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The Nookipedia Resource Program (NRP) provides equipment, funding, and donations to assist editors contributing to the wiki, or for projects that contribute to the preservation of Animal Crossing history at large. Projects we support may be internal to Nookipedia (such as providing a game guide to an editor doing research) or external (such as helping fund preservationist efforts that also help enhance Nookipedia articles).

Examples of resources NRP may provide:

  • Software licenses
  • Electronics (scanners, lightboxes, capture cards, etc.)
  • Historic merchandise for preservation
  • Games and game guides
  • Scanning services

We are also happy to collaborate and help out with projects in any way we can.

This program is primarily made possible through our site's ad revenue—by using Nookipedia, you're helping fund some great projects!


Please read the following details before applying.

In addition to actively seeking out projects to support, we accept applications. Depending on the request, Nookipedia may provide equipment directly, or funding that can go towards project expenses. Equipment may either be loaned or permanently given depending on the project, cost, logistics, and foreseen long-term use. While we do not have a strict funding limit, we will rarely provide over $100 USD for a single project—applicants seeking more than that are still encouraged to apply, as we are happy to partially subsidize projects.

Applicant projects do not have to directly touch Nookipedia, but an indirect positive impact on Nookipedia is expected (e.g. if your project is photographing merchandise, those photographs may be incorporated into our articles). Note that as editing Nookipedia is an entirely volunteer effort, we primarily seek to help cover direct material expenses and do not typically compensate for time. For projects that result in the creation of software and/or materials, we ask that they be open sourced or freely licensed when applicable.

NRP will only fund legal projects that respect intellectual property rights and operate under fair use as applicable.

Anyone (editors and non-editors alike) may make a request for funds or equipment through the following form:


Requests are reviewed on a rolling basis by Nookipedia's Directors. Most requests will receive a response within a week.


Projects we have supported are listed here.

  • SuperHamster (talk | contribs | logs) - Tobidase Dōbutsu no Mori guidebook for research and scans for Nookipedia articles
  • Cuyler - Scanner for e-Card preservation program
  • Hit Save! e-Reader preservation project
  • Jaye - Deserted Island Diary research project