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This page is an official policy page This page documents a Nookipedia policy.
This is a widely accepted standard that all editors should normally follow. Users who fail to adhere to policies may be blocked.

Signatures are used to sign one's message on a talk page or forum. To do so, four tidles (~~~~) are used. If three tildes are placed, just the signature will be placed, and five will produce only the timestamp.

How and when to use

Create your signature subpage here.

  1. Once your subpage is saved, copy {{SUBST:nosubst|_______}}, the blank's being your page name.
  2. Go to your preferences (on the top right corner).
  3. Paste the code next to the "new signature parameter".
  4. Make sure "Treat signature as wikitext (without an automatic link)" is turned on.
  5. Save the page.

Your signature is ready to go now!

It is never acceptable to use one's signature on any page other than a talk or user page. Never on an article should you sign your work. Doing so will invoke a warning and the signature being removed. If this happens multiple times, a block will be issued.

It is required that one signs comments on a talk page. If you come across an unsigned comment, then use the template {{unsigned}} to sign it. To find out who originally posted the comment, look through the talk page's history. If it was you who forgot to sign your comment, then you should sign with three tildes instead of four (~~~); otherwise an incorrect timestamp will appear. If you saved the page and fix it a second later, then it is fine to sign normally, but not if another user has commented.



Your signature may include an image, but it must not disrupt the line spacing. This means that it must be about 12px. No 50px images in a signature; it just ruins the page!


Your signature must include a link to your userpage, and it is highly recommended that it links to your talk page. Other than that, it can link to any other page on the wiki. External links must not include any offensive material.


Your signature must at least contain part of one's username or in any way (such as an established nickname) that allows users to quickly identify who is signing.


It is acceptable to change the colors of your signature; just refrain from too bright colors. No white, cream, or neon colors, as those may be barely visible and difficult to read.


These signatures are examples for a user named ExampleUser.

Bad signatures


It is not immediately recognizable who posted the comment.

ExampleUserTom Nook PG.png

The image disrupts the line spacing and takes up an unusually large amount of space.


The font color is difficult to read against a white background.

Good signatures

ExampleUserDoggie Mask.gif

The image does not drastically change the line height, if at all.


The font color is a dark color and is readable against the white background.


The dark background helps contrast the light text, making it easy to read.