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NH Hemispheres.png
A graphic of the two hemispheres
NH Hemisphere Seasons.gif
A comparison of the seasons in the two hemispheres

Hemispheres are a gameplay element in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. When creating an island, the player has the choice of choosing either a Northern Hemisphere island or a Southern Hemisphere island. By default, the Northern Hemisphere option corresponds to North America, Europe, and Asia, while the Southern Hemisphere option corresponds to Australia and South America. However, the player may choose to live on different hemispheres that do not correspond to their region of choice.

The players choice of hemisphere affects various aspects of gameplay, most notably the seasons. For example, when it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere, it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere. This in turn changes other elements such as the appearance rates of bugs, fishes, and sea creatures. Events and holidays may also vary and have unique dialogue specific for that hemisphere, but they are not tied with the season and can appear in both hemispheres. Turkey Day, for instance, may have autumn roots, but is also available in spring for the Southern Hemisphere. Mystery Island tours, Harv's Island, and the May Day tour are also affected by the choice of hemisphere as those islands will correspond to the respective season that the main island is currently in.

Several unique features for both hemispheres are present as well. Camellia Bushes start blooming on January 1 for the Northern Hemisphere, but they do not bloom on July 1 assuming each bush in both hemispheres have the same time frame for when each bush blooms. Instead, Holly Bushes end blooming on June 15, and Camellia Bushes bloom the next day, making Camellia Bushes last longer in the Southern Hemisphere than it would in the Northern Hemisphere. Weather patterns are also affected. Where the weather patterns favor rain for the Northern Hemisphere from June 16 to July 5, the Southern Hemisphere's equivalent dates of December 16 to January 5 favor more in clear weather than it does in rainy weather. This is due to the dates correlating with Toy Day and the Countdown. Additionally, Southern Hemisphere players from December 24 to December 30 have more days with clear skies with possibility of meteor showers while Northern Hemisphere players on those same days have more snowy weather.

There is also the unique availability of ornaments. While most of the seasonal materials are tied to the seasons respectively, ornaments ignore the hemisphere rules and are available in both hemispheres from December 15th to January 6th. Both hemispheres gain cedar trees with bright lights, and if shaken will drop Red, Blue, and Gold Ornaments.

Differences between hemispheres[edit]

Difference Northern Hemisphere icon.png Northern Hemisphere Southern Hemisphere icon.png Southern Hemisphere
Spring February 25 - May 31 August 25 - November 30
Summer June 1 - August 31 December 1 - February 28/29
Autumn September 1 - November 25 March 1 - May 25
Winter November 26 - February 24 May 26 - August 24
Rain February 25 - November 15 August 25 - May 25
Rainbows February 25 - March 31
April 11 - November 15
August 25 - September 30
December 16 - May 25
Snow November 26 - February 24 May 26 - August 24
Auroras December 11 - February 24 June 11 - August 24
Bug-Off dates The fourth Saturday of June, July, August
and September
June 26
July 24
August 28
September 25[nb 1]
The third Saturday of January, February, November
and December
January 16
February 20
November 20[nb 2]
December 18
Fishing Tourney dates 2021:
Winter: January 9
Spring: April 10
Summer: July 10
Autumn: October 9
Winter: July 10
Spring: October 9
Summer: January 9
Autumn: April 10
May Day Azalea bushes are in place during the maze. Holly bushes are in place during the maze.
Fireworks Show Redd wears a Straw Boater during the Fireworks Show raffles. Redd wears a Dandy Hat during the Fireworks Show raffles.
Turkey Day Turkey Day is a celebration of the fall harvest, with decorations in Resident Services colored in the Fall Harvest variant Turkey Day is a celebration of spring, with decorations in Resident Services colored in the Spring Blooming variant
Toy Day Weather is all snowing, and the music is calm with jingle bells. Weather is clear all day, and the music is vibrant with percussion.
Toy Day aftermath (December 25th) Weather is snowing until the afternoon hours. Weather is clear all day.
Shopping seasons
Spring shopping March 1 - May 31 September 1 - November 30
Summer shopping June 1 - August 31 December 1 - February 28/29
Autumn shopping September 1 - November 30 March 1 - May 31
Winter shopping December 1 - February 28/29 June 1 - August 31
DIY recipes
Young Spring Bamboo DIYs February 25 - May 31 August 25 - November 30
Cherry Blossom DIYs April 1 - April 10 October 1 - October 10
Summer Shells DIYs June 1 - August 31 December 1 - February 28/29
Acorns/Pine Cones DIYs September 1 - December 10 March 1 - June 10
Mushrooms DIYs November May
Maple Leaves DIYs November 16 - November 25 May 16 - May 25
Cozy Turkey Day DIYs The items are crafted and previewed under the Fall Harvest variant The items are crafted and previewed under the Spring Blooming variant
Snowflakes DIYs December 11 - February 24[nb 3] June 11 - August 24[nb 3]
Nook Shopping
Summer Solstice June 7 - July 6 December 1 - December 31
Winter Solstice December 1 - December 31 June 7 - July 6
Bush season
Camellia (Pink/Red) January 1 - March 31 June 16 - September 30
Azalea (Pink/White) April 11 - May 31 October 11 - November 30
Hydrangea (Blue/Pink) June 1 - July 20 December 1 - January 20
Hibiscus (Red/Yellow) July 21 - September 20 January 21 - March 20
Tea-Olive (Orange/Yellow) September 21 - October 31 March 21 - April 30
Holly November 1 - December 31 May 1 - June 15
Mom items
Mom's Embroidery February August
Mom's Candle Set March September
Mom's Tissue Box April October
Mom's Knapsack May November
Mom's Handmade Apron June December[nb 4]
Mom's Plushie July February
Mom's Pen Stand August July
Mom's Cushion September March
Mom's Tea Cozy October April
Mom's Cool/Lively/Playful/Reliable Kitchen Mat November May
Mom's Hand-Knit Sweater December[nb 4] June
Isabelle, Tom Nook, and Timmy and Tommy seasonal clothes
Summer clothing March 20 - October 19 October 20 - March 19
Winter clothing October 20 - March 19 March 20 - October 19


Northern Hemisphere[edit]

Southern Hemisphere[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Northern Hemisphere
Japanese 北半球

Korean 북반구

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
北半球 / 北半球

Russian Северном полушарии
Severnom polusharii

Dutch Noordelijk halfrond

German Nordhalbkugel

European Spanish Hemisferio norte

European French Hémisphère nord

Italian Emisfero settentrionale
Southern Hemisphere
Japanese 南半球

Korean 남반구

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
南半球 / 南半球

Russian Южном полушарии
Yuzhnom polusharii

Dutch Zuidelijk halfrond

German Südhalbkugel

European Spanish Hemisferio sur

European French Hémisphère sud

Italian Emisfero meridionale


  1. Exclusive to the autumn season
  2. Exclusive to the spring season
  3. 3.0 3.1 Perfect Snowboys still give large snowflakes if created before winter is over.
  4. 4.0 4.1 Mom uses a festive card when delivering this gift: the Festive-Tree Card for the Northern Hemisphere and the Holiday Card for the Southern Hemisphere.