List of K.K. Slider songs

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The interface of a stereo in New Horizons, showcasing various K.K. Slider songs
Aircheck WW Icon.png

The following is a complete list of songs performed by K.K. Slider throughout the Animal Crossing series. K.K. Slider will perform live in town every Saturday night, though the venue differs between games. When spoken to, he will give the player the option of requesting a specific song or letting him choose. After watching one of K.K.'s performances, he will freely give the player a bootleg recording (also known as an aircheck) that can be stored inside a music player in order to listen to the song in their house. These recordings differ drastically from the live version of the songs. Doubutsu no Mori e+ features airchecks of the live versions of songs, which can be obtained from villagers with a high enough friendship.

In each game, K.K. Slider has a handful of secret songs that are request-only, and counted as part of his catalog. If given a request that is not part of his setlist, he will play one of three random songs that cannot be obtained; these unobtainable songs become secret songs in the next installment. From City Folk onwards, the player can specify a mood and K.K. Slider will play a random song that is appropriate to the selected mood.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, cover art is introduced for each song, with cover designs of original songs taken from the art used for their e-Reader cards. The player can mount the covers on the walls of their house as decoration. For Animal Crossing: New Horizons, nearly all album covers from New Leaf have been redesigned, both noticeably and subtly. In most cases, the indecipherable text that appeared in New Leaf has been replaced with each song's proper name, using the language most appropriate to its genre (for example, "K.K. Jongara" uses its Japanese name, "Café K.K." uses its French name, and "K.K. Steppe" uses its Cyrillic name).

List of songs[edit]

The total number of songs as of New Horizons amounts to 95.

Song Order Debut Mood
AlbumArt-Agent.png AlbumArt-Agent NH.png Agent K.K. 68 Doubutsu no Mori e+ Hard to say
AlbumArt-Aloha.pngAlbumArt-Aloha NH.png Aloha K.K. 19 Animal Crossing Lazy
AlbumArt-AnimalCity.png Animal City 92 New Leaf (live only)
New Horizons
Request only
AlbumArt-Bubblegum.pngAlbumArt-Bubblegum NH.png Bubblegum K.K. 88 New Leaf Good!
AlbumArt-Cafe.pngAlbumArt-Café NH.png Café K.K. 50 Animal Crossing Good!
AlbumArt-Comrade.pngAlbumArt-Comrade NH.png Comrade K.K. 44 Animal Crossing A little sad
AlbumArt-DJ.pngAlbumArt-DJ NH.png DJ K.K. 39 Animal Crossing Grumpy...
AlbumArt-Drivin.png Drivin' 93 New Leaf (live only)
New Horizons
Request only
AlbumArt-Farewell.png Farewell 94 New Leaf (live only)
New Horizons
Request only
AlbumArt-Forest.pngAlbumArt-Forest NH.png Forest Life 57 Animal Crossing (live only)
Doubutsu no Mori e+
AlbumArt-Rider.pngAlbumArt-Rider NH.png Go K.K. Rider 46 Animal Crossing Grumpy...
AlbumArt-Hypno.pngAlbumArt-Hypno NH.png Hypno K.K. 76 City Folk (live only)
New Leaf
Request only
AlbumArt-LoveYou.pngAlbumArt-LoveYou NH.png I Love You 54 Animal Crossing Lazy
AlbumArt-Imperial.pngAlbumArt-Imperial NH.png Imperial K.K. 23 Animal Crossing Grumpy...
AlbumArt-Adventure.pngAlbumArt-Adventure NH.png K.K. Adventure 80 New Leaf Grumpy...
AlbumArt-Aria.pngAlbumArt-Aria NH.png K.K. Aria 9 Animal Crossing Lazy
AlbumArt-Ballad.pngAlbumArt-Ballad NH.png K.K. Ballad 43 Animal Crossing A little sad
AlbumArt-Bazaar.pngAlbumArt-Bazaar NH.png K.K. Bazaar 82 New Leaf Grumpy...
AlbumArt-Birthday.pngAlbumArt-Birthday NH.png K.K. Birthday 91 Doubutsu no Mori e+ (live only)
New Leaf
Must be the player's birthday
AlbumArt-Blues.pngAlbumArt-Blues NH.png K.K. Blues 32 Animal Crossing Hard to say
AlbumArt-Bossa.pngAlbumArt-Bossa NH.png K.K. Bossa 11 Animal Crossing Lazy
AlbumArt-Calypso.pngAlbumArt-Calypso NH.png K.K. Calypso 12 Animal Crossing Good!
AlbumArt-Casbah.pngAlbumArt-Casbah NH.png K.K. Casbah 24 Animal Crossing Grumpy...
AlbumArt-Chorale.pngAlbumArt-Chorale NH.png K.K. Chorale 1 Animal Crossing A little sad
AlbumArt-Condor.pngAlbumArt-Condor NH.png K.K. Condor 21 Animal Crossing A little sad
AlbumArt-Country.pngAlbumArt-Country NH.png K.K. Country 41 Animal Crossing Good!
AlbumArt-Cruisin.pngAlbumArt-Cruisin NH.png K.K. Cruisin' 35 Animal Crossing Grumpy...
AlbumArt-DnB.pngAlbumArt-DnB NH.png K.K. D&B 37 Animal Crossing Hard to say
AlbumArt-Dirge.pngAlbumArt-Dirge NH.png K.K. Dirge 47 Animal Crossing A little sad
AlbumArt-Disco.pngAlbumArt-Disco NH.png K.K. Disco 90 New Leaf Good!
AlbumArt-Dixie.pngAlbumArt-Dixie NH.png K.K. Dixie 60 Doubutsu no Mori e+ Good!
AlbumArt-Etude.pngAlbumArt-Etude NH.png K.K. Étude 7 Animal Crossing A little sad
AlbumArt-Faire.pngAlbumArt-Faire NH.png K.K. Faire 18 Animal Crossing Lazy
AlbumArt-Flamenco.pngAlbumArt-Flamenco NH.png K.K. Flamenco 86 New Leaf Grumpy...
AlbumArt-Folk.pngAlbumArt-Folk NH.png K.K. Folk 26 Animal Crossing Hard to say
AlbumArt-Fusion.pngAlbumArt-Fusion NH.png K.K. Fusion 6 Animal Crossing Lazy
AlbumArt-Groove.pngAlbumArt-Groove NH.png K.K. Groove 84 New Leaf Good!
AlbumArt-Gumbo.pngAlbumArt-Gumbo NH.png K.K. Gumbo 30 Animal Crossing Hard to say
AlbumArt-House.pngAlbumArt-House NH.png K.K. House 74 City Folk Grumpy...
AlbumArt-Island.pngAlbumArt-Island NH.png K.K. Island 78 City Folk (live only)
New Leaf
Request only
AlbumArt-Jazz.pngAlbumArt-Jazz NH.png K.K. Jazz 5 Animal Crossing Lazy
AlbumArt-Jongara.pngAlbumArt-Jongara NH.png K.K. Jongara 85 New Leaf Grumpy...
AlbumArt-Lament.pngAlbumArt-Lament NH.png K.K. Lament 45 Animal Crossing A little sad
AlbumArt-Love.pngAlbumArt-LoveSong NH.png K.K. Love Song 36 Animal Crossing Lazy
AlbumArt-Lullaby.pngAlbumArt-Lullaby NH.png K.K. Lullaby 8 Animal Crossing A little sad
AlbumArt-Mambo.pngAlbumArt-Mambo NH.png K.K. Mambo 14 Animal Crossing Good!
AlbumArt-Marathon.pngAlbumArt-Marathon NH.png K.K. Marathon 61 Doubutsu no Mori e+ Hard to say
AlbumArt-March.pngAlbumArt-March NH.png K.K. March 2 Animal Crossing Good!
AlbumArt-Senor.pngAlbumArt-Mariachi NH.png K.K. Mariachi (Señor K.K.) 52 Animal Crossing Good!
AlbumArt-Metal.pngAlbumArt-Metal NH.png K.K. Metal 70 Doubutsu no Mori e+ Grumpy...
AlbumArt-Milonga.pngAlbumArt-Milonga NH.png K.K. Milonga 83 New Leaf A little sad
AlbumArt-Moody.pngAlbumArt-Moody NH.png K.K. Moody 87 New Leaf Lazy
AlbumArt-Oasis.pngAlbumArt-Oasis NH.png K.K. Oasis 81 New Leaf Hard to say
AlbumArt-Parade.pngAlbumArt-Parade NH.png K.K. Parade 51 Animal Crossing Good!
AlbumArt-Ragtime.pngAlbumArt-Ragtime NH.png K.K. Ragtime 29 Animal Crossing Good!
AlbumArt-Rally.pngAlbumArt-Rally NH.png K.K. Rally 69 Doubutsu no Mori e+ Hard to say
AlbumArt-Reggae.pngAlbumArt-Reggae NH.png K.K. Reggae 15 Animal Crossing Lazy
AlbumArt-Rock.pngAlbumArt-Rock NH.png K.K. Rock 27 Animal Crossing Grumpy...
AlbumArt-Rockabilly.pngAlbumArt-Rockabilly NH.png K.K. Rockabilly 67 Doubutsu no Mori e+ Good!
AlbumArt-Safari.pngAlbumArt-Safari NH.png K.K. Safari 25 Animal Crossing Grumpy...
AlbumArt-Salsa.pngAlbumArt-Salsa NH.png K.K. Salsa 13 Animal Crossing Good!
AlbumArt-Samba.pngAlbumArt-Samba NH.png K.K. Samba 10 Animal Crossing Good!
AlbumArt-Ska.pngAlbumArt-Ska NH.png K.K. Ska 16 Animal Crossing Good!
AlbumArt-Sonata.pngAlbumArt-Sonata NH.png K.K. Sonata 75 City Folk A little sad
AlbumArt-Song.pngAlbumArt-Song NH.png K.K. Song 53 Animal Crossing Hard to say
AlbumArt-Soul.pngAlbumArt-Soul NH.png K.K. Soul 34 Animal Crossing Hard to say
AlbumArt-Steppe.pngAlbumArt-Steppe NH.png K.K. Steppe 22 Animal Crossing Grumpy...
AlbumArt-Stroll.pngAlbumArt-Stroll NH.png K.K. Stroll 77 City Folk (live only)
New Leaf
Request only
AlbumArt-Swing.pngAlbumArt-Swing NH.png K.K. Swing 4 Animal Crossing Lazy
AlbumArt-Synth.pngAlbumArt-Synth NH.png K.K. Synth 89 New Leaf Lazy
AlbumArt-Tango.pngAlbumArt-Tango NH.png K.K. Tango 17 Animal Crossing Grumpy...
AlbumArt-Technopop.pngAlbumArt-Technopop NH.png K.K. Technopop 38 Animal Crossing Hard to say
AlbumArt-Waltz.pngAlbumArt-Waltz NH.png K.K. Waltz 3 Animal Crossing A little sad
AlbumArt-Western.pngAlbumArt-Western NH.png K.K. Western 48 Animal Crossing A little sad
AlbumArt-King.pngAlbumArt-King NH.png King K.K. 62 Doubutsu no Mori e+ A little sad
AlbumArt-Lucky.pngAlbumArt-Lucky NH.png Lucky K.K. 20 Animal Crossing Grumpy...
AlbumArt-Marine.pngAlbumArt-Marine NH.png Marine Song 2001 64 Doubutsu no Mori e+ Lazy
AlbumArt-Mountain.pngAlbumArt-Mountain NH.png Mountain Song 63 Doubutsu no Mori e+ Good!
AlbumArt-Mr.pngAlbumArt-Mr NH.png Mr. K.K. 49 Animal Crossing Lazy
AlbumArt-MyPlace.pngAlbumArt-MyPlace NH.png My Place 56 Animal Crossing (live only)
Doubutsu no Mori e+
AlbumArt-Neapolitan.pngAlbumArt-Neapolitan NH.png Neapolitan 65 Doubutsu no Mori e+ Good!
AlbumArt-OnlyMe.pngAlbumArt-OnlyMe NH.png Only Me 40 Animal Crossing A little sad
AlbumArt-Pondering.pngAlbumArt-Pondering NH.png Pondering 59 Doubutsu no Mori e+ Lazy
AlbumArt-Rockin.pngAlbumArt-Rockin NH.png Rockin' K.K. 28 Animal Crossing Grumpy...
AlbumArt-Soulful.pngAlbumArt-Soulful NH.png Soulful K.K. 33 Animal Crossing Lazy
AlbumArt-Space.pngAlbumArt-Space NH.png Space K.K. 79 New Leaf Hard to say
AlbumArt-Blossoms.pngAlbumArt-Blossoms NH.png Spring Blossoms 72 Doubutsu no Mori e+ (live only)
City Folk
AlbumArt-Cupcakes.pngAlbumArt-Cupcakes NH.png Stale Cupcakes 71 Doubutsu no Mori e+ (live only)
City Folk
A little sad
AlbumArt-Steep.pngAlbumArt-Steep NH.png Steep Hill 66 Doubutsu no Mori e+ A little sad
AlbumArt-Surfin.pngAlbumArt-Surfin NH.png Surfin' K.K. 42 Animal Crossing Grumpy...
AlbumArt-Funk.pngAlbumArt-Funk NH.png The K. Funk 31 Animal Crossing Hard to say
AlbumArt-Edge.pngAlbumArt-Edge NH.png To the Edge 58 Animal Crossing (live only)
Doubutsu no Mori e+
Hard to say
AlbumArt-TwoDays.pngAlbumArt-TwoDays NH.png Two Days Ago 55 Animal Crossing A little sad
AlbumArt-Wandering.pngAlbumArt-Wandering NH.png Wandering 73 Doubutsu no Mori e+ (live only)
City Folk
AlbumArt-WelcomeHorizons.png Welcome Horizons 95 New Horizons Lazy


  • Most of K.K. Slider's songs in Doubutsu no Mori were composed by Toru Minegishi, who is known for creating music for the Mario, Zelda, and Splatoon series. Sound designer Kazumi Totaka arranged the live versions in two weeks. He would write out the arrangements on his train ride to work in order to meet strict deadlines.[1]