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"After all my years in the shop, I got used to never being outside... But this new lifestyle is just about the most invigorating thing I've ever done! Who needs indoors?"
— Harriet, Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Artwork of Harriet
Species Gender
Dog Female
Birthday January 31st Aquarius
Favorite saying "Fine hair makes fine animals."
Role Shampoodle
Special haircuts on Harv's Island
Main appearances

Other appearances
Name in other languages

Harriet is a dog who first appeared in Animal Crossing: Wild World, working in a store in Nookington's, and again appears in Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, with her own store Shampoodle in the city and Main Street respectively, and in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, where she primarily resides on Harv's Island. Her role is to change the hairstyle of the player depending on their answers to a series of questions. Her name is a pun on the word "hair," in reference to her profession.



Harriet is a pink Poodle with pink flicks, a brown nose, a pink tail, a white fade-ins from her hands and feet.


In earlier games, Harriet wears a blue, red, and white striped apron either referencing the French flag or an old-fashioned barber pole. In New Horizons, she ditches her apron to wear a pink tie-die long shirt with a brown vest, blue pants, and brown shoes. She also wears yellow-shaded glasses and a headband.


Harriet is cheerful and likes different hairstyles. Whether anyone likes it or not, she still gives people the hairstyles she likes the most.


In Wild World[edit]

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, Harriet is the proprietor of Shampoodle, which is located within Nookington's. She will offer the player a haircut for  3,000 Bells, which is styled based on the answers of a series of questions - the answers usually relate to a stereotypical hairstyle by a type of group or genre. The player can only get one haircut per day. Harriet will be at the Roost Café, 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM, Mon - Fri, but the player must have Nookington's in their town first.

After the player has had all the different hairstyles, Harriet will offer them a haircut of the opposite gender.

Attempting to leave the salon after paying, but before receiving a haircut, will prompt a dialogue from Harriet. She will not let the player leave without making use of her services, unlike in Animal Crossing: City Folk.

In City Folk[edit]

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, she has her own beauty salon in the city and no longer works in Nookington's. The store remains under the same name of Shampoodle and her character traits are very much unchanged, but she now offers a wider variety of hairstyles. Additionally, Harriet now offers a Mii mask, a mask that is styled on a Mii character created on the Wii. The style costs 3,000 Bells as well (except for the first Mii Mask, which is free), but only one style can be stored. She will only style the player's hair once per day.

In New Leaf[edit]

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Harriet runs Shampoodle again, which is situated above the Able Sisters store on Main Street. In order to unlock the salon, the player must spend 10,000 Bells at Able Sisters or Kicks. Ten days must also have passed since Kicks was built. She offers the player the option of changing their eye color with contacts. Her personality and services remain unchanged, except for that new feature.

If the player gets the same color and haircut as what they had previously, Harriet will say, "Since I only did a tiny touch-up, I won't charge you anything."

In New Horizons[edit]

Harriet was added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons as part of 2.0 Free Update. Dressed in hippie attire, she will help Harvey spearhead developing a newly accessible area of Harv's Island into an open market. After one shop is opened, she will provide the player an exclusive hairstyle that can subsequently be chosen at a mirror. In order to unlock the rest of the exclusive hairstyles, the player must continue to finish opening up the final shops in the commune. After each shop is opened, Harriet will offer the player a hairstyle. After unlocking all seven hairstyles, her shop closes; from this point onward, she instead wanders around the island alongside Harvey, providing small talk when spoken to.

In addition, Harriet's poster can be obtained from Nook Shopping after inviting her to Photopia via her amiibo.

In Pocket Camp[edit]

Harriet appears in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp if the player has purchased the Harriet's Salon Station special furniture and has placed it in their campsite or cabin. The special furniture costs  300 Leaf Tickets and was available from May 16, 2020 to July 15, 2020.

Other appearances[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Harriet appears as a spectator in the Smashville stage, and as a collectible sticker.



Effect Fighters
[Throwing] Attack +4 All fighters

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Harriet once again appears as a spectator in the Smashville and Town and City stages, and as a collectible trophy.




Description Sometimes the only thing you need to turn your day around is a nice haircut. If you visit Shampoodle, Harriet will quiz you a bit and, before you can say "sugar," you'll have a brand-new, perfect hairstyle. In Animal Crossing: City Folk, she offers a makeover that leaves you looking like a Mii!
Acquisition Random

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]




Category Class Slot cost
Support Spirit Advanced (★★) 1 (⬢)
Ability Weapon Attack ↑
  • Battle via World of Light (The Light Realm)
  • Battle via Spirit Board
  • Purchase from the Vault Shop for 1000G
  • Battle information
    Enemy fighter Pink Isabelle
    Type Attack
    Power 3,700
    Stage Town and City
  • Strengthen Weapon
  • Item: Swords
  • Conditions All fighters' melee weapons have increased power after a little while
    Music Plaza / Title Theme - Animal Crossing: City Folk / Animal Crossing: Wild World

    Villager information[edit]

    In New Leaf[edit]

    Fine hair makes fine animals.


    Birthday Gender Species
    January 31 Aquarius Female Dog
    Pic version added Welcome amiibo update
    Coffee preferences
    Harriet does not order coffee at The Roost.

    In Happy Home Designer[edit]

    Fine hair makes fine animals.

    Harriet's Happy Home Designer icon

    Example of Harriet's Happy Home Designer house
    Official example
    Birthday Gender Species
    January 31 Aquarius Female Dog
    Umbrella Ribbon Umbrella HHD Icon.png Ribbon umbrella
    House request
    Client's vision I'll leave it up to you!
    Favorite song  Bubblegum K.K.
    Unlocked items
  •  Beauty-salon cart
  •  Bubblegum K.K.
  •  Harriet's pic
  • Clothing:
  •  Shower cap
  •  Ribbon umbrella
  • Starting house: Default exterior of Harriet's house in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

    In New Horizons[edit]

    Fine hair makes fine animals.


    Birthday Gender Species
    January 31 Aquarius Female Dog
    Initial NookPhone  Default Phone Case (Red) NH Model.png  Red
    Final NookPhone  Phone Case (Striped - Fabric 14) NH Model.png  Striped - Fabric 14
    Happy Home Paradise traits
    Umbrella Gelato Umbrella NH Icon.png Gelato umbrella
    Hobby Fashion
    Book Fashion Book NH Icon.png Fashion

    In Happy Home Paradise[edit]

    Client's vision Vacation-Home Concept
    Unlocked items

    Card profiles[edit]

    amiibo card[edit]

    011 Harriet amiibo card NA.png

    Card back

    Amiibo Card Back.png

    #011 Harriet - Series 1
    Star sign: Aquarius
    Birthday: January 31
    Dice value: 3
    Hand sign: Scissors



    Names in other languages[edit]

    Japanese カットリーヌ
    Cutrine, probably a portmanteau of cut and inu (dog)

    Korean 카트리나

    Simplified Chinese 刀丽茹
    Dāo Lí Rú
    Akin to Japanese "torinu"; 刀 means knife

    Traditional Chinese 刀麗茹

    Russian Харриет

    Dutch Harriet Same as her English name

    German Trude -

    European Spanish Marilín -

    European French Ginette -

    Italian Bigodina From bigodino, Italian for curler