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This article is about the location. For the furniture item in New Horizons, see Item:Bulletin board (New Horizons).
Bulletin board
NH Bulletin Board.jpg
The bulletin board as it appears in New Horizons.
Services Information and notice board
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Names in other languages
 Panneau d'affichage
 Tablón de anuncios
 Доска объявлений
 Panneau d'affichage
 Tablero de anuncios
 Schwarzes Brett

The bulletin board is a noticeboard where messages from other players and villagers are posted; it appears in every game in the Animal Crossing series. Messages are frequently posted by villagers, proprietors and town officials promoting events in town. The player can compose and post their own custom messages, and Tom Nook will highlight this by directing the player to post an advertisement for his store on the board while working for him part-time. Messages can only contain a finite number of text characters, though New Horizons introduces the ability to draw picture messages.


The board's location differs from game to game. In Animal Crossing, it is located in the center of the plaza containing the four player houses. The board is located directly to the left of the town hall in Wild World and City Folk, the train station in New Leaf, and the Resident Services building in New Horizons. The board has a consistent design in every game, a rustic wooden board painted red on the top. However in New Horizons only, it is replaced by a more elegant and modern noticeboard once the Resident Services has been upgraded.

In Wild World, only the player who composed a message may remove it, but in all subsequent games, players can remove any message from the board.

Starting from City Folk, a small yellow bird will perch on top of the board when there is a new notice. It will fly away when the player approaches and not return once all new notices have been read until another new notice is posted. The small yellow bird can also be heard when the player goes out of their house in the morning to start their game. From New Leaf-onwards, an owl will appear on top of the board during the night instead. This bird can be seen on the cover of City Folk carrying a four-leaf clover in its mouth. In Welcome amiibo, it appears in the sapling clock furniture item, where it is perched in a miniature version of the event plaza's town tree. In Pocket Camp, it appears in the folktale forest tree furniture item from the Folktale Set, where it is perched inside a large hole within the tree.


There are a number of different types of messages that feature on the bulletin board:

  • Events: Notices about events will usually appear one week prior to an event, and also on the day beforehand. With the exception of New Horizons, if the event is a competition, results will be posted the day after the event finishes.
  • Treasure Hunt: In Animal Crossing, villagers may advertise a treasure hunt for an item they have buried. The message will state which item has been buried, and which acre row the item is buried in.
  • Message of the Week/Talking to Myself: In Wild World, small anecdotes or notes occasionally appear of the Board, usually with a humorous twist. Messages of the Week are posted every Monday, while Talking to Myself entries are posted randomly. These notes are suspected to have been written by either Pelly or Phyllis- there are often tales about the writer's sister, and their odd habits.
  • Weather Warnings: In all games, weather warnings are issued to inform the player of important changes in the weather. For a full list of weather warnings, please see Weather § Weather warnings.
  • Birthdays: These notices tell players of a villager's birthday a week before their special day, and also wishes the player many happy returns when it is their own birthday.
  • Tom Nook's store/Nookling's store: Tom Nook (Nooklings in New Leaf and New Horizons) may post various different notices on the board. Tom Nook will also advertise an imminent Point Special three days before the event. When a spotlight item is featured in the store, it will be advertised only on the day of its sale. Nook will also post in advance notices informing the town of sales at his store or if the store will be closed for remodeling.



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