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#65 Neapolitan  
Neapolitan NH Texture.png
Live Performance
Mood Good
Instruments Piccolo, Wurlitzer
Owned by Anicotti (NL, NH),
Bob (NH),
Candi (NH),
Clyde (NH),
Elise (prior to NH),
Erik (NL),
Gabi (NH),
Ketchup (NL, NH),
Merry (NH),
Truffles (NH),
Zipper T. Bunny (RV)
Main appearances
Name in other languages

Japanese ナポリタン
Simplified Chinese 意大利面
French Napolitaine
Spanish Napolitana
Italian Napoletana
Russian Неаполитанское

Korean 토마토 스파게티
Traditional Chinese 義大利麵
Quebec French Napolitaine
Latin American Spanish Napolitana
German Neapolitaner
Dutch Napolitain

"Neapolitan" is a K.K. Slider song. It sounds similar to the music in the city.

"Neapolitan" means "from Naples," Naples being the largest city in southern Italy. True to its title, the song incorporates Italian motifs; it seems to have a Wurlitzer and a piccolo at one point.

The album cover in New Horizons features the word "Napoletana", the Italian name for the song, at the top in green capital letters. In prior games, it featured the word "Napolitain", the Dutch name of the song, written in spaghetti which is twirled around a fork. Curlos, Drake, and Teddy are also on the album cover, wearing Italian outfits, with Fruity and Ike appearing in place of Drake and Teddy on its original e-Reader card. Neapolitan did not appear in the original Animal Crossing.

Anicotti (beginning as of Animal Crossing: New Leaf), Bob, Candi, Clyde (all three in Animal Crossing: New Horizons), Elise (before Animal Crossing: New Horizons), Erik (in Animal Crossing: New Leaf), Gabi (in Animal Crossing: New Horizons), Ketchup (beginning as of Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo), Merry and Truffles (both in Animal Crossing: New Horizons) have this song playing in their houses.


Sprites and models[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese ナポリタン

Korean 토마토 스파게티
Tomato Seupageti
Tomato Spaghetti

Simplified Chinese 意大利面 (iQue)
Yìdàlì miàn

Russian Неаполитанское

Dutch Napolitain

German Neapolitaner

European Spanish Napolitana

European French Napolitaine

Italian Napoletana