Games]]
Namespace Link Nookipedia:About
User Link User:SuperAlpaca
External Links
*[ Animal Crossing Site]
Wikipedia Link Wikipedia: Animal Crossing: City Folk
[[Wikipedia: Animal Crossing: City Folk]]
Anchor Link Animal Crossing: City Folk#Controls

AC:CF Controls

[[Animal Crossing: City Folk#Controls]]
[[Animal Crossing: City Folk#Controls|AC:CF Controls]]
Hide Namespace or text in parentheses Animal Crossing


[[Animal Crossing (Series)|]]