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Bells are the primary currency used in the Animal Crossing series, with Nook Miles introduced as a secondary currency in New Horizons. There are many ways for players to acquire Bells; the player may sell items, do favors for or trade with villagers, or even find money from shaking trees, digging holes, or in balloon presents. Bells may be carried by the player in their wallet and also in a bag in their pocket. Bells can be saved to accrue interest and used to pay off the player's home loan. Players may spend Bells to purchase items from vendors like Nook's store, Crazy Redd's, Able Sisters, Brewster, or special characters like Saharah and Harriet. Players can plant Bells in the ground with a shovel to grow a money tree.

Carrying limits[edit]

Game Total carrying limit
Animal Crossing 849,999 Bells
Wild World 1,584,999 Bells
City Folk
New Leaf 1,683,999 Bells
New Horizons 4,059,999 Bells

In the original Animal Crossing, players can carry up to 849,999 Bells at any one time. In Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk, this is substantially expanded upon as players can have 99,999 Bells in their wallet and fifteen 99,000 Bell bags in their pockets, bringing the grand total to a maximum of 1,584,999 Bells on hand at any one time. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, players can carry sixteen 99,000 Bell bags in their pockets at one time, for a grand total of 1,683,999 Bells at once. This can be further expanded by putting Bells into letters for an additional 990,000 Bells, but these do not count as on hand as they will not be counted when the player talks to someone who wants to sell something. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players can carry a total of forty 99,000 Bell bags in their pockets, provided their pockets are fully upgraded, for a grand total of 4,059,999 Bells at once.

Bells are most often seen in tan sacks with a dark brown star in the middle, tied with red rope at the top but are actually coins if viewed as items in quantities of multiples of 100 (as opposed to 1,000 as is normal) in City Folk. In Animal Crossing, all money appears in a sack. In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, peppy villagers working the register at facilities may mention finding a counterfeit Bell with an image of Tortimer's face where the star would normally be.

Use in crafting[edit]

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Bells are used as a crafting material in the DIY recipes for the following items:

Recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

# Item Image Type Buy price Available from Materials
448 Money flooring money flooring Interior Not for sale  Snooty villager
1× 50,000 Bells
449 Pile of cash pile of cash Furniture Not for sale  Snooty villager
3× 99,000 Bells
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Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese ベル


Simplified Chinese 铃钱
Líng qián
Bell Money, also homophony with 零钱 Líng qián (change)

Traditional Chinese 鈴錢

Russian Динь
Ding (the sound a bell makes)

Dutch Klingel Jingle (sound of a bell)

German Sterni Starlet

European Spanish Baya Berrie

European French Clochette Bellflower

Italian Stellina Starlet