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{{Cite web|author=|date=|url=|title=|site=|archive-date=|retrieved=|language=}}

This template is to be used for citing webpages. It automatically formats and sorts the data and all parameters are optional except for url. <ref> tags must be added to make it appear as a reference.


  • author (optional) – The person who wrote the text or, if no author is listed, the publisher; if the source is a social media post, the poster's username should be used if no real name is specific.
  • date (optional) – The date the text was originally published or posted. Should be fully written out in the Month Day, Year format.
  • url (required) – The direct URL to the page in question. An archived URL from the Internet Archive may be used if the original page is inaccessible.
  • title (optional) – The title of the article, or, if no title is specified, the name of the webpage (visible on its tab at the top of the browser). Quotations are automatically added.
  • site (optional) – The name of the website, usually seen on the site's homepage or about page. If it is not listed, use the hostname as seen in the URL (e.g. example.com).
  • archive-date – The date the page was archived on the Internet Archive. Only use if using an archived link.
  • retrieved – The date the page was used on Nookipedia as a source (should be the current date unless retroactively adding the parameter).
  • language – The language of the page in question. Only to be used for non-English sources.


Example text.{{Cite web|author=Samuel Claiborn|date=March 16, 2020|url=https://www.ign.com/articles/animal-crossing-new-horizons-review-for-switch|title=Animal Crossing: New Horizons Review|site=IGN|retrieved=September 10, 2020}}

Example text.[1]

  1. Samuel Claiborn (March 16, 2020). "Animal Crossing: New Horizons Review". IGN. Retrieved September 10, 2020.