Nintendo DS

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Nintendo DS (logo).png
Manufacturer Nintendo
Release date(s) United States of America November 21, 2004
Japan December 2, 2004
Australia February 24, 2005
Europe March 11, 2005
Predecessor Game Boy Advance
Successor Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo DS is a dual-screened, touch sensitive portable games console from Nintendo. Animal Crossing: Wild World was the main Animal Crossing game to be released on the DS.

Types of DS[edit]

There are four different versions of the Nintendo DS, all with bottom touch screens.

Name Image JP Release NA Release EU Release AUS Release Notes
Nintendo DS Nintendo-ds-original.png December 2, 2004 November 21, 2004 March 11, 2005 February 24, 2005 Was sold as a third-tier console coexisting with the Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance. Was more prone to breaking than other models.
Nintendo DS Lite DS Lite.png March 2, 2006 June 11, 2006 June 23, 2006 June 1, 2006 More sold than any other DS model, it has a brighter screen and weighs less than the previous model.
Nintendo DSi DSi.png November 1, 2008 April 5, 2009 April 3, 2009 April 2, 2009 Introduced front and rear cameras; Nintendo DSi Shop & DSiWare, also the first to bring in Sound Recordings and the ability to use SD cards.
Nintendo DSi XL Nintendo DSi XL.png November 21, 2009 March 28, 2010 March 5, 2010 April 15, 2010 93% bigger screens than the Nintendo DSi


The Stylus is a utensil that is used to operate the lower screen on the Nintendo DS (commonly called the touch screen). The Nintendo DSi XL has two different sized styluses, one full sized, and the other slightly bigger than the Nintendo DSi's stylus. Animal Crossing: Wild World has two different control schemes: one that is entirely controlled by the buttons on the DS, and one that is controlled entirely by the stylus. Input from the method not currently in use will cause Wild World to switch control modes; however the initial input will not be recognized until used again.

Animal Crossing-related games[edit]

Game Image Release date(s)
Animal Crossing: Wild World WW Box NA.jpg Japan November 23, 2005
United States of America December 5, 2005
Australia December 8, 2005
Europe March 31, 2006
South Korea December 6, 2007


These games are no longer available on the DSi due to the DSi Shop's closure on March 31, 2017.[1] However, they can still be purchased on the Nintendo 3DS eShop for $1.99.

App Japanese release date English release date
Animal Crossing Clock 2009 2009
Animal Crossing Calculator 2009 2009


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