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As a way of staying connected and building a community, Nookipedia publicly launched its own Discord server on November 12, 2016. Discord is a free, easy way for all users to discuss Animal Crossing, our wiki, and more - and we encourage you to join!

We encourage every editor, reader, and fan of Nookipedia to join through this link. If you don't have an account yet, you can create one when prompted through the link. Note that new Discord users will have to wait 5 minutes before being able to post on the Nookipedia server, to protect against spam.


The server has several "channels" you can participate in. Try to keep the talk in each channel on-topic! Channels with a lock icon next to them are inaccessible by default and hidden to other members of the server who do not have the permissions to access them.


  • #rules-and-info - Allows members to view the rules, guidelines, and info about the Discord server.
  • #announcements - Announcements from the server's staff and moderators.
  • #welcome - A place to introduce yourself! Name, hobbies, what you play, whether you're a fan or reader...whatever you want!


  • #general - General discussion - almost anything goes! Keep it civil and clean.
  • #gaming - Use this channel to discuss various other games not related to the Animal Crossing series. This channel also serves as a chatroom to our biweekly Nookipedia Game Night events!

Animal Crossing

  • #animal-crossing - Discussion related to the Animal Crossing series of video games.
  • #wiki - Discussions regarding the Nookipedia wiki. Mostly serious.


  • #memes - A place to share memes.
  • #bot-spam - Dump for testing bot commands and features.


  • Channel only visible to Discord staff #mods - A private room for Discord staff and moderators to discuss staff matters.
  • Channel only visible to Nookipedia staff. #staff - A private room for Nookipedia staff members to discuss staff matters.
  • Channel not visible by default, must have proper permissions to access. #fanart - A private room for fanart curators to discuss and vote on fanart to be featured.
  • Channel not visible by default, must have proper permissions to access. #development - A private room for server staff and developers to discuss tool and bot development.
  • Channel not visible by default, must have proper permissions to access. #bot-test - A private room for testing bots.

Voice Chat

We also have a few voice channels to use if you do not feel like typing out your messages. When using them, we ask that you please keep to the voice channel topic. All of the rules that are in place for our text channels also apply to our voice chat channels.

  • #General - Same rules as the text channel, but with voice chat.
  • #Gaming - Voice channel to use when playing Animal Crossing and various other games.
  • Channel only visible to Discord staff #Mods - Voice channel for Discord staff and moderators to discuss staff matters.


  • Users should be at least 13 years of age.
  • Keep it clean and respect one another. Avoid mini-modding, solicitation, spamming external links and images, using profanity and anything obscene, violent, dangerous, or hateful messages about race, gender, religion, or politics.
  • Impersonating another member is forbidden.
  • Linking or uploading files other than images is prohibited. Images include, but are not limited to, JPG, PNG, GIF, and WebM files.
  • Keep in mind that the Discord is public - revealing excessive personal information about yourself (such as last names, phone numbers, and home addresses) is not allowed. Online info, such as 3DS friend codes and dream addresses from Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo are allowed. Please use !gpc only with the user's permission.
  • Discussions of hacking and/or glitches in the Animal Crossing series is generally accepted, but links or details of how to hack into any game or console is not allowed out of respect for intellectual property and to protect users from getting banned, bricking their devices, or downloading malware.
  • Try to stay on the topic of the text channel you are in. (ex: Animal Crossing discussions in the #animal-crossing channel, etc.)
  • If you see something that violates the rules or otherwise makes you uncomfortable, please do not hesitate to contact any of the staff members or moderators on the server.
  • Any interactions with other users in Animal Crossing games is at your own discretion. We are not responsible for anything that occurs as a result of your participation in online play with other users.

Bot Commands

Nookipedia has an official chat bot named Ribbot! You can use the following commands to interact with Ribbot.


  • !8: Ask 8 ball a question
  • !choose: Chooses between multiple choices.
  • !flip: Flips a coin... or a user.
  • !lmgtfy: Creates a lmgtfy link
  • !poll: Starts/stops a poll
  • !roll: Rolls random number (between 1 and user choice)
  • !rps: Play rock paper scissors
  • !serverinfo: Shows server's informations
  • !stopwatch: Starts/stops stopwatch
  • !urban: Urban Dictionary search
  • !userinfo: Shows users's informations

Friendcodes and Town Info:

  • !gpc: Retrieves player information, including friendcode and dreamcode. E.g. !gpc @discordUser
  • !spc: Intial Playercard Set Up. Use quotations around values with spaces. E.g. !spc 1234-1234-1234 1234-1234-1234 "My Town"
  • !upc: Use this command to update a field on your card! E.g. !upc dreamCode 1234-1234-1234

Villager Info Lookup:

  • !villager: Looks up villager information and posts it as a message. E.g. !villager Angus

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