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This article is about the special character. For the villager whose German name is Carlo, see Croque.
Artwork of Carlo
Species Gender
Bird Male
Birthday May 3rd Taurus
Role OK Motors (Brake Tapper prizes)
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Name in other languages

Carlo is a bird introduced in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. He is one of the three proprietors of OK Motors, a camper customization store, along with Giovanni and Beppe. He trades crafting materials, clothing items and furniture for caps that the player can earn while playing Brake Tapper.

The three proprietors of OK Motors have Italian given names which also double as puns related to motor vehicles. Carlo's name likely derives from "car."



Like Giovanni and Beppe, Carlo is a black bird. He has a big head shaped like a large oval, long black eyebrows, big oval-shaped eyes with white irises and small black pupils, a gray beard, and a tuft of hair sticking out on top of his head. His beak and legs are yellow, and his nose is part of his beak's upper part. He is shorter than Beppe, but taller than Giovanni.


Despite being a mechanic, Carlo has forgotten more about being a mechanic than most people will ever learn, but is still plenty capable of everything but small talk.


In Pocket Camp[edit]

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Carlo is a body man and mechanic, who is described by Giovanni as a person who doesn't speak much. He started working for OK Motors when he was very young, with Giovanni's father as the boss. Carlo describes himself as having a fondness for particularly shiny things, which is why he took interest in the Brake Tapper. He explains he used to be very skillful at playing Brake Tapper and would sometimes goof off from work to play it.



Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese グーさん
Possibly relates to Oil

Korean 카를로

Simplified Chinese 营长
Yíng zhăng
Head master of camp

Traditional Chinese 營長

German Ralle -

European Spanish Graznel From Spanish graznar, "to caw"

European French Plumac Portmanteau of Plume, referring to feathers, and the given name Mac, tying in with the rhyming motif of the other OK Motors proprietors (Choucac and Corbac)

Italian Giorvo Portmanteau of Giorgio, a common Italian male given name, and corvo, "raven"

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