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This article is all about using images on Nookipedia. It will teach you how to upload images, and how to format them for placement in various articles. If you'd like to know which articles need images, see here.

Uploading images[edit]

Please be sure to read our Upload Policy to make sure your image is appropriate for upload.

Before uploading an image, check to see if an appropriate image already exists on the wiki. Take a look at the list of uploaded files, as well as the list of unused files. If you don't find what you're looking for you can upload a file using the following instructions:

  1. Click the "Upload file" button in the toolbox at the bottom of the left navigation bar, or click here.
  2. Click the "Browse" button and find the image file on your computer.
  3. Type a file name into the destination filename box, being sure to follow the file naming conventions established at Project Images. It should always include an acronym identifying which Animal Crossing title it comes from, as well as keywords that help others identify the image, such as the name of the villager or character pictured, the special event taking place, or the location pictured. Image extensions should be kept to all lowercase letters. (e.g. .jpg not .JPG)
  4. Type a quick summary of what the image is and make sure to include the image in the appropriate categories. (e.g. Category:Game screenshots)
  5. Select the appropriate license. If an existing license is not appropriate consider approaching a staff member, or creating a new license using the {{LicenseBox}} template and having it added to the drop-down menu at MediaWiki:Licenses.
  6. Click the upload button.

When you upload a new version of an existing image, the change may take a few minutes to take place.

Using images[edit]

To begin, find a page where images are needed. Category:Image wanted is a great place to start. Then, find an appropriate space on the page to insert the image and use the following code: [[File:Image.png]] Replace 'Image.png' with the name of the file to be used.

Formatting images[edit]

Artwork of Mr. Resetti from Animal Crossing: Wild World

A typical picture can be inserted with the code: [[File:...|thumb|...]]. Using "thumb" generates a thumbnail, a picture that is typically sized to 220px. Several options can affect a thumbnail's placement and size. By default a thumbnail is floated to the right of the page, with the text flowing around it, but this can be changed:

[[File:Resetti WW.jpg|thumb|left|150px|Artwork of Mr. Resetti from {{WW|nolink}}]]

While a thumbnail normally has a width of 220 pixels (px), any image narrower than the default width is displayed at its actual size. An image's width can also be explicitly specified, typically in pixels, and should be at least 300px. Note that widths greater than 550px may cause problems with some browsers.

Image types[edit]

Nookipedia accepts png (.png), gif (.gif), and jpeg (.jpg/.jpeg) images.

The png type is most preferable when retaining color information is important, such as in sprites. The png format also supports transparency, so it is also recommended for any image where the subject is on a plain background that can be removed.

The jpg format is preferable in photographs and large images since it keeps the file size small at the cost of losing color information. Transparency is also incompatible with this format. The .jpg file extension is preferred over .jpeg, as it maximizes compatibility with various wiki features (some features, like templates, do not accept uploaded files with the .jpeg extension).

The gif format can retain color information, but the images must be indexed (in other words, the image must have 256 different colors). As a result, it is recommended that the image be saved into png, if possible. The gif extension, however, also supports animated images and transparency, so it is the go-to format for those types. While animated png images exist, not all browsers can support them and, as a result, are discouraged.

Requesting an image[edit]

If you've written an article but do not have an image to accompany it, you may add it to the list of articles in need of images. Simply place this code at the bottom of your article, ideally above the navigation templates, if any. A notice will be displayed and it will be added to Category:Image wanted.


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