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Citing sources is required for new pages detailing an upcoming game release, or on any page in which the {{Future Game}} template appears. If the information can be verified by playing the game or reading the instruction booklet, then citing the source is unnecessary.

In order for in-text citations to function correctly, a references section must be created at the bottom of the page. This can be created using the {{Reflist}} template. Some articles have manually created references sections using the following code:


This is acceptable, however longer reference lists should make use of the features offered by the {{Reflist}} template.

Adding sources[edit]

When new information is added to an article, or a statement has been sourced, the following tags <ref></ref> can be wrapped around that source at the end of the statement.

For example, if Nookipedia is a source, the link should be placed within <ref> tags at the end of the sentence.[1] The small number at the end of the sentence refers to the source listed in the references section at the end of the article.

Please use the following guidelines for proper citation: In order, the name of the author (last name first), the date of publication in parentheses, the title of the source, the publisher's name (in italics), and finally the retrieval date. In YouTube citations, use the channel's name in place of the author's name. For web citations, the {{cite web}} template can be helpful.

"name" ("publication date"). "title. "publisher". "retrieval date".

kevingifford (Oct 31, 2012). Japan review check: Animal Crossing, Dynasty Warriors, Silent Hill. Polygon. Retrieved November 10, 2015.

Please make sure the source provided is either official or from a credible site. Statements that are of questionable validity or require citation should be marked with the {{cn}} template. For articles or large sections of text requiring citations, make a note on the article's talk page.


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