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New Leaf Welcome Amiibo Campground.png
Two RVs in the Campground
Service Accommodating amiibo-exclusive villagers,
Accommodating special characters
Opening hours All Day
Appearances Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo
This article is about the vehicle found in New Leaf. For the similar vehicle found in Pocket Camp, see camper.

RVs (or Recreational Vehicles) are located in the Campground in Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo. Up to two RVs can be present in the Campground at any one time. One of them will host an amiibo-exclusive character whose card/figure was scanned by the player. The second will house a Special Visitor, which changes each day.

If the player summons Wisp, he will prompt the player to scan an amiibo , which depending on the amiibo scanned, can cause that villager or character to set up camp in an RV. Villagers in RVs will allow the player to buy items from them using MEOW Coupons. They can also be invited to move into town. If the player scans a special character's amiibo , that character will swap places with Wisp (therefore, it is possible to see Wisp behind the Town Hall desk, for instance). This however, prevents the player from using that character's services, as Wisp doesn't know how to do that character's job ( For example, the player cannot buy or sell anything at Re-Tail if Reese is camping in her RV, as Wisp doesn't know to calculate prices.)

Special Visitors include characters such as Copper, Gulliver, Joan and Jingle. Most regular and holiday visitors can appear in the Campground's first RV slot. They will sell items to the player for MEOW Coupons. Each visitor's RV has a unique appearance, and they each stock different items. Nat, for instance, will sell Insect Set select furniture from the Insect Set.

List of RVs[edit]

Character Name RV Description Purchasable Furniture Accessibility Picture
Blanca Sure, she likes to stir up trouble around the town. But when you see her out relaxing at the campground, she looks so… Well, she still looks pretty creepy. White Brick Wall,
Yellow Flooring,
Cabana Armchair,
Cabana Bed,
Cabana Lamp,
Cabana Table,
Cat Tower,
Jester Shirt,
Daisy Tee,
Makeup Case
Random Visitor RV of Blanca.JPG
Booker Booker is completely in his element while camping. If there were merit badges for it, he'd have all of them. Maybe he chose the wrong career! Meadow Vista,
Dirt Floor,
Camp Stove,
Campfire Cookware,
Picnic Table,
Plastic Canister,
Propane Stove,
Sleeping Bag,
Random Visitor RV of Booker NL.jpg
Cece Cece and her sister Viché are big fans of the Squid Sisters. Cece takes cosplaying her half of the duo so seriously, she only responds to the name Callie. Inkopolis Wall,
Inkopolis Floor,
Inkopolis Chair,
Inkopolis Sign,
Inkopolis Table,
Left Splatfest Sign,
Callie Fashion Top,
Callie Pants,
Callie Shirt,
Callie Shoes,
Callie Tights,
Right Splatfest Sign
Scan a Splatoon Series Callie amiibo via Wisp File:RV of Cece.JPG
Celeste Celeste loves stargazing, and there's no better place for it than out in the country. Plus, when you're camping, you can nap all day long! Lunar Horizon,
Observatory Floor,
Cancer Table,
Celeste Ribbon,
Gadget Shelf,
New Nintendo 3DS,
Star Globe,
Star Projector,
Wii U Console
Scan an Animal Crossing Series Celeste amiibo figure via Wisp File:RV of Celeste.JPG
Cleo Technically, Cleo doesn′t take her work home with her. She takes it camping. With files and faxes at the ready, she can be productive anywhere. Office Wall,
Panel Carpet Floor,
Document Stack,
File Cabinet (L),
Meeting-Room Table,
Modern Office Chair,
Office Phone,
Rolling Cart,
Rolling File Cart,
White Office Desk
Scan an Animal Crossing Series Cleo amiibo card via Wisp RV of Cleo.JPG
Plucky There`s nothing Plucky loves more than lying out on a tropical beach and sipping on a coconut. Just don't call it "roasting," OK? Tropical Vista,
Sandy-Beach Floor,
Beach Chair,
Coconut Juice,
Life Ring,
Metal-and-Wood Table,
Palm Tree Lamp,
Sand Castle,
Towel Basket,
Scan an Animal Crossing Series Plucky amiibo card via Wisp File:RV of Plucky.JPG



  • It is possible to honk the horn of an RV. It can be heard outside by online visitors.
  • The player can touch the radio to find out what song is playing.

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