K.K. Reggae

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#15 K.K. Reggae  
K.K. Reggae NH Texture.png
Live Performance
Genre Reggae
Mood Laid-back
Instruments Drum kits,
Dub Synthesizer,
Owned by Bill,
T-Bone (AC),
Cyrus (RV)
Main appearances
Name in other languages

Japanese けけレゲエ
Simplified Chinese K.K.雷鬼
French Reggae de Kéké
Spanish Tota-reggae
Italian K.K. Reggae
Russian Регги К. К.

Korean K.K.레게
Traditional Chinese K.K.雷鬼
Quebec French Reggae de Kéké
Latin American Spanish Tota-reggae
German K.K. Reggae
Dutch K.K.-reggae

"K.K. Reggae" is a laid-back K.K. Slider song. It is named after the Jamaican style of music, Reggae, and has a simple R and B drum kit, a dub synth that is the main melody, and a lightly riffed organ. Curly, Piper, Bill, Hamlet, Shep, and T-Bone play this song if they have a stereo in their houses.

The album cover features K.K. Slider playing his guitar and Shep playing a conga.


Sprites and models[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese けけレゲエ
Keke regee

Korean K.K.레게
K.K. rege

Simplified Chinese K.K.雷鬼 (iQue)
K.K. Léi guǐ

Russian Регги К. К.
Reggi K. K.

Dutch K⁠.⁠K⁠.-⁠⁠reggae

German K.K. Reggae

European Spanish Tota-reggae

European French Reggae de Kéké K.K.'s Reggae

Italian K.K. Reggae

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