K.K. Rock

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K.K. Rock
Japanese けけロック Korean K.K.록 Chinese K.K.摇滚
French Rock Kéké Italian K.K. Rock Spanish Tota-rock
German K.K. Rock Dutch K.K.-⁠rock Russian Рок К. К.
AlbumArt-Rock NH.png
Live Performance
Genre Hard rock
Mood Grumpy
Instruments Electric guitar
Owned by Apollo (NL onwards),
Groucho (AC),
Wolfgang (AC),
Kicks (RV),
Lobo (NH),
Tom (NH)
Order 27
Doubutsu no Mori
Animal Crossing
Doubutsu no Mori e+
Wild World
City Folk
New Leaf
Happy Home Designer
New Horizons

"K.K. Rock" is a hard rock song with a repeating tune; it makes heavy use of an abrasive, heavy guitar playing gritty, off-key chords. The song appears to be a homage to Australian hard rock band AC/DC, a fact that is reflected in the album cover, itself based on that of AC/DC's 1980 album Back in Black. Apollo (from Animal Crossing: New Leaf), Camofrog, Fuchsia, Tiffany, Woolio, Ike, Groucho and Wolfgang (both in Animal Crossing) have this song playing in their houses.


Sprites and models[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese けけロック
Keke rokku
K.K. Rock

Korean K.K.록
K.K. Rok

Simplified Chinese K.K.摇滚 (iQue)
K.K. Yáogǔn

Russian Рок К. К.
Rok K. K.

Dutch K⁠.⁠K⁠.-rock

German K.K. Rock

European Spanish Tota-rock

European French Rock Kéké

Italian K.K. Rock