Harv's Island

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Harv's Island
Services Photo capturing
Wedding Season
Staff Harvey
Opening Hours All day
Main appearances
Other appearances

Harv's Island is a location in Animal Crossing: New Horizons where Harvey lives. On this island is Photopia, a building where the player is able to set up shots and take photos with characters.

To unlock the island, the player needs to speak to Harvey when he visits on roughly the third day of island living. He tells the player that he owns his own island and invites them to visit. The island can be accessed for free from the airport. After the player arrives for the first time, Harvey showcases Photopia to them and gives a tutorial on how to use it.


An example of a photo shoot involving a player and the ten villagers living on their island.

Photopia is the building located on Harv's Island where players can set up photo shoots. The player is able to access items they have unlocked in the Nook Shopping Catalog and configure indoor scenes with the intent to stage photos. The player can place furniture, change the wallpaper and flooring, and invite the villagers currently living on their island. Using select Animal Crossing amiibo cards and amiibo figures enables the player to summon the rest of the New Horizons cast of villagers and some special characters. In addition, the invited characters can be dressed up and can express emotions the player has unlocked on cue. To capture a photo, the player uses the Camera app on their NookPhone.

After the player returns to their home island, Harvey will call via Nook Phone and mention that posters of the invited characters are available for purchase from Nook Shopping. Not all amiibo will be able to be summoned in Photopia, though posters may still be available.

Wedding Season[edit]

An example of a photo taken during Wedding Season
Main article: Wedding Season

Introduced in the 1.2.0 April Free Update, Wedding Season is an event that takes place at Photopia during the month of June. During the event the player is tasked with taking photos of Cyrus and Reese for their wedding anniversary in exchange for Heart Crystals. Each day Reese will ask for the room to be decorated in a different theme, and after each photo shoot the player can talk to Cyrus to exchange Heart Crystals for wedding-themed items, including items from the Wedding Series.

List of posters[edit]

amiibo Character Available in Photopia Poster Image Notes
Blathers Yes BlathersPicACNH.png
Celeste Yes CelestePicACNH.png
Cyrus Yes[nb 1] CyrusPicACNH.png
DJ K.K. Yes DJKKPicACNH.png Appears as K.K. Slider in Photopia.
Gulliver Yes GulliverPicACNH.png
Isabelle Yes IsabellePicACNH.png Appears wearing tropical shirt as in New Horizons instead of Winter or Summer outfits as shown on her amiibo.
Jack Yes[nb 2] JackPicACNH.png
K.K. Slider Yes KKPicACNH.png
Kicks Yes KicksPicACNH.png
Label Yes LabelPicACNH.png
Leif Yes LeifPicACNH.png
Mabel Yes MabelPicACNH.png
Pascal Yes[nb 3] PascalPicACNH.png
Luna Yes[nb 4] LunaPicACNH.png
Redd Yes[nb 1] ReddPicACNH.png
Reese Yes[nb 1] ReesePicACNH.png
Rover Yes[nb 1] RoverPicACNH.png
Sable Yes SablePicACNH.png
Saharah Yes SaharahPicACNH.png
Timmy & Tommy Yes TimmyPicACNH.png
Tom Nook Yes TomNookPicACNH.png Appears wearing tropical shirt as in New Horizons instead of green sweater as shown on amiibo.
Zipper T. Bunny Yes[nb 5] ZipperTPicACNH.png
Blanca No BlancaPicACNH.png
Booker No BookerPicACNH.png
Brewster No BrewsterPicACNH.png
Chip No ChipPicACNH.png
Copper No CopperPicACNH.png
Digby No DigbyPicACNH.png
Don Resetti No Don ResettiPicACNH.png
Franklin Yes[nb 6] FranklinPicACNH.png
Gracie No GraciePicACNH.png
Grams No GramsPicACNH.png
Harriet No HarrietPicACNH.png
Jingle Yes[nb 6] JinglePicACNH.png
Joan No JoanPicACNH.png
Kapp'n No Kapp'nPicACNH.png
Katie No KatiePicACNH.png
Katrina No KatrinaPicACNH.png
Leila No LeilaPicACNH.png
Leilani No LeilaniPicACNH.png
Lottie No LottiePicACNH.png
Lyle No LylePicACNH.png
Nat No NatPicACNH.png
Pavé No PavePicACNH.png
Pelly No PellyPicACNH.png
Pete No PetePicACNH.png
Phineas No PhineasPicACNH.png
Phyllis No PhyllisPicACNH.png
Porter No PorterPicACNH.png
Resetti No ResettiPicACNH.png
Shrunk No ShrunkPicACNH.png
Tortimer No TortimerPicACNH.png
Villager No VillagerPicACNH.png
Wendell No WendellPicACNH.png
Chai No ChaiPicACNH.png
Rilla No RillaPicACNH.png
Toby No TobyPicACNH.png
Étoile No EtoilePicACNH.png
Chelsea No ChelseaPicACNH.png
Marty No MartyPicACNH.png


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