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Hey, it's me PanchamBro. I'm an artist, as well as a wiki editor and admin for Nookipedia.

Some backstory if you will. I was actually hesitant towards going around investing my time into the Animal Crossing series, a franchise that I barely played with outside that one instance in February 20, 2017 (see my New Leaf town). For me it was all about Super Smash Bros. and Mario, which were the only Nintendo thing that I really wanted to play. I had other interest in the cloud like Undertale and later Persona.

But things changed with COVID-19. In the midst of growing anxiety (which I will not disclose for political reasons), and just the feeling of being left out, I made a bet. If for some reason the global pandemic was going to cancel school for another week or so (I was graduating from high school that year), I would buy Animal Crossing: New Horizons. And well...I probably wouldn't be here then.

I officially joined Nookipedia on May 29, 2020, but only became active with this wiki starting late December 2020. I've contributed a lot, from assembling cargo tables for older games, creating furniture pages, uploading dozens of Animal Crossing related images, and adjusted various pages to be more standardize and a breeze to read through. I also run Cephalobot, responsible for around 20% of edits on Nookipedia. Crazy to think that it was one of Animal Crossing's weakest entry to get me into the Animal Crossing series. Interest in this series and subsequently this wiki has faded over the months since the last New Horizons update in November 2021, but I'm still proud of the work I put here. Also, feel free to use my villager gallery template for your own villager roster.

I'm available at other wikis as PanchamBro (for Fandom, I'm known as SansUT1), and social media as well. For more information on the list of wikis I'm involved in, check out my page here. Additional contact info, such as links to my Tumblr and Twitter, can be found on Carrd.


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