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New Leaf Welcome Amiibo Campground.png
Harvey and a player at the Town Campground
Service Accommodating non-resident, amiibo-exclusive Villagers
Opening hours All Day
Appearances Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Update)

The Campground is a newly-added area in Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo. It is an area where the player can find any amiibo-exclusive villagers (who appear in an RV) after their respective card was scanned. A character known as Harvey hosts the location, and the player may buy rare furniture items from him or from the camping villagers by using MEOW Coupons. Every day, one special character camps here and the player can buy items from their events; for example, the player can obtain items from the Pavé Series if Pavé is staying in the Campground.

Scanned amiibo villagers[edit]

After the player has found Wisp, the player can use various amiibo cards and figures to bring villagers to arrive in an RV in the Campground.

Amiibo(s) Villager
Wolf Link, Link, or Princess Zelda W. Link
Sheik or Ocarina of Time Link (30th Anniversary Set) Epona
Toon Link (with or without Wind Waker (30th Anniversary Set)) or Toon Zelda (30th Anniversary Set) Medli
Ganondorf or 8-Bit Link (30th Anniversary Set) Ganon
Inkling boy, Inkling girl, or Inkling squid Inkwell
Callie Cece
Marie Viché
Any Monster Hunter series amiibo Felyne
Villager Wisp comes to the Campground full of Nintendo themed items

Furniture available for purchase in the Campground[edit]

The player can buy at most two pieces of furniture from Harvey each day. They tend to cost around 5 MEOW Coupons.

Furniture available in the Campground

Item Image Buy Price Sell Price Available From Color(s) HHA Theme Style Size Info Customize
Wooden Counter FallLeaf.png 5 unknown Harvey - unknown unknown MediumFurniture.png table
Metal Can FallLeaf.png 5 unknown Harvey A unknown unknown SmallFurniture.png -
Basic Display Stand FallLeaf.png 5 unknown Harvey unknown unknown unknown SmallFurniture.png table
Wooden Bear FallLeaf.png 5 unknown Harvey unknown unknown unknown SmallFurniture.png -
Imperial Chair FallLeaf.png 5 unknown Harvey unknown unknown unknown SmallFurniture.png Chair
Baseball Set FallLeaf.png 5 unknown Harvey unknown unknown unknown SmallFurniture.png -
Rice Balls FallLeaf.png 5 unknown Harvey unknown unknown unknown SmallFurniture.png -

Animal Crossing series Amiibo compatibility[edit]

The player can use Wisp the genie (exclusive to the welcome amiibo update) to scan an Animal Crossing series Amiibo onto the touch screen, and Wisp will possess the scanned Amiibo and bring them to the campground for a day. There, the player can use MEOW coupons to buy the items the scanned Amiibo has in their RV. (Three coupons each) The player can only purchase three items from the campground per day. When the Timmy and Tommy Amiibo is scanned, Tommy will stay in the RV and Timmy will be sitting on a log on the campground.


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