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Nookipedia Proposals allow the community to vote on sitewide changes that would affect a large number of pages or users. This process is not a replacement for community-wide input (see:The Roost) or talk page discussion. Rather, it takes the final product of those discussions (in the form of a proposal) and puts them to a vote.


  • Proposals are only necessary for changes that would affect a large number of pages or users. Some examples: rules/policy changes, adding/removing namespaces, making major modifications to/replacing templates that affect 1000+ pages.
  • Proposals are for voting on fully worked out ideas. They should not have any yet-to-be-determined components: no 'option a, b, or c'. Proposals may be submitted without prior public comment or feedback, but should not receive major edits or changes once voting has started.
  • Proposals can only be submitted and voted upon by registered users. Comments or votes from unregistered users will be removed immediately. Furthermore, all votes or comments must have a signature attached (~~~~). Users are not allowed to vote on their own proposal, but may respond to comments.
  • Proposals will be open for seven days. This voting deadline can be extended upon request, at the discretion of a Bureaucrat.
  • At the end of the voting period, if the proposal has at least a 2/3 majority (66%) it will be considered successful. A Bureaucrat will then officially close the proposal, and either enact it themselves, or coordinate with other staff members to make sure the proposal is completed.
  • Once a proposal has been enacted, the staff member responsible will make a note here and move the proposal to the Archives.

How to make a proposal[edit]

All proposals must be made using the template provided below, posted under the "Current Proposals" heading:

| title       = A short, one-sentence description of the proposal.
| description = Additional proposal details/explanation.
| comments    = User commentary on proposal.
| votes       = User votes on proposal: {{Support}} or {{Oppose}} + signature (~~~~).

Current proposals[edit]

Proposal: Disable WebP and WebM uploads
Recently there's been some discussion among staff about disabling WebP and WebM uploads. As this is a content-related issue, though, I thought voting on it here would be the fairest way of deciding.

Although it's relatively rare that editors upload this type of file, they're usually low-quality and there's no advantages to them over the preferred PNG or JPG formats. If this proposal passes, existing WebP and WebM files will be converted to another, compatible format. Drago (talk) Drago PC Villager Icon.png 14:02, August 15, 2023 (EDT)


Something that is troubling with this proposal is that with WebP images we don't know if the image was originally a PNG or JPG file, so we'd need to decide very carefully what format to choose when converting these images. Now this can be simple for sites like Fandom, whose CDN will display a WebP for anonymous users but the real image for users, but press release images by Nintendo or any other official sources are more hasty. In my opinion, any image with transparency should be a PNG, while others should be JPG. -- PanchamBro (talkcontributions) 01:12, August 16, 2023 (EDT)
Personally, I would support this proposal if WebP is the only one that gets disabled, but I think WebM, as a video container format (which is not meant to replace PNG and JPG files), might be more useful just in case. Starry Windy 10:52, August 17, 2023 (EDT)


Support Support -- PanchamBro (talkcontributions) 01:12, August 16, 2023 (EDT)
Support Support-- I think this maybe a good idea as then people don't have to add a higher qualiy one after SunsetBay 10:26, August 17, 2023 (EDT)
Oppose Oppose-- Per my comments above. Starry Windy 10:52, August 17, 2023 (EDT)

Result: (??%) To be determined.

Voting on this proposal has ended. (refresh)