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GameButton.png Video games
All games in the Animal Crossing series.
Subcategories: MinigamesNES gamesGame updates
LocationButton.png Locations
Explore the different locations throughout the series.
Subcategories: BuildingsUnseen locations
Event Button.png Events
See all the events you can celebrate in each game.
Subcategories: Region-exclusive events
CharacterButton.png Special characters
Learn about the various special characters.
Subcategories: Characters with no English localization
VillagerButton.png Villagers
Discover all the villagers featured in the games.
See also: Islandersamiibo cardsVillager IDs
ClothingButton.png Clothing
A catalog of all the different clothing available.
See also: Lists of clothing
DIYButton.png DIY recipes
DIY recipes that can be learned in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
ToolButton.png Tools
Shovels, slingshots and axes, balloons, bubble blowers and more.
FurnitureButton.png Furniture
View all the furniture sets and series available.
Subcategories: SeriesThemesSetsPC collections
FossilButton.png Fossils
Uncover all the fossils waiting to be unearthed.
Subcategories: Standalone fossils
PaintingButton.png Art
View all the works of art that can be collected.
Subcategories: PaintingsStatues
BugButton.png Bugs
A complete listing of all the different bugs that can be caught.
FishButton.png Fish
A complete listing of all the different fish that can be caught.
Deep Sea Button.png Sea Creatures
A complete listing of all the different sea creatures that can be caught.
MusicButton.png Music
Original music featured throughout the series.
Subcategories: K.K. Slider songs
MerchandiseButton.png Merchandise
Collectible Animal Crossing real-world merchandise.
See also: e-Reader cardsamiiboClub Nintendo