Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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Developer(s) Sora
HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release date(s) Japan January 31, 2008
United States of America March 9, 2008
Australia June 26, 2008
Europe June 27, 2008
South Korea April 29, 2010
Genre(s) Fighting, Action, Platform
Modes Single player,
Online multiplayer
Ratings ACB:  PG
PEGI:  12
Media Wii Optical Disc
Wii Remote, Nunchuk, Gamepad

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl[nb 1] is a fighting game for the Wii released in 2008. It is the third installment in the Super Smash Bros. series. The game features Smashville, a stage based on a town from Animal Crossing: Wild World, alongside the Pitfall item, a Mr. Resetti Assist Trophy, and several Animal Crossing trophies, stickers, and music tracks.


Super Smash Bros. Brawl features 35 playable characters (39 if Zelda, Sheik, Samus, Zero Suit Samus, Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard are all treated as separate without counting the Pokémon Trainer), 14 of which must be unlocked. Bold text denotes an unlockable character while Italic text denotes a character who made their Smash debut in Brawl

Content from the Animal Crossing series[edit]

The Animal Crossing series is featured in Brawl, though while it is represented as a standalone franchise, it does not have a fighter of its own. The villager was considered to be added during the planning stages of Brawl, but was discarded as they weren't "suited for battle".[1]


Smashville in Brawl

The Animal Crossing stage, Smashville, is set hovering over an Animal Crossing town, complete with various features of a Wild World town. The time of day the fight takes place in is reflected by the Wii's internal clock, meaning that the sky will be blue at noon, orange in the evening, and starry at night. Some Animal Crossing characters feature as spectators, watching the fight take place. Notable spectators include Brewster with a coffee bar, Gracie with her car, and Blathers, who is always asleep during the day. K.K. Slider also makes an appearance to play a number of his songs every Saturday after 8:00 PM, drawing the attention of the spectators. Red balloons will sometimes fly across the stage, referencing the balloon mechanic in Animal Crossing series. However, instead of a present, these balloons carry a piece of food, releasing the food when popped.


The only Animal Crossing item to appear in the game is the Pitfall, which, when thrown, disappears into the ground and captures any unsuspecting enemies that fall into it. When tossed at an enemy in mid-air or on a pass-through platform, the Pitfall causes a meteor smash, where players are launched downwards either to the ground or to the blast zone.

In addition, Mr. Resetti appears randomly as an Assist Trophy. Upon being released, he appears from the ground, shouting out insults and mocking the contestants. His speech gets in the way of the screen and cannot be moved until Resetti leaves. Sometimes, when on a moving stage, Resetti is left behind, shouting as he moves off the screen, or he disappears if the platform he is on is destroyed. Sometimes when he is attacked, Resetti causes a small explosion which damages nearby fighters.


The Animal Crossing series includes several new compositions for Brawl, including:

  • The Roost - A soothing rendition from the café in the museum basement.
  • Town Hall and Tom Nook's Store - An upbeat medley of two tunes. The Tom Nook verse is based on the Nook's Cranny theme.
  • Title (Animal Crossing) - Contrary to the title, this is a medley of various track from Wild World, which includes Wild World's title screen, museum theme, the 3 PM theme, the jingle that plays when a loan is paid off, the 6 AM theme, Nook's Cranny theme, and the town hall theme. It is the main theme of the stage.
  • 2 A.M - Based on a track in Animal Crossing Sound CD: K.K. Choice! Mix, this is a remix of K.K.'s rendition of the 2 AM song in Wild World, which was originally a lullaby-style song.
  • Go K.K. Rider! - A remix of a K.K. Slider song, orchestrated-sounding and containing motorbike revs.

In addition, from 8 AM to midnight on Saturdays, K.K. Slider will perform the following tracks while on stage. These include:

  • K.K. Cruisin' - A song that plays only when K.K. Slider is present.
  • K.K. Condor - A song that plays only when K.K. Slider is present.
  • K.K. Western - A song that plays only when K.K. Slider is present.
  • K.K. Gumbo - A song that plays only when K.K. Slider is present.
  • Rockin' K.K. - A song that plays only when K.K. Slider is present.
  • DJ K.K. - A song that plays only when K.K. Slider is present.

Stickers and trophies[edit]

Stickers and trophies can be collected throughout the game by completing certain tasks or reaching milestones in the gameplay. There are many Animal Crossing trophies, one for every non-playable character (not including villagers), and stickers for a number of characters popular to the public, such as Rosie and K.K. Slider. All stickers show artwork from Animal Crossing: Wild World.


Name Picture Effect Characters
Blathers Blathers SSBB Sticker.png [Tail] Attack + 7 Yoshi, Pikachu, Diddy Kong, Pokémon Trainer
Booker Booker SSBB Sticker.png Food Effect + 5 All
Boy Boy SSBB Sticker.png [Arm] Attack +11 All
Brewster Brewster SSBB Sticker.png [Throwing] Attack +13 All
Celeste Celeste SSBB Sticker.png [Head] Attack + 6 All
Copper Copper SSBB Sticker.png [Body, Spin] Attack +12 All
Cornimer Cornimer SSBB Sticker.png Trophy Stand Drops +21 All
Crazy Redd Crazy Redd SSBB Sticker.png [PK] Attack +16 Ness, Lucas
Dr. Shrunk Dr. Shrunk SSBB Sticker.png Carry Fan All
Girl Girl SSBB Sticker.png [Magic] Attack +21 Peach, Zelda
Gracie Gracie SSBB Sticker.png [Throwing] Attack +10 All
Gulliver Gulliver SSBB Sticker.png [Throwing] Attack + 8 All
Harriet Harriet SSBB Sticker.png [Throwing] Attack + 4 All
Joan Joan SSBB Sticker.png [Battering] Resistance +12 All
K.K. Slider K.K. Slider SSBB Sticker.png [Slash] Resistance +28 All
Kapp'n Kapp'n SSBB Sticker.png [Leg] Attack + 8 All
Katrina Katrina SSBB Sticker.png [Magic] Attack +13 All
Lyle Lyle SSBB Sticker.png [Weapon] Attack +11 All
Mabel Mabel SSBB Sticker.png [Flame] Attack + 6 All
Mr. Resetti Mr. Resetti SSBB Sticker.png [Body, Spin] Attack +33 All
Pascal Pascal SSBB Sticker.png [Arm] Attack +10 All
Pelly Pelly SSBB Sticker.png Shield Resistance +14 All
Pete Pete SSBB Sticker.png [Arm, Leg] Attack + 2 All
Phyllis Phyllis SSBB Sticker.png Sticker Drops +26 All
Rosie Rosie SSBB Sticker.png [Leg] Attack + 8 All
Rover Rover SSBB Sticker.png [Slash] Attack +10 All
Sable Sable SSBB Sticker.png [Bite] Attack + 6 Yoshi, Wario, Pokémon Trainer, Wolf
Saharah Saharah SSBB Sticker.png [Water] Attack + 8 Pokémon Trainer
Tom Nook Tom Nook SSBB Sticker.png [Energy] Attack + 5 All
Tortimer Tortimer SSBB Sticker.png [Throwing] Attack +12 All
Wendell Wendell SSBB Sticker.png [Explosive] Attack +14 All


Name Picture Unlock Description
Animal Crossing Boy Animal Crossing Boy SSBB Trophy.png Random The male player character from Animal Crossing. He feels the need to set out on his own and move into town. Chatting with neighbors is a given, but there are a ton of other things to do as well, like collecting furniture, customizing rooms, catching fish and bugs, digging up fossils, etc. He may get bee stung or fall in a pit, but he still has fun.
Blanca Blanca SSBB Trophy.png Random A cat whose face is an empty white canvas for you to draw on. After traveling via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, she may appear with a face that someone else drew. Draw a new face, and she'll wander for a bit, then take off for a new town. In Animal Crossing, she would appear on the train between towns. Whether you give her a cute or funny face is up to you.
BlathersCeleste Blathers & Celeste SSBB Trophy.png Random Blathers, the elder of this pair, is curator of the town museum, and he's in charge of the insect, art, fish, and fossil displays. He's quite knowledgeable and shares what he knows about donations. He's in charge of donated bugs but hates the majority of them. His younger sis, Celeste, is in charge of the museum's observatory. She's cute even with her feathers ruffled.
Brewster Brewster SSBB Trophy.png Random The proprietor of the Roost, a coffee shop in the basement of the museum. He's very closemouthed, preferring to let the coffee he brews speak for itself. The Roost is also visited from time to time by other residents. If you drop by frequently, Brewster will warm up and begin to engage in conversation.
CopperBooker Copper & Booker SSBB Trophy.png Random The guards stationed at the town gate through which travelers come and go. Copper, who's on the right, is in charge of traveling via Nintendo WFC, and Booker on the left runs the lost and found. Booker's a cute fellow who's known for his indecisive manner...maybe. Copper's diligent, dedicated, and always ready to lend a helping paw.
Crazy Redd Crazy Redd SSBB Trophy.png Random The owner and proprietor of Crazy Redd's Emporium, which sells furniture acquired on the black market. It's said he's famous in the underworld. He drops by once a week and sets up his tent in front of the town hall. His shop's full of rare items, but the prices are high. It's open until midnight, an hour longer than Tom Nook's place, which pleases night players.
Dr. Shrunk Dr. Shrunk SSBB Trophy.png Random A traveling therapist and part-time comedian who helps people learn to show their emotions. He'll share jokes from his comedy routine—he's got a million of 'em, folks—as a way to teach people how to display reactions like anger, laughter, and the like.
Gulliver Gulliver SSBB Trophy.png Get 2,000 total KO's in Brawls An astronaut who travels the galaxy in a UFO. Just as he's returning to his hometown, he passes over your village. You can shoot down his UFO with a slingshot. If you do, Gulliver will ask you to recover the parts of his ship that have been scattered about the land.
Joan Joan SSBB Trophy.png Random Investments in town are made by buying and selling turnips. Joan's an elderly boar who comes to town every Sunday morning to trade in these valuable vegetables. She's easily recognizable by her bandana, work pants, and the basket she carries on her back. Her down-to- earth speech endears her to all her customers. She's been in the turnip business for 60 years.
K.K. Slider K.K. Slider SSBB Trophy.png Collect all Songs A wandering musician. He plays concerts every Saturday night at the Roost in the basement of the museum. All he carries is a single acoustic guitar, but he can play music from all genres. You can request a single tune per concert, and afterward he'll give you a recording of the song to take home. In Animal Crossing: Wild World, his playlist included 70 songs.
Kapp'n Kapp'n SSBB Trophy.png Get a total of 300 feet combined Swim Distance with all characters A taxi driver in Animal Crossing: Wild World who drives the player into town for the first time. His questions determine the appearance of the player and sometimes come off as a bit rude. In the original Animal Crossing, you could travel to an island by boat. Kapp'n was the guide who ferried the player to that island and is remembered for his unique speech and salty songs.
Katie & Kaitlin Katie & Kaitlin SSBB Trophy.png Random A mother and child who've gotten separated. After you've gone to visit a friend's town, you'll find either Kaitlin, the mom, or Katie, the wayward kitten, in your town. Both will tell you where they came from, and it's then your duty to travel to that town to reunite the family. Once you do, the player whose town Katie was in will get a letter of thanks and a present.
Katrina Katrina SSBB Trophy.png Random A mystical fortune-teller who sets up shop outside the town hall at dusk. For a fee of 100 bells, she'll use her tarot cards to tell your daily fortune or to check your compatibility. After telling a fortune, she may slip and say, "Sometimes it is just not meant to be," which is considered taboo among fortune-tellers. This surely means that she is hit or miss.
Mr. Resetti Mr. Resetti SSBB Trophy.png Random A mole wearing a hard hat who'll show up when you restart your game without having saved. He pops up and lets you know in no uncertain terms the importance of saving your game. The problem is, his speeches are entertaining enough to warrant breaking the rules at least once. In Animal Crossing, his brother Don appears too. He's the polar opposite of his sibling.
Mr. Resetti (Feet) Mr. Resetti (Feet) SSBB Trophy.png Random A character who normally appears from underground to lecture the player. However, he is not always underground—in Animal Crossing: Wild World, he can be found sipping coffee at the Roost if you go at a certain time on a certain day. In the Japanese-only "e+" version, he works at a so-called "Resetti Observation Center" where you can pop in for a visit.
Pascal Pascal SSBB Trophy.png Random A sea otter in a knit cap. He'll spout philosophy seemingly littered with hidden meanings: "People study what can and can't be done, but I think they're missing the point, maaannn." He comes and goes via the sea, diving in with perfect form. It's really up to you to decide whether Pascal's ramblings are the results of deep thought or too much time spent chatting with scallops.
Pelly & Phyllis Pelly & Phyllis SSBB Trophy.png Random Sisters who work at the town hall, which is open 24 hours a day. The younger Pelly is at the window from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., while Phyllis has the night shift. Pelly's cheerful and polite manner makes her the model of good customer service. Phyllis, however, is snooty and treats everyone with impatience and disdain. That said, she's very efficient at her job.
Pitfall Pitfall SSBB Trophy.png Clear 100-Man Brawl A tricky little item you can bury. Any player who passes over it will drop into a hole. If you land in a pitfall, move the Control Stick quickly back and forth to escape, because until you do, you're completely defenseless. In Animal Crossing, this item also dropped passersby into holes. It was a thrill to bury one and wait for a visiting pal to stumble across it.
Sable & Mabel Sable & Mabel SSBB Trophy.png Random Sisters who run the Able Sisters tailor shop. Mabel's the younger sibling, the one who deals with customers. Her older sister, Sable, sits at the sewing machine in the back of the shop. Sable's shy and will look slightly miffed if you speak to her. If you drop by to chat with her every day, however, she'll gradually warm up and share some stories with you.
Saharah Saharah SSBB Trophy.png Random A trader who comes from afar to deliver merchandise. However, since she always forgets to bring a town map, she needs help making her deliveries. Once you've helped her finish all of her tasks, she'll reward you with a gift. Her unique way of phrasing is part of her exotic charm. It is a fine thing, yes?
Tom Nook Tom Nook SSBB Trophy.png Collect 1,000 Coins in Coin Matches The owner of the town's only store. He not only helps you find a home when you move in but also gives you a job at his shop. His dream is to expand his business, and as the game progresses, Nook's Cranny becomes Nook 'n' Go, then Nookway, and finally Nookington's. He tends to say "hm" and "yes" quite a bit.
Tommy & Timmy Nook Tommy & Timmy Nook SSBB Trophy.png Random When Nookway gets remodeled into Nookington's, these twins make their appearance as second-floor salesmen. Tommy's in charge of greeting customers, while Timmy trails along offering support and echoing his older brother's words. Their earnest dedication coupled with their inherent cuteness makes this diminutive duo quite popular.
Tortimer Tortimer SSBB Trophy.png Random The mayor of the player's town. Usually in his office in the town hall, he emerges on holidays to usher in special festivities. He's a busy fellow who also serves as the record keeper for fishing and bug-catching tournaments. He cuts a very dashing figure in his hat and bow tie. There may be some link between him and Cornimer, who appears at the fall Acorn Festival.
Wendell Wendell SSBB Trophy.png Random A famous painter who wanders about with a large rucksack on his back. When he arrives in town, he's so hungry he can barely stand. While you think it's probably a good idea to give him something to eat, it's hard to figure out what that should be. That being said, he looks really hungry and would likely devour anything given to him.


Super Smash Bros. Brawl was received very well by critics, scoring 95% in Official Nintendo Magazine, who criticized only the laggy online. Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu gave the game a perfect score of 40/40, making Brawl one of the very few games to ever achieve this. On Metacritic, Brawl received an aggrevated score of 93 based on 81 Critic reviews.



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