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This page is an official policy page This page documents a Nookipedia policy.
This is a widely accepted standard that all editors should normally follow. Users who fail to adhere to policies may be blocked.

Nookipedia has several policies regarding what should and should not be uploaded, as well as a few general practices that should be considered when uploading anything to our wiki. We recommend that all users read this page entirely.

Images may be uploaded via Special:Upload.

General policies

The following guidelines are strongly encouraged when uploading images for use in articles for this encyclopedia.

  • In most cases, images should be a PNG image uploaded to the wiki via the Upload file page.
    • PNGs are recommended, but not required. Any file types that are not permitted will automatically be rejected.
  • Images should be at least decent quality and have smallest possible file size. Blurry images are not acceptable.
  • When uploading the file, be sure to give it a meaningful name which describes its content.
  • It is suggested that you license your image when you upload it, but if you do not know what license it fits under, don't worry.
  • Do not upload any images that violates any of our wiki policies.
  • Do not upload images that you do not plan to use in an article within 24 hours (1 day) of uploading it.
  • Do not upload images that are irrelevant with the Animal Crossing series, unless you specifically follow the rules regarding personal images as listed below.

Personal images

We understand that users want to have fun while using the wiki, and so we do allow users to upload images that are not relevant to Animal Crossing. We ask that you obey the following guidelines while uploading these images.

  • Once again, do not upload any images that violates any of our wiki policies.
  • Once again, do not upload images that you do not plan to use somewhere (a user page, subpage etc.) within 24 hours (1 day) of uploading them. These will be removed immediately after that time period.
  • The staff of Nookipedia reserves the right to remove any and all personal images without notice.
  • You must license your image as a personal image when uploading it. Personal images that are not licensed will be removed on sight or be licensed as so.
  • Any one user should not have more than five personal images. Exceptions can be made by asking for the permission of any bureaucrat.
    • If you need more than five personal images, it is recommended that you include the image from an external image host.