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Proposal: Proposal title/summary.
Proposal description goes here.
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Result: (??%) To be determined. The proposal was enacted by <Staff signature here>.

Voting on this proposal has ended. (refresh)

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  • If a value is given for the title parameter, the template will properly display, otherwise it will produce the text: "There are no current proposals at this time."
  • This template auto-categorizes pages it is placed on into the administrative category Active proposals. This allows for proper functionality of the {{ProposalAlert}} template.


  • title = Short, 1 sentence description of proposal.
  • description = Additional proposal details/explanation.
  • comments = User commentary on proposal.
  • votes = User votes on proposal (Support Support or Oppose Oppose + signature ~~~~).

For administrative use only

  • percent = Proposal support percentage.
  • result = Proposal result (Passed or Failed).
  • staffsig = The signature ~~~~ of the staff member who enacted the proposal.
  • year = The year voting closes.
  • month = The month voting closes.
  • day = The day voting closes.
  • hour = The hour voting closes.
  • minute = The minute voting closes.

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