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Type Water
Generation probability Always

A Waterfall has water falling from the northern cliff. In Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: City Folk, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it is possible to have another waterfall elsewhere in the town. It will appear when the river meets the cliff in the center of town. The north waterfall is accompanied by the waterfall pond. Players cannot fish in the waterfall, but the waterfall pond is the only place that they can catch a char. In Animal Crossing: Wild World, there's sometimes a small rock jutting out of the waterfall's center. It does not serve any purpose and is there only for decoration. It was removed in Animal Crossing: City Folk.

Cliff Waterfall[edit]

The player can throw the fishing rod from the northern hill near the waterfall. This will cause the bait to be on the lower part of the river. Fish can even be caught like this. If a fish is biting the bait near the waterfall, when it gets close to it the fish will simply swim away.

Waterfall Pond[edit]

The Waterfall Pond is the lake around the waterfall. In City Folk, Pondskaters can be found here.

Waterfall Fish[edit]


Types of waterfalls[edit]