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"Nothing beats personal experience."
— Blanche, Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Blanche NL.png
Species Personality Gender
Ostrich Snooty Female
Birthday December 21st
Initial phrase quite so
Initial clothes Straw Shirt
Favorite Saying Nothing beats personal experience.
Main Appearances
Other Appearances

Blanche is a snooty, ostrich villager in the Animal Crossing series who first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Her name is the French word for the color white, a nod to her main color.



Blanche is a white ostrich, resembling a stork or an egret, with a black beak, pink cheeks, and black tips on her wings and tail. Her eyes have a small, pink lid, making her appear drowsy. Her legs and feet are pink and striped.


Below is a brief description of the snooty personality. For more information, click here.

As a snooty villager, Blanche will first appear rude and arrogant towards the player, often talking about herself and her own experiences. She may also talk about the style and appearance of other villagers, usually other female villagers such as normal, peppy, and other snooty villagers. She will soon warm up to the player, confiding in them about their own feelings, but still subtly rude. She will find it hard to get along with other villagers, specifically jock and lazy villagers who have conflicting lifestyles with her own. She may get on with cranky villagers, who also enjoy gossiping about the appearance and lifestyles of others.


In New Leaf[edit]

BlanchePicACNL.png "Nothing beats personal experience."
Siblings Fourth of 5 kids
Skill Dusting
Goal Chef
Fear Mummy Mask
Clothing Smallcheckmark.png Official
Smallxmark.png Modern
Color White
Type Blue Mountain
Milk Lots
Sugar Three spoonfuls
Ideal Gifts for Blanche – White Official Items
Name Price Available From
Arrow Sign 3,500 Museum Shop
Coffee Cup - Brewster
Computer Desk 3,600 Timmy & Tommy's
Display Stand 1,500 Museum Shop
Exhibit Partition 3,000 Museum Shop
Flat Display Case 2,500 Museum Shop
Glass Display Case 2,000 Museum Shop
Homework Set 680 Timmy & Tommy's
Museum Chair 3,000 Museum Shop
Reception Table 2,000 Museum Shop
More White Items More Official Items


Blanche's home resembles a room in a Japanese household. The Retro Stereo situated in the lower-right corner of her home plays K.K. Jongara. Her furniture is rather traditional, with pieces such as an Exotic Bench, Moth Orchid, Exotic Table and Bonsai. The wallpaper in her home is the Modern Screen, while the flooring in her home is the Old Board Floor.

Other Appearances[edit]

In Happy Home Designer[edit]

Happy Home Designer House Info
Type: Ostrich
Client's Vision: A traditional tearoom
Required Items: Zen Tea Set
Zen Low Table
Favorite Song: King K.K.
Favorite Saying: "Nothing beats personal experience."

Card Profiles[edit]

Animal Crossing amiibo Card[edit]

Animal Crossing amiibo card
#262 Blanche - Series 3
Type: Ostrich
Star sign: Sagittarius
Birthday: December 21st
Dice value: 3
Hand sign: Rock
262 Blanche amiibo card NA.png
261 Tucker List of amiibo cards
#262 Blanche
263 Gaston



Sprites & Models[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Sophie French given name
Italian Emilia -

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