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This article is about a personality. For villager, see Snooty (villager).
"She's very calm and grown up. I'm not the only person in town who looks up to her!"
Isabelle, talking about a Snooty villager, Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Opal, a snooty villager who appears in all Animal Crossing series games.

Snooty villagers are female characters in the Animal Crossing series. They are called snooty villagers because they appear big headed and arrogant in the games. They are usually portrayed wearing make-up and styling clothes which match their style, as well as owning luxurious looking homes, though there are some exceptions. In some conversations, they might mention that they have a boyfriend. Prior to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, they were considered the female equivalent to the male cranky villagers, despite neither personality sharing anything in common, and are now compared to the more similar smug villagers. There are currently 67 snooty villagers so far, two of which are given a different personality in Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo.


Alli, a notable snooty villager, arrogantly compares herself to fireworks.


Snooty villagers are well-spoken and polite, but sometimes appear self-centered and arrogant towards other villagers, including the player. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, they speak with sophisticated, almost charming voices, which sounds similar to the voices used by smug villagers. If the player talks to them often, they open up and become more talkative, sometimes give the player lessons in fashion. However, this doesn't prevent them from making the occasional scathing comment. Snooty villagers usually have exotic or upper-class names, or names relating to high-value items and gemstones, making them easy to distinguish when talking to villagers around the town. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the arrogant nature of snooty villagers are toned down.

Snooty villagers go to sleep at 2:00 AM, and wake up at 9:00 AM. In New Leaf, they wake up at 9:30 AM. Like peppy villagers, they read "Ms. Nintendique" frequently, coming out with quotations from the magazine such as what their lucky item of the day is, or saying that they bought so much blush that the magazine gave them a shirt, and then they say, "Here, you can have it!" and give it to the player. They will often talk about Gracie and how much they love her clothing.

In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, snooty villagers turn in stereotypical, yet still self-centred housewives. As such, their main interests lean toward housecleaning, cooking (especially cakes) and gossip rather than fashion. While more amiable and polite than usual, snooty villagers still put themselves in high regards, thus is not rare seeing them comparing their lifestyle with other, unknown neighbours – while still lingering in the thought of having someone who shares their refined tastes. In their spare time, they like reading magazines and play games like sudoku.

However, snooty villagers still maintain a sort of reckless materialistic, day-to-day approach to life, which is almost crystal-clear while they go shopping: they can’t resist the urge of buying things, and carelessly let their problems slide on the shoulders of their future-selves.


Olivia, a notable snooty villager, argues with Biskit, a lazy villager; Snooty and lazy villagers often conflict with one another.

Because of their arrogant behaviors, they will find it difficult to socialize with cranky villagers, due to cranky villagers expressing a bitter distaste about their lifestyle. They may even be the subject of a rumor being spread by them. Lazy villagers also conflict with snooty villagers due to opposite lifestyles: lazy villagers spent their time relaxing, eating, and not worrying about their physical appearance or lifestyle. Jocks often criticize snooty villagers for their lack of fitness, and will be offended by them for insulting her appearance. Peppy villagers frankly complain to snooty villagers about their rudeness, which again offends them. On some occasions, however, a peppy villager may admire a snooty villager for their fashion sense.

Despite this, snooty villagers will get along with smug villagers perfectly, due to common interests and behaviors: Smug villagers are also arrogant and boastful, and also have elegant lifestyles. Normal villagers also get along well with them, due to the kind nature of normal villagers, but will still be angered by them if the wrong things are said.


Below are some (not all) quotes made by snooty villagers.

  • Oh hey! I've been hearing people talk about you. They're saying you don't speak politely. Really, being polite is the easiest thing in the world. Just say "please" a lot. As in, "please share your <dessert> with me, or else!" Or, "please don't spread rumors about me, or else!" Got it, (catchphrase)?"
  • You know, <player name>, when I was a kid, I wanted to be a pop star. But there was one thing that I didn't have...

Responses will be:

"Good looks?"


"What was it?"


Below is relevant only to Animal Crossing: Wild World.

Snooty villagers will ask the player the following question to trigger their portrait-giving sequence:

"This may sound sudden to but... You do have siblings right?"
Responses will be:
"Why do you ask?"
"I don't know."
By choosing "I don't know", and after a tirade about being mysterious, she will reply by saying:
"What would you say if I gave this to you? This is very rare."
The player can respond by saying this:
"You go, girl?"

All snooty villagers will say that at one point (if talked to enough).

Snooty villagers[edit]