Saltwater Shores

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Saltwater Shores PC Map Icon.png
Map icon of Saltwater Shores
Services Fish
Fishing Tourney
Opening Hours All day
Main appearances

Other appearances
Names in other languages
 Côte d'Écume
 Cala Salada
 Cala salmastra
 바닷바람 해변
 Côte d'Écume
 Costa Salada

Saltwater Shores is one of the four locations in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp where collectible items can be found to trade to villagers in exchange for craft materials. Sea fish are the primary items found here, but the player can also obtain shells, coral, and coconuts.

On the right side of the beach, there is a large lighthouse that shines at night. The beach is the site of most Fishing Tourneys, along with Sunburst Island. There are palm trees along the beach and several lounge chairs around. Next to one of the chairs, there is a table on it with a drink that changes based on the season (hot cocoa in winter, juice otherwise). A random villager that the player has unlocked will appear on the beach, and the player can trade items with the villager.


Current fish[edit]

In Pocket Camp, the fish available cycle periodically. These are all the fish can currently be obtained in the game at saltwater shores, as of 2023.

Event fish[edit]

These fish appeared during one-off events or during Fishing Tourneys. Sometimes, event-only fish end up being regular fish.



The following items are obtainable through normal gameplay in the game as of the Summer 2020 cycle.

Past seashells[edit]



Names in other languages[edit]

German Salzwasserküste Saltwater coast

European Spanish Cala Salada Brakish cove

European French Côte d'Écume Foam coast

Italian Cala Salmastra Brakish cove