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This article refers to a character called Kicks. For information about the shop of the same name, see Kicks (shop).

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Kicks AF.png
Artwork of Kicks from Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival'
Species Gender
Skunk Male
Birthday November 30th {{{sign}}}
Service Shoe shining (City Folk)
Selling footwear (New Leaf, Pocket Camp)
Main Appearances
Other Appearances

Kicks is a skunk who first appeared in Animal Crossing: City Folk, where he shines shoes for a living in the city. He is such a good shoe shiner that some animals that enlist his services are unsure that they are wearing the same shoes as when he began. He wears a brown hat with matching brown suspenders. The name "Kicks" is a reference on the slang word for tennis shoes, "kicks." He also has an Australian accent—in the UK version he has a Cockney accent.

Kicks returns in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, where he runs the shoe shop Kicks. In both of these games he sells footwear.


Animal Crossing: City Folk[edit]

Kicks CF.png
Kicks, as he appears in City Folk

Kicks can be found outside a run-down building beside Lloid's auction house on fair weather days. He does not appear if it is raining or snowing, and he appears even if the player time travels. When talked to, he will offer to shine the player's shoes for 500 Bells. Kicks's shoe-shine changes the player's footwear (i.e., the color and appearance of their socks and shoes). He will not charge the player if their shoes do not change after shoe-shining.

The player may choose whether their footwear should be matched by color or by style. If "Go by color" is chosen, the dominant color of the player's worn clothing items and hair color is taken into consideration. Kicks doesn't seem to distinguish colors too well: for example, a player wearing pink clothes and accessories may receive red shoes, and vice versa. If "Match my style" is chosen, the dominant style of the player's worn clothing items is taken into consideration.[1]

Like hairstyles, there are different footwear for male and female players, but Kicks will eventually give the option of wearing footwear of the opposite gender.

Boy Shoes[edit]

Color Style Appearance Description
Yellow Striking
yellow shoes with red accents and blue-green socks
Red Cool
red slip-ons and grey socks
Orange Gaudy
orange shoes with white laces and purple socks
Green Fancy
green shoes with white stripes and black socks
Blue Funky
blue shoes with white laces and bright green socks
White Fresh
white shoes with red and blue accents
Black Refined
black oxfords with green socks
Purple Strange
purple shoes with white dots and bright green socks
Brown Subtle
brown checkerboard shoes with dark pink socks
Pink Cute
pink shoes with white accents and purple socks

Girl Shoes[edit]

Color Style Appearance Description
Yellow Gaudy
yellow mary janes with turquoise and white striped stockings
Red Funky
red mary janes with blue and white striped stockings
Orange Striking
orange sandals
Green Fresh
green mary janes with white socks
Blue Cool
blue pumps with black socks
White Fancy
white dress shoes with black bows and black socks
Black Strange
black patents with white and black socks
Purple Refined
purple pumps
Brown Subtle
brown slip-ons with white and brown socks
Pink Cute
pink shoes with white soles and burgundy socks

Animal Crossing: New Leaf[edit]

Kicks NL.png
Kicks, as he appears in New Leaf

Kicks opens up his own shop, also called Kicks, in Main Street. The player must have spent 8,000 Bells at Able Sisters and lived within the town for 10 days for the shop to open. Once available, the player may purchase shoes and socks being offered. Kicks allows the player to try on shoes, but not socks.

Villager Info[edit]

Happy Home Designer amiibo Card[edit]

Animal Crossing amiibo card
#103 Kicks - Series 2
Type: Special
Star sign: Sagittarius
Birthday: November 30th
Dice value: 1
Hand sign: Paper
103 Kicks amiibo Card NA.png
102 Reese List of amiibo cards
#103 Kicks
104 Labelle

Other Appearances[edit]

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U[edit]

Kicks makes an appearance as a collectible trophy.

KicksTrophyWiiU.png #625 (3DS) 560 (Wii U) Kicks
NTSC-U: Crikey! This shoeshine has really come up in the world. He used to work in a faraway city, but now he runs a shoe store with an impressive collection of shoes to choose from. And you can tell from that sharp-looking hat he's wearing that his is a style you can trust.

PAL: Hello, chum! This friendly shoe shop owner used to shine shoes in the city, but now he's managed to save up enough money for his own little shop in town. His outfit might make him look like he sweeps chimneys for a living, but don't worry - you definitely won't find any soot on his wares, awright?

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp[edit]

Kicks appears from time to time at the Market Place, selling shoes and socks.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]


Kicks NL.png Kicks
Support Spirit

Class: ★★

Ability: Sticky-Floor Immunity
* Battle via Spirit Board
  • Purchase from the Vault Shop for 1000G
  • Scan the Kicks amiibo


Official Artwork[edit]

Sprites and Models[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Betunio From "Betún" (shoe polish) and the termination -io (like some Spanish names)
French Blaise From Roman name "Blasius" meaning "lisping"
Italian Sciuscià From the now-disused Neapolitan word sciuscià, which was used to refer to shoe-shine boys after World War II.
Korean 패트릭
Russian Кикс
Transcription of English name