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Cyrus AF.png
Artwork of Cyrus from Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival.
Species Gender
Alpaca Male
Service Customizing items at Re-Tail
Birthday January 26th
Main Appearances
Other Appearances

Cyrus (カイゾー, Kaizō, Kaizo) is a blue alpaca, who, along with Reese, runs Re-Tail in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. He works as an upholsterer and alters furniture for the player.

Obtaining Cyrus[edit]

For the first 7 days in town, Cyrus will be asleep at his desk, unavailable. According to Reese, Cyrus worked on a project all night and is "extremely tired". After the player has sold 100,000 Bells worth of items, along with having acquired 100 pieces of furniture and 50 pieces of clothing in their catalog, Cyrus's customization services will be available.

Cyrus's services[edit]

Painting furniture[edit]

All shades of green furniture painted by Cyrus. In order from left to right they are light green, middle green (normal color), deep green and grass green.

When certain furniture is brought to Cyrus, he may offer to paint it and give a list of shades it can be painted. Usually this is one shade lighter, one shade darker and one different shade that can be related to the other colors. Furniture that has been painted will show up as a red leaf instead of a green leaf. The prices vary, but are usually priced around 200 Bells.

Changing patterns[edit]

When certain furniture is brought to Cyrus, he may offer to change the pattern on it, or sometimes he can paint it and change the pattern. The patterns on the furniture can be cushions on sofas or chairs, bed-sheets on beds, etc. He will ask the player if they would like to use a pattern from their patterns, a pattern from clothing, or just to change the color of the pattern already used on the furniture. If the player chose to use a design from their patterns, he will warn the player that if the pattern used for the pattern in the furniture is changed, so will the pattern used in the furniture. Furniture that has a custom design will show up as a yellow leaf in the pockets instead of a green leaf. The prices vary, but are usually priced around 200 Bells for just changing the pattern or changing the color of the pattern and 500 Bells for painting and changing the pattern/color.

Making furniture from gems[edit]

See gem for more on this.

Shrinking fossils[edit]

As long as the player can supply Cyrus with a complete skeleton, Cyrus can shrink down all the bones to make a 1 by 1 miniature version of the skeleton. The cost varies between fossils, but is usually around 1,500 Bells.

Music box[edit]

If the player gives Cyrus a Giant Clam Shell, which is found at the beach in town, a K.K. Slider music album, and 3,000 Bells, he will make a music box of any K.K. song.

Golden furniture[edit]

If the player gives Cyrus three gold ores and 10,000 Bells, he will make a random piece of Golden Series furniture for them. Gold ores are rare and found by smashing "fake" rocks (one fake rock appears each day), and there is also a chance of finding ores by hitting the Money Rock with a Silver Shovel.

Big furniture[edit]

If an item such as the carriage from Happy Home Designer is given, Cyrus will comment on the size and wonder how he will fit it onto the table, he will say it is his problem and not the player's to worry about the size. He will still refurbish the item, but will place a reserved sign while doing so. Once completed, the item will be inside a box and can be collected as usual. Completion of the item regardless will still take 30 minutes.

Villager Info[edit]

In Happy Home Designer[edit]

Happy Home Designer House Info
Type: Special Alpaca
Client's Vision: I'll leave it up to you!
Required Items: None
Favorite Song: Rockin' K.K.
Favorite Saying: Read the soil instead of looking at the trees.

*Cyrus will share a house with Reese.

Card profiles[edit]

Happy Home Designer amiibo card[edit]

Animal Crossing amiibo card
#210 Cyrus - Series 3
Type: Special
Star sign: Aquarius
Birthday: January 26th
Dice value: 1
Hand sign: Paper
210 Cyrus amiibo card NA.png
209 Wendell List of amiibo cards
#210 Cyrus
211 Grams

Other Appearances[edit]

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

Cyrus appears along with Reese in a trophy.

ReeseCyrusTrophy3DS.png #631 Reese & Cyrus
NTSC-U: From their names, you might guess they're a pair of country singers, but actually they run Re-Tail. Reese sells all kinds of secondhand goods, and Cyrus customizes furniture. They may not be singers, but these exuberant alpacas work together in perfect harmony.

PAL: Their names make them sound like a pair of country singers, but they're actually the proprietors of Re-Tail. Reese deals in second-hand goods, while her husband, Cyrus, customises furniture. They might not do much singing together, but there's definitely harmony between these alpacas.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]


Cyrus & Reese NL.png Cyrus & Reese
Support Spirit

Class: ★★★

Ability: Ore Club Equipped
* Battle via World of Light (The Light Realm)
  • Battle via Spirit Board (unlocked after obtaining spirit once)
  • Purchase from the Vault Shop for 6000G (unlocked after obtaining spirit once)
  • Scan the Cyrus amiibo or Reese amiibo



Sprites and Models[edit]


Works by Cyrus[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Al Shortened form of "alpaca;" Reese's Spanish name is "Paca," so together they are "Al" and "Paca"
French Serge Latin given name; also a type of twill fabric. Can be a pun on the French singer Serge Lama
German Björn German given name; deriving from the Nordic languages meaning bear
Italian Merino Name of a breed of sheep, highly prized for its wool
Korean 리포 Shortened form of "리폼"(Reform)
Russian Сайрус
Transcription of English name