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Users are editors who have registered an account on Nookipedia. They have access to more of the site's features than anonymous editors.


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Nookipedia's staff is a group of users that volunteer their time to maintain Nookipedia. There are currently four active staff groups, each of which plays a different role in the wiki; these groups are Directors, Bureaucrats, Administrators, and Patrollers. Users are encouraged to contact the staff if they need any help with the site, or if they have concerns or suggestions.



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Trustees are members whose edits are automatically patrolled. They are experienced editors who have made large numbers of edits, which do not need to be individually patrolled.

Autoconfirmed Users

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Autoconfirmed users are users that have been registered on Nookipedia for over four days and have made ten or more edits. They receive additional privileges, most notably the abilities to edit semi-protected pages and move pages.


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Bots are accounts run by other wiki users that perform sets of automated edits. Multiple bot accounts are currently in use on Nookipedia, each maintained by individual staff members.

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