K.K. Island

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K.K. Island
Japanese どうぶつのしま Korean 동물의 섬 Chinese 动物岛
French Kéké des îles Italian K.K. Isola Spanish Mi isla, mi hogar
German Die Insel der Tiere Dutch Onbewoond eiland Russian Остров К. К.
AlbumArt-Island NH.png
Live Performance
Owned by Blaire (NL),
Tangy (NL),
Gulliver (RV)
Order 78
Animal Crossing: City Folk (Unobtainable),
Animal Crossing: New Leaf,
Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer,
Animal Crossing: New Horizons

"K.K. Island" is a song by K.K. Slider, introduced as a live-only performance in Animal Crossing: City Folk and given a bootleg recording in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. When asked to play this song, K.K. will refer to it as a "secret song." The song is a rearranged version of the BGM played on Animal Island in the GameCube games.

Blaire (in New Leaf), Kevin, Lyman, Medli, O'Hare, Plucky, Tangy and Audie play it in their house if they have a stereo.


Sprites and models[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese どうぶつのしま
Doubutsu no shima
Animal Island

Korean 동물의 섬
Dongmul-ui Seom
Animal Island

Simplified Chinese 动物岛 (iQue)
Dòngwù dǎo
Animal Island

Russian Остров К. К.
Ostrov K. K.

Dutch Onbewoond eiland Deserted Island

German Die Insel der Tiere The Island of Animals

European Spanish Mi isla, mi hogar My island, my home

European French Kéké des îles K.K. of the Islands

Italian K.K. Isola