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Honored Members

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Honored members are a special group of users that have been recognized for making a significant contribution to the wiki. Users in this group, like the autoconfirmed user group, were maintained by the MediaWiki system. A list of all honored members can be found on this page.

The honored members feature is now retired, with the last addition to the list taking place in October 2017.

Qualifications and benefits

The qualifications to become an honored member were to make 150 quality edits within a 30 day period. Doing so would earn you honored member status for the same number of days. During this time, ads would not be displayed while browsing Nookipedia. You also earned a permanent spot on the list of honored members. This was our way of thanking you for making Nookipedia the best Animal Crossing resource on the internet.

Special nominations

At the request of a bureaucrat, any user could be made an honored member if they made a contribution that deserved recognition. Whether or not that user would be publicly recognized on the list of honored members depended on the quality and quantity of the user's edits at the time of nomination.

Membership termination

If a user was found to have spammed edits in order to achieve an honored membership, their privileges were revoked. Additionally, further action may have been taken against the account at the discretion of the administrative team.