Harv's Island

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Harv's Island
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Music (New Horizons)

Services Photo capturing
Wedding Season
Staff Harvey
Opening Hours All day
Main appearances
Other appearances
Names in other languages
 パニーの ま島
 l'île de Joe
 Cayo Fauno
 isola Fiorilio
 остров Харви
 파니의 섬
 l'île de Joe
 Cayo Fauno
 Harveys Insel

Harv's Island is a location in Animal Crossing: New Horizons where Harvey lives. On this island is Photopia, a building where the player is able to set up shots and take photos with characters.


In New Horizons[edit]

To unlock the island, the player needs to speak to Harvey when he visits on roughly the third day of island living. He tells the player that he owns his own island and invites them to visit. The island can be accessed for free from the airport. After the player arrives for the first time, Harvey showcases Photopia to them and gives a tutorial on how to use it.


An example of a photo shoot involving a player and the ten villagers living on their island.

Photopia is the building located on Harv's Island where players can set up photo shoots. The player is able to access items they have unlocked in the Nook Shopping catalog and configure indoor scenes with the intent to stage photos. The player can place furniture, change the wallpaper and flooring, and invite the villagers currently living on their island. Using any Animal Crossing amiibo cards and amiibo figures enables the player to summon the rest of the New Horizons cast of villagers and special characters.

The player and any invited characters can be dressed up. All clothing in the player's catalog is available to be used, although only the player is able to wear designs imported from the 3DS as well as certain items such as that cover the entire head and bottoms.

To capture a photo, the player uses the Camera app on their NookPhone. The player can also assign reactions to themselves and to the invited characters, such that they can be triggered on cue.

After the player returns to their island, posters of any characters whose amiibo were scanned will become available for purchase from Nook Shopping.

Wedding Season[edit]
An example of a photo taken during Wedding Season
Main article: Wedding Season

Introduced in the 1.2.0 April Free Update, Wedding Season is an event that takes place at Photopia during the month of June. During the event the player is tasked with taking photos of Cyrus and Reese for their wedding anniversary in exchange for Heart Crystals. Each day Reese will ask for the room to be decorated in a different theme, and after each photo shoot the player can talk to Cyrus to exchange Heart Crystals for wedding-themed items, including items from the Wedding Series.

Open-air market[edit]

The entrance to the open-air market on Harv's Island in New Horizons
Harriet, Leif, Redd, and Kicks at the open-air market on Harv's Island in New Horizons

Beginning in the 2.0 Free Update, once the player's island reaches a 3-star rating and K.K. Slider plays his first concert, Harvey expands his island with the help of Harriet to have an open-air market. In addition to Harriet, who can give the player haircuts, the open-air market features seven pop-up shops run by special characters. Each shop must reach a funding goal of 100,000 Bells, paid to Lloid, after which it will open the following day.

The items Kicks, Leif, Saharah, and Redd sell change every Monday, while Redd also changes his inventory after a purchase is made. Their shop will be closed when they are present on the player's island.

Additionally, an ABD appears on Harv's Island once the open-air market is opened.


All shops open at 5 AM.

  • Harriet – Harriet can give the player one of seven exclusive haircuts once per day for free. After a haircut is received, the player unlocks the ability to choose that style when using a mirror. The player can also ask Harriet to give them their original haircut back. Doing so is free as well and does not prevent the exclusive haircut from being unlocked. Upon unlocking all of her haircuts, Harriet's shop permanently closes; consequently, she instead wanders around the island alongside Harvey, making small talk with the player when spoken to.
  • Saharah – Saharah sells two wallpapers, two floorings, two floor tiles and two rugs at a higher cost than when she comes to the player's island. Buying rugs does not give Saharah Tickets either. Her shop closes at midnight.
  • Kicks – Kicks sells his usual assortment of shoes, socks, and bags. His shop closes at midnight.
  • Leif – Leif sells two vegetable starts, an in-season and an out-of-season shrub start, and non-native flowers. He also buys back weeds as usual and offers a weeding service which removes all weeds from the player's island for 100,000 Bells. Leif's shop closes at 11 PM.
  • Redd – Redd sells two pieces of art and also provides a raffle for 500 Bells, which can give the player handheld items. If the player buys some artwork it will be delivered on the following day as usual and a new item will appear in Redd's shop. The shop closes at 1 AM.
The following is a list of raffle items that Redd can offer and their corresponding ticket number:
Ticket No. Prize
1 Peachy-Pink Folding Fan
2 Sky-Blue Folding Fan
3 Grass-Green Folding Fan
4 Bitter-Orange Folding Fan
5 Vanilla Cone
6 Chocolate Cone
7 Strawberry Cone
8 Ramune-Soda-Lemon Cone
9 Melon-Cheesecake Cone
10 Orange-Mint Cone
11 Vanilla Soft Serve
12 Chocolate Soft Serve
13 Matcha-Vanilla Soft Serve
14 Berry-Vanilla Soft Serve
15 Rainbow Soft Serve
16 Canned Orange Juice
17 Canned Grape Juice
18 Canned Apple Juice
19 Canned Green Tea
20 Canned Tea
21 Canned Coffee
22 Canned Sports Drink
23 Canned Soda
24 Chocolate Donut
25 Matcha Donut
26 Strawberry Donut
27 White-Chocolate Donut
28 Pocketbook
29 Pocket Magazine
30 Colorful Light Stick
  • Katrina – Katrina offers to tell the player their daily fortune; if the fortune is negative, she will give them an action and furniture item that will increase their luck for 10,000 Bells. She can also reveal the player's friendship level with any villager on their island, and for 10,000 Bells, she will bless the friendship she assessed if it isn't already maxed out. Both of Katrina's services cost 1,000 Bells each and are only available once per day.
  • Cyrus and Reese – Cyrus can instantly customize furniture items for the player in exchange for Bells, including items which come in multiple variations but cannot be customized by the player themselves. This also adds the new variations to the player's catalog. Cyrus's fee varies depending on the value of the item. Cyrus and Reese's shop closes at midnight.
  • Tortimer – Tortimer allows the player to add or remove any item from their home's storage for free. During the fall season, Cornimer takes his place, offering the player acorns in addition to the storage service. Tortimer's hours of operation end at 11 PM.

In Pocket Camp[edit]

Harvey's Wood Cabin in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Although Harv's Island does not appear as a location in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Photopia appears as a special furniture item known as Harvey's Wood Cabin, where upon crafting it with  300 Leaf Tickets, Harvey will visit the player's campground.