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"Nothing shredded, nothing gained."
— K.K. Slider, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and Welcome amiibo
"I don't ask for much. A stool to sit on, a song to sing, and some folks gathered 'round to hear it."
— K.K. Slider, Animal Crossing: New Horizons
SpecialSpeciesIconSilhouette.png K.K. Slider tkk
K.K. Slider NH.png
Species Gender
Dog Male
Birthday August 23rd Virgo
Role Songs
Main appearances
Other appearances
Name in other languages

Japanese とたけけ
Korean K.K.
Italian K.K.
German K.K.

Simplified Chinese K.K.
French Kéké
Spanish Totakeke
Dutch K.K.

Traditional Chinese K.K.
Quebec French Kéké
Latin American Spanish Totakeke
Russian К. К.

Totakeke "K.K." Slider, or K.K., is a dog who has appeared in all the Animal Crossing series games to date. His main role is to play and sing songs for the player. He made a cameo appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and in Doubutsu no Mori (film). He was also one of the three Animal Crossing characters to be a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee, the others being Mr. Resetti and Tom Nook. There are 55 songs in the original Animal Crossing, 70 songs in Wild World, 75 in City Folk, 91 in New Leaf and 95 in New Horizons for a total of 95 songs.

He is named after Animal Crossing sound designer Kazumi Totaka. His Japanese name is taken from the Japanese tradition that last names be written first, so it is Totaka Kazumi. That can be shortened to "Totaka K.", which sounds like "Totakeke". When introducing himself to the player in the original Animal Crossing, K.K. Slider states his true name literally is "Totakeke", suggesting "K.K. Slider" is a stage name. This formal moniker has not been mentioned in any subsequent English releases.


Doubutsu no Mori and Animal Crossing[edit]

K.K. Slider PG.png
Artwork of K.K. Slider from Animal Crossing.

In Doubutsu no Mori and Animal Crossing, K.K. Slider starts the game up for the first player, or if a memory card is not detected when the game is turned on. Every Saturday night from 8 PM to 12 AM, he can be found sitting on a wooden stool outside the Train Station. If spoken to, he will introduce himself to the player, and ask if they want to hear any songs from him. The player can then request a specific song, give him their mood, or allow him to decide for them. Certain songs are secret, and can only be obtained upon request. If the player requests a song that K.K. doesn't know, he will play a random, unobtainable song, and afterwards tell the player that the requested song was "not his bag".

While playing, the background will turn black to show only K.K. and the player, which will slowly spin around as the credits play. Periodically, various weather effects will also be shown, such as snow, falling leaves, and rain. When K.K. sings, he speaks in Animalese, using the phonemes "nah", "me", "oh", "now", and "queh". In some songs, he will howl, whistle, click, and hum, altogether to make the song. Once the song is completed, he gives the player a bootleg copy to take home. This action opposes the industry practice of putting a price on music.

In Doubutsu no Mori e+, several new songs have been added to his repertoire.

Animal Crossing: Wild World[edit]

K.K. Slider WW.png
K.K. Slider as he appears in Animal Crossing: Wild World.

In Wild World, K.K. Slider still sings and plays for listeners, performing at the same time (every Saturday from 8 PM to 12 AM) as he did in the previous games, but now he plays them at The Roost, on top of a stage located in the café's upper left corner. The player can request a specific song or let him play a random song. Whether the song was random or requested, he slips a free bootleg of the song into the player's pockets after the performance, as before. Compared to previous entries in the series, several new songs have been added (most of which were previously in e+). In the Golden Axe Trading Event, giving him a country guitar will allow the player to obtain his portrait. K.K. does not perform during multiplayer sessions, so if the gates are open, he will not appear until they are closed.

Animal Crossing: City Folk[edit]

K.K. Slider CF.png
K.K. Slider as he appears in Animal Crossing: City Folk.

K.K. Slider has the same role as in Wild World, performing at The Roost starting at 8 PM to midnight, and some new songs have been added. He also now gives encores. The player can tell him exactly what song they want to hear, or let him pick. Another way to choose a song is to tell him a mood, and he will pick something out based on it. However, the player will not receive a bootleg copy of the encore. The multiplayer issue from Animal Crossing: Wild World is fixed; he appears during multiplayer from this game onward. Cranky villagers will sometimes mention that they think that Phineas is K.K.'s day job.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf[edit]

K.K. Slider once again makes an appearance, but this time in a new, separate building called Club LOL. On every day of the week besides Saturday, starting at 8 PM, he will perform remixed tunes and some of his tracks for the player to listen to, including several new songs, under the pseudonym DJ KK. When he performs as DJ KK, his appearance changes: he now wears glasses, a cap, and headphones.

As in previous games, on Saturday nights from 8 PM to midnight, he will play songs by requests, mood, or randomly, depending on what the player wants. Attending 20 of his acoustic performances in New Leaf will have K.K. Slider give the player his picture. Starting in this game, K.K. Slider's songs can be bought from T.I.Y., T&T Emporium, or the catalog for 3,200 Bells each.

On the Saturday before a player's birthday (or on the actual day, if it falls on a Saturday), K.K. will perform a special song titled "K.K. Birthday". This is the only song that cannot be requested.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer[edit]

K.K. Slider reappears in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer as one of the player's clients.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp[edit]

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, K.K. Slider appears as part of the base game. To make him appear, the player needs to craft K.K. Slider's Chair (which becomes available 45 days after player starts a new game and costs 250 PC Crafting Material - Leaf Ticket.png Leaf Tickets) and put it in the campsite or cabin.

K.K. Slider's Prize Guitar is a special furniture item that was available as a Mailbox gift from November 15th, 2018 to December 15th, 2018. Like his chair, the item summons K.K., but this time he stands while playing and wears a party hat.

DJ KK.'s Beat Booth is a special furniture that was available from April 27th, 2019 to June 26th, 2019. This furniture is obtainable by crafting and costs 350 PC Crafting Material - Leaf Ticket.png Leaf Tickets. K.K. appears again now as his alter ego DJ KK. Unlike previous games, he wears a black shirt with "K.K." written on it. While using the booth, K.K. will cycle between remixes of the game's main theme, the Campsite theme, and the OK Motors theme.

From April 30th, 2019 to May 11th, 2019, DJ KK appeared as the host of the Garden Safari event called "Idle Beats with DJ KK‎‎".

Animal Crossing: New Horizons[edit]

K.K. Slider returns in New Horizons, initially appearing in a dream experienced by the player on their first night on the island. In the dream, K.K. gives a similar speech to the player at the beginning of the first game in the series about moving away and starting a new life. In a change from previous games, K.K. Slider is not seen again after this point until the conclusion of the game's storyline. The only way to acquire his music in the interim is to purchase them from the Nook Shopping Catalog, of which there is always one available song per day.

After the player invites their first campsite visitor to move to the island, Tom Nook will brief the player about "Project K": a plan to make the island so desirable that even a celebrity such as K.K. would want to visit. To make this happen, he instructs the player to improve the island's condition and to check in periodically with Isabelle. She will inform the player of their island's rating and read out feedback they have received from residents and visitors. If the island has a rating of at least 3 stars, K.K. Slider will leave positive feedback, exciting both Isabelle and Tom Nook and prompting the latter to contact K.K. Slider about performing a concert on the island. On the next non-event day, K.K. Slider will visit, and right after Isabelle's announcements, he will perform "Welcome Horizons" with the entire island in attendance.

The performance itself hearkens back to the original game, taking place in an empty void where various seasonal effects (cherry blossoms, rain, falling leaves, snow, and a meteor shower) occur in the background. Afterwards, K.K. will thank his audience, and the game's main story will be concluded as the player receives the Island Designer app.

Following this initial visit, K.K. Slider will visit every Saturday as usual. If an event is due to take place in the plaza on a Saturday, K.K. will instead visit on the following Sunday (prior to version 1.3.0 he would attend on the preceding Friday). If another event occurs on the following Sunday (for example, a Bug-Off on Saturday followed by a Fireworks Show on Sunday), K.K. will instead visit on the following Monday. He will spend the day practicing in the Resident Services plaza but will not accept requests until after 6 PM. Villagers may occasionally sit down to watch him practice or perform, and any villagers present during the performance will appear in the cutscene when it fades the background to black. K.K. will always play "Welcome Horizons" to additional players who reside on the island when they first attend his show.

As before, K.K. will appear to sing a special song for the player's birthday, but unlike previous games, he will appear on the player's actual birthday no matter what day of the week it is.

Other appearances[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

K.K. Slider (referred to by his Japanese name), along with Tom Nook and Mr. Resetti, appears as a trophy.

Totakeke Trophy Melee.png #268 Totakeke
A wandering musician whose daily life is a bit of a mystery. He plays in front of the train station every Saturday night starting at 8.00 PM He has a large repertoire and plays both old and new hits from all over the world. His music is so ingrained in the villagers that it's impossible to imagine them living without it.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

K.K. Slider Trophy Brawl.png #282 K.K. Slider
A wandering musician. He plays concerts every Saturday night at the Roost in the basement of the museum. All he carries is a single acoustic guitar, but he can play music from all genres. You can request a single tune per concert, and afterward he'll give you a recording of the song to take home. In Animal Crossing: Wild World, his playlist included 70 songs.
Collect all Songs

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

DJ KK SSB4 Trophy (3DS).png #611 DJ KK
NTSC-U: "Yo yo yo! Come rock out at Club LOL! Featuring DJ KK every night of the week (except Saturdays)! Listen to the singer-songwriter bust out a foot-stompin' mix of tunes! Don't forget to come on your birthday for a special treat!" ...That advertisement definitely catches the eye.

PAL: "Get down at Club LOL! DJ KK is IN da HOUSE, spinning a NON-STOP mix of the best beats EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!*

*(Except Saturdays.)

A Special TREAT for birthday VIPs!"

What an ad! So many capital letters...


Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

K.K. Slider SSB4 Trophy (Wii U).png #564 K.K. Slider
NTSC-U: His fans can't wait for Saturday evenings. Why? Because K.K. Slider performs live! The crowd goes wild when K.K. Slider plays some of his greatest hits, like K.K. Samba, K.K. Waltz, and K.K. Stroll, on his acoustic guitar. He sometimes even takes requests! Other days, you can find him spinning tunes at Club LOL as a DJ.

PAL: Fans of this groovy dog just can't wait for his live show every Saturday night. With his trusty acoustic guitar, he'll treat you to such delights as the K.K. Samba, the K.K. Waltz and the K.K. Stroll. He even takes requests! In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you can also find him on other days of the week working as a DJ at Club LOL.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]


DJ K.K. NL.png DJ KK
Primary Spirit
Type: Neutral
Class: ★★
Stats: Power: 1,357—5,431
Ability: Can Be Enhanced at Lv. 99
* Summon with cores from 9-Volt & 18-Volt and Labrador Retriever
  • Battle via Spirit Board (unlocked after obtaining spirit once)
  • Purchase from the Vault Shop for 1000G (unlocked after obtaining spirit once)
  • Scan the K.K. amiibo

K.K. Slider NL.png K.K. Slider
Primary Spirit
Type: Neutral
Class: ★★★
Stats: Power: 3,287—9,865
Ability: Running Start
* Enhance the DJ KK spirit

Doubutsu no Mori (film)[edit]

K.K. Slider as he appears in Doubutsu no Mori (film).

K.K. Slider has a minor role in the film. Margie asks him to play "K.K. Bossa", which was given written lyrics for the film.

General description[edit]


K.K. Slider is a white-furred dog with thick, black eyebrows complimenting his black, dot-like eyes and solid black nose. He appears to be a Jack Russell Terrier. Due to being a special character, K.K. Slider's appearance greatly deviates from the Dog villagers, as his head has a more defined muzzle with slightly smaller ears, and he also has defined paws on his hands and feet. Unlike other characters, K.K. does not appear to wear any visible clothing, instead using his guitar in place of said clothing. However, he is shown wearing glasses and a beanie (as well as a T-shirt sometimes) as DJ KK, perhaps to disguise his identity.


K.K. Slider DnM Model.gif
K.K. Slider playing his guitar in Doubutsu no Mori

K.K. Slider is a laid-back musician, reflected by his relaxed state. He speaks in a mellow, calm tone, using words such as "man", "far out", and "groovy" in his speech often. Being passionate about his craft, money is no concern to him; he states that, although numerous "industry fat cats" try to capitalize on his music, he only desires for it to be free for everyone. Because of this, he gives away free recordings to anyone willing to listen to his songs. While K.K. Slider's songs are able to be purchased starting in New Leaf, he states in Happy Home Designer that he donates his earnings to "the kids", as he prefers to make Bells through more typical means.

Also in New Leaf, K.K. Slider's alter ego, DJ K.K., is introduced, displaying a new side to K.K. Slider's personality. Rather than being a laid-back musician, K.K. is displayed as outgoing and active, becoming a so-called "life of the party", visibly seen jumping and even dancing as club music is played.

Villager info[edit]

In Happy Home Designer[edit]

Happy Home Designer House Info
K.K. Slider
Type: Special Dog
Client's Vision: I'll leave it up to you!
Required Items: None
Favorite Song: K.K. Song
Favorite Saying: Nothing shredded, nothing gained.
K.K. HHD Character Icon.png

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo RV[edit]

Nia blue upload.png
RV of KK Slider.jpg
Style: No style
FallLeaf.png DJ KK Booth Brown Seat HHD Icon.png Brown Seat
FallLeaf.png Guitar Case FallLeaf.png K.K. Cruisin'
FallLeaf.png K.K. Jazz FallLeaf.png K.K. Song
Metal-Rim Table HHD Icon.png Metal-Rim Table FallLeaf.png New 3DS - K.K.
FallLeaf.png Pondering Wii U Console HHD Icon.png Wii U Console
Wallpaper: White Brick Wall HHD Icon.png White Brick Wall
Floor: Modern Wood Flooring HHD Icon.png Modern Wood Flooring
Music: K.K. Song

Card profiles[edit]

Animal Crossing-e card
#001 K.K. Slider - Series 1
Gender: Male
Species: Dog
Sign: Virgo
Password: rNkGuNubwCYx4O
Animal Crossing-e 1-001 (K.K. Slider).jpg
P16 Girl (8) Animal Crossing-e cards
#001 K.K. Slider
002 Rover

Animal Crossing amiibo card
#003 DJ KK - Series 1
Type: Special Character
Star sign: Virgo
Birthday: August 23
Dice value: 3
Hand sign: Rock
003 DJ K.K. amiibo card NA.png
002 Tom Nook List of amiibo cards
#003 DJ KK
004 Sable

Animal Crossing amiibo card
#101 K.K. - Series 2
Type: Special
Star sign: Virgo
Birthday: August 23
Dice value: 2
Hand sign: Rock
101 K.K. amiibo Card NA.png
100 Walker List of amiibo cards
#101 K.K.
102 Reese

Animal Crossing amiibo card
#405 K.K. (Pikopuri) - Promo
Type: Special
Star sign: Virgo
Birthday: August 23
Dice value: 2
Hand sign: Rock
405 K.K. amiibo card JP.png
404 Rosie List of amiibo cards
#405 K.K. (Pikopuri)
001 Isabelle


Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese とたけけ / DJ KK
Totakeke / DJ KK
From Kazumi Totaka

Korean T.K.
K.K. (New Horizons)

From first initials of the name "Totaka Kazumi".

Simplified Chinese 托塔可可 (iQue)
Tota Coco
From Japanese name

Simplified Chinese K.K.

Russian К. К. Слайдер
K. K. Slayder

German K.K. Slider -

European Spanish Totakeke Same as Japanese

European French Kéké Laglisse Kéké is pronounced like K.K., and Laglisse is roughly translated as Slider

Italian K.K. Slider -


Part of the texture used on K.K. Slider's guitar in New Horizons, featuring references to Brewster (left) and Dr. Shrunk (right)
  • K.K. is the first character to interact with the player in the Animal Crossing series, giving a monologue in the original Doubutsu no Mori and Animal Crossing directly after exiting the title screen for the first time. This moment is alluded to in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, during which K.K. first appears to the player in a dream after their first day on the island.
  • In a poll hosted by Nintendo in August 2002 with over 7,000 participants, K.K. was voted the most popular character in the original Doubutsu no Mori.[1]
  • In early installments, K.K.'s arms are too short in-game for his right paw to actually reach the strings of his guitar. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, his model's arms are long enough to reach the guitar strings, but they still do not; his posture does not allow for it, as his arm reaches over the end of the guitar. New Horizons corrects the issue by adjusting his playing posture, so his arm reaches over the middle of his guitar instead.
  • One of K.K.'s quotes from Wild World - "Those industry fat cats try to put a price on my music, but it wants to be free." - gained notoriety on various news websites, as it was believed to promote illegal file sharing. In response, Nintendo of America's vice president of corporate affairs at the time, Perrin Kaplan, stated that K.K.'s quote does not reflect the views of the company, only that he is "a free spirit who cannot be bought and sold for any amount of money."[2]
  • In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, two stickers can be seen on the back of K.K.'s guitar that feature drawings of Brewster and Dr. Shrunk, likely referencing The Roost and Club LOL, the venues K.K. performed at in previous games. These stickers can only be seen when listening to K.K. live as the camera rotates around him; however, they can be seen more clearly on the textures for K.K.'s guitar.



  1. Nintendo. (August, 2002). どうぶつの森キャラクター人気投票 (Animal Crossing Popularity Poll). Doubutsu no Mori official website (JP). Retrieved April 27, 2020.
  2. Zeller Jr., Tom. (19 December, 2005). Social Commentary, or Just a Dog's Opinion?. The New York Times.
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