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"Bad luck is just luck that is bad."
— Katrina, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and Welcome amiibo
SpecialSpeciesIconSilhouette.png Katrina bpt
Katrina NLa.png
Species Gender
Panther Female
Birthday October 28th Scorpio
Role Fortune teller
Main appearances
Other appearances
Name in other languages

Japanese ハッケミィ
Korean 마추릴라
Italian Vanda
German Smeralda

Simplified Chinese 星薇
French Astrid
Spanish Katrina
Dutch Katrina

Traditional Chinese 星薇
Quebec French Astrid
Latin American Spanish Katrina
Russian Катрина

Katrina is a dark blue panther, with dark purple eye makeup and bright orange eyes. Her feet are light blue, and her rounded tail fades from dark to light blue. She can tell the player their fortune, and appears in all Animal Crossing games prior to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In Animal Crossing she has a male voice like Gracie and Saharah (who are both male in Japan), but in later games she has a female voice.


Doubutsu no Mori and Animal Crossing[edit]

Katrina PG.png
Artwork of Katrina from Animal Crossing.

Katrina's tent will appear randomly in location and by date. Copper can let the player know when she will appear in their town a few days in advance.

On New Year's Day, she will set up a desk by the Wishing Well, giving the player a letter with a fortune in it. The effects of the fortune last the rest of the day.

Animal Crossing: Wild World[edit]

Katrina WW.png
Artwork of Katrina from Animal Crossing: Wild World.

Katrina's role in Wild World is generally the same as in the original Animal Crossing, however, Katrina uses cards to read the player's fortune rather than a crystal ball. There are only three possible outcomes in Animal Crossing: Wild World: good luck, bad luck and neutral. The card that Katrina reads out will be in either a natural or inverted state, with natural state usually meaning good luck and inverted state bad luck, but this is not always the case. Katrina's tent will appear randomly in front of the Town Hall on a random weekday. She can tell the player their fortune for 100 Bells. Additionally, she can tell players how compatible they are with someone else for 100 Bells or cleanse their spirit (which clears the effects of bad luck) for 10,000 Bells.

Animal Crossing: City Folk[edit]

Katrina CF.png
Artwork of Katrina from Animal Crossing: City Folk.

In City Folk, Katrina can be found in the city in the building furthest to the right, telling fortunes or lucky charms for 100 Bells. She will greet the player by the player's star sign. She can tell the player their fortune once a week (effect lasts for the rest of the day), and/or she can give the player a charm for that month, usually involving strange tasks. However, the player who is given the fortune cannot obtain the charm - the task stated by Katrina (such as planting a number of trees or pulling a number of weeds) needed to be done by a visiting player and only they could obtain the charm. One would have had to cooperate with a friend to do the prescribed tasks in each other's towns to obtain the charm.


Before the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection was shut off on May 20, 2014, out of town players could get one of the following beneficial effects the next day, as stated by Katrina, from a lucky charm:

Animal Crossing: New Leaf[edit]

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Katrina visits the player's town in a tent at the Event Plaza on random weekdays and will tell the player's fortune for 500 Bells. Once players in town have had their fortune told twenty times, and the mayoral player has spoken to Katrina after twenty fortunes have been told, the Fortune Shop on Main Street will become available as a public works project, which requires 340,000 Bells to complete. Completing the project will allow the player to have their fortune told every day, although Katrina's tent will fail to show up in town any more. Talking to them via the Fortune Shop or through the Lovely Phone will reveal the player's Luck for the day.

Other appearances[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Katrina Trophy Brawl.png #277 Katrina
A mystical fortune-teller who sets up shop outside the town hall at dusk. For a fee of 100 Bells, she'll use her tarot cards to tell your daily fortune or to check your compatibility. After telling a fortune, she may slip and say, "Sometimes it is just not meant to be," which is considered taboo among fortune-tellers. This surely means that she is hit or miss.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Katrina SSB4 Trophy (Wii U).png #545 Katrina
NTSC-U: Keeeeeeeeeee hamo-ata... Keeee haaaaaamo-atata... Every so often, Katrina will set up her tent to reveal your future and the path to avoid disaster (for a small fee, of course). She bases her predictions on your birthday, so we hope you entered it correctly!

PAL: A panther in mystical clothes who tells fortunes. Once in a while she'll set up her tent in town. Visit her for a teaser of what's in store for you - including what item will bring you luck that day. She bases her predictions on your birthday, so make sure you enter it correctly! If you put it in wrong, that would be...un-fortune-ate!

In Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival[edit]

Katrina appears in Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival as a fortune-teller.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]


Katrina NL.png Katrina
Support Spirit

Class: ★★

Ability: Irreversible Controls
* Battle via World of Light (Sacred Land)
  • Battle via Spirit Board
  • Purchase from the Vault Shop for 1000G

Card profiles[edit]

Animal Crossing-e card
#123 Katrina - Series 3
Gender: Female
Species: Cat
Sign: Scorpio
Password: #pzEEwLOcN83VW
Animal Crossing-e 3-123 (Katrina).jpg
122 Wendell Animal Crossing-e cards
#123 Katrina
124 Gulliver

Animal Crossing amiibo card
#303 Katrina - Series 4
Type: Special
Star sign: Scorpio
Birthday: October 28th
Dice value: 2
Hand sign: Scissors
303 Katrina amiibo card NA.png
302 Brewster List of amiibo cards
#303 Katrina
304 Phineas



Sprites & Models[edit]



Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese ハッケミィ
From 八卦 hakke (bagua)

Korean 마추릴라

Simplified Chinese 星薇 (iQue)
Xīng Wēi

Russian Катрина

Dutch Katrina

German Smeralda

European Spanish Katrina

European French Astrid

Italian Vanda


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