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Japanese グーさん Korean Unknown Chinese Unknown
French Plumac Italian Giorvo Spanish Graznel
German Ralle Dutch Unknown Russian Unknown
Carlo PC.png
Species Gender
Bird Male
Birthday May 3rd Taurus
Service Camper Customization
Main Appearances
Other Appearances

Carlo is one of the three proprietors of OK Motors, a camper customization store, in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, along with Giovanni and Beppe. He trades crafting materials, clothing items and furniture for caps that the player can earn while playing Brake Tapper.




Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese グーさん
Possibly relates to Oil

German Ralle -

European Spanish Graznel -

European French Plumac -

Italian Giorvo Portmanteau of Giorgio, a common Italian male given name, and corvo, "raven".

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