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This article is about the vehicle. For the similar vehicle found in Pocket Camp, see Camper.

NL Campground RV 5.png
Artwork of Isabelle's RV
Function Accommodating non-resident, amiibo-exclusive Villagers
Opening Hours All day
Main appearances
Other appearances

RVs are vehicles located in the Campground in Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo. Up to two RVs can be present in the Campground at any one time. One of them will host a Special Visitor, which changes each day, or a SpotPass visitor (exclusive to Japan). The second will only be present if the player summons Wisp and scans a compatible amiibo. Only one amiibo visitor can be scanned per day.

Each visitor's RV has a unique appearance and contains different items, including event-exclusive furniture. These items can be purchased from RVs in exchange for MEOW Coupons, and the selection of items that can be purchased often includes items that aren't displayed in the RV itself.

Scanning a Welcome amiibo card, a Sanrio amiibo card or a compatible amiibo figurine presents the option to have that character set up camp in an RV. Villagers who camp can be invited to move into town. Special Characters who camp will have Wisp assume their role in the town for the duration of their stay in the campground. However, this also renders their services unavailable for the day, as Wisp does not know how to do their job. SpotPass visitors only appear in their RV in the campground and can never be invited to move into town.

Booker will only camp if the Modern Police Station has been built, and likewise Copper will only camp if the Classic Police Station has been built.

List of RVs[edit]

Random Visitors
Name Picture RV Description Purchasable Items
Blanca RV of Blanca NLa.jpg Sure, she likes to stir up trouble around the town. But when you see her out relaxing at the campground, she looks so... Well, she still looks pretty creepy. White Brick Wall • Yellow Flooring • Cabana Armchair • Cabana Bed • Cabana Lamp • Cabana Table • Cat Tower • Crayons • Jester Shirt • Daisy Tee • Makeup Case
Booker RV of Booker NLa.jpg Booker is completely in his element while camping. If there were merit badges for it, he'd have all of them. Maybe he chose the wrong career! Meadow Vista • Dirt Floor • Camp Stove • Campfire Cookware • Picnic Table • Plastic Canister • Propane Stove • Sleeping Bag • Smoker
Copper RV of Copper NLa.jpg You can be certain that every item in Copper's van is up to spec and perfectly maintained. But you can't be certain that he knows how to use any of 'em. Music-Room Wall • Parquet Floor • Billboard • Cardboard Box • Common Bed • Freezer • Kettle • Plastic Canister • Rolling Closet • Sink • Ventilation Fan
Gulliver RV of Gulliver NLa.jpg Some say he's the worst swimmer to ever be called a sailor, which could be why he's trying out a new form of land-based adventure: camping. Tropical Vista • Sandy-Beach Floor • Ball • Beach Table • Life Ring • Volleyball Net • Wave Breaker
Jack RV of Jack NLa.jpg When he's not presiding over Halloween, Jack lives simply and frugally. His only two indulgences are his decked-out camping van...and candy. Spooky Wall • Spooky Carpet • Candy Machine • Green-Pumpkin Head • Jack-in-the-box • Patched Dress • Patched Shirt • Pumpkin Pie • Purple-Pumpkin Head • Red-Pumpkin Head • Spooky Wall Lamp • Tea Table • Wood Display Stand, Yellow-Pumpkin Head
Jingle RV of Jingle NLa.jpg The logistics involved in Toy Day mean that Jingle is a very busy reindeer year-round. So when he gets a chance, he visits the campground to unwind. Party Wall • White Wood Floor • Alpine Low Table • Gift Pile • Gift Pile • Poinsettia • Santa Coat • Snow Globe • Tree-Stump Chair • Yule Log
Joan RV of Joan NLa.jpg You can only spend so much time growing and selling turnips (99.9% of your time, it turns out). In her spare 0.1%, Joan loves a good camping trip. Shoji Screen • Tatami • Daimyo's Tray • Floor Seat • Hearth • Lucky Cat • Paper Wall Lamp • Tokonoma • Zen Tea Set • Zodiac Boar
Nat RV of Nat NLa.jpg The biggest bug fan around, Nat is known for intellectual digestion-er, discussion of the insect kingdom. He travels the world in search of new bugs. Jungle Wall • Jungle Floor • Autumn-Leaf Chair • Leaf Bed • Pile of Leaves • Potted Ivy • Sparrow's Nest • Sprout Table • Tree Standee
Pascal RV of Pascal NLa.jpg A philosopher who dispenses pearls of hippie wisdom while collecting literal scallops. Sit at the campfire with this guy if you want your mind blown. Duuude. Sea View • Ship Deck • Beach Chair • Large Bookshelf • Lily-Pad Table • Pondering • Sea Globe • Stack of Books • Treasure Chest
Pavé RV of Pavé NLa.jpg When he's camping, Pavé can finally drop the act and relax completely. Just kidding—he's even more Pavé than ever. Viva Festivale! Pavé Wall • Pavé Floor • Berliner • Festivale Accessory • Festivale Pants • Festivale Tank • Festivale Tank Dress • Pavé Chest • Pavé Clock • Pavé End Table • Pavé Lamp • Pavé Sofa
Saharah RV of Saharah NLa.jpg She can tie any room together with the right carpet and wallpaper, but in her spare time, Saharah lets loose with a little car camping. Tent Wall • Tent Rug • Aquarius Urn • Cabin Low Table • Genie's Lamp • Loom • Loom • Round Mini Cactus • Tile Screen
Wendell RV of Wendell NLa.jpg With advances in camper-van technology, Wendell can finally feel at home while "roughing it" with a fully stocked fridge and chef's kitchen. Concrete Wall • Paintball Floor • Crayons • Pasta • Retro Fridge • Rice Balls • Roasted Dino Meat • Scattered Papers • Sloppy Sink • Sloppy Table • Tacos • Wendell's Painting
Zipper T. Bunny RV of Zipper NLa.jpg Camping gives Zipper a chance to finally get out of that stuffy old costume and—er, we're being told in no uncertain terms that it is NOT a costume. Egg Wall • Egg Floor • Bunny Hood • Donburi • Egg Chair • Egg Table • Hot Plate • Imperial Pot • Omelet

SpotPass Visitors
Name Picture RV Description Purchasable Items
Filly RV of Filly NLa.png When you walk through the door of Filly's camper van, you almost expect to hear that familiar DING-DONG! And then you begin craving a corn dog... Convenient Wall • Convenient Floor • 24-Hour-Shop Banner • 24-Hour-Shop Baskets • 24-Hour-Shop Clock • 24-Hour-Shop Counter • 24-Hour-Shop Model • 24-Hour-Shop Sign • 24-Hour-Shop Uniform • Barbecue Bed • Buffet Server • Donut Cushion • Hot-Snack Case • Sandwich Display • Shop Coffee Machine • Shop Ice-Cream Case • Soft-Drink Display • Steamed-Bun Case • Sushi Bench
Holden RV of Holden NLa.jpg Fueki Wall • Fueki Floor • Fueki Chair • Fueki Drawers • Fueki Pot • Fueki Stereo • Fueki Table • High-Spirits Hat • High Spirits Shirt

Animal Crosing Series amiibos
Name Picture RV Description Purchasable Items
Blathers RV of Blathers NLa.jpg As a camping aficionado who hates bugs, Blathers doesn't spend a lot of time outside his van. Shut the door—you're letting the mosquitoes in! Library Wall • Gallery Floor • Basic Teacher's Desk • File Cabinet (L) • Heavy Tome • Homework Set • Museum Clock • Museum Mat • New Nintendo 3DS • Stack of Books • Wii U Console • Zen Chair
Celeste RV of Celeste NLa.jpg Celeste loves stargazing, and there's no better place for it than out in the country. Plus, when you're camping, you can nap all day long! Lunar Horizon • Observatory Floor • Cancer Table • Celeste Ribbon • Gadget Shelf • New Nintendo 3DS • Star Globe • Star Projector • Telescope • Wii U Console
Cyrus RV of Cyrus NLa.jpg Cyrus is a master of breathing new life into tired old furniture, but even he needs a break once in a while. So camping breathes new life into tired old Cyrus! Cabin Wall • Oil-Stained Floor • Breaker • Carpentry Set • Light Breakfast • Natural Chair • Natural Low Table • New Nintendo 3DS • Rolling Cart • Tool Cart • Tool Stand • Wii U Console • Worktable
Digby RV of Digby NLa.jpg Rain or shine, Digby is always ready and waiting to admit you to the HH Showcase. So if anyone deserves to camp inside a luxurious van, it's him. Modern Wall • Herringbone Floor • Basic Trash Can • Blueprints • Brown Seat • Console Table • Document Stack • HHA Raincoat • New Nintendo 3DS • Stripe Bed • Wii U Console
Isabelle RV of Isabelle NLa.jpg Make no mistake—Isabelle is the dynamo that keeps the town humming along. But even she needs a day off, and camping is her favorite way to unwind. Green Wall • Modern Wood Flooring • Alpine Bed • Alpine Low Table • Alpine Panel • Basket Chair • Isabelle Scooter • Natural Lamp • New 3DS - Isabelle • PA System • Town-Hall Winter Top (winter Isabelle only) • Town-Hall Spring Top (summer Isabelle only) • Wii U Console
Kapp'n RV of Kapp'n NLa.jpg Kapp'n traded his taxi and bus for the open sea, but he still likes to get behind the wheel of his old camper van. "The horn toots louder'n I do. Yar!" Cabana Wall • Cabana Flooring • Banana Flower Basket • Blue Aloha Tee • Daimyo's Tray • Driver's Hat • Durian Flower Basket • Floor Seat • Futon Mattress • Model Bus • Model Sailor • New Nintendo 3DS • Red Aloha Tee • Sushi Platter • Wii U Console • Wood-Plank Table
Kicks RV of Kicks NLa.jpg Kicks says, "Just because you have one really great pair of shoes, it doesn't mean you don't have room for 30 other really great pairs. Right, guvnah?" Stone Wall • Terra-Cotta Floor • Cardboard Box • Counter Seat • Counter Table • Glass Screen • Kicks Mat • Lunch Pack • New Nintendo 3DS • Pitcher Plant • Shoe Boxes • Shoe-Polishing Set • Succulent Plant • Toolbox • Wii U Console
K.K. Slider RV of K.K. Slider NLa.jpg Even though he's hit the big time, K.K. keeps it real with the occasional camping trip. Light up that campfire, and break out the acoustic guitars! White Brick Wall • Modern Wood Flooring • Brown Seat • DJ K.K. Booth • Guitar Case • K.K. Cruisin' • K.K. Jazz • K.K. Song • Metal-Rim Table • New 3DS - K.K. • Pondering • Wii U Console
Lottie RV of Lottie NLa.jpg As Lyle's niece and a busy real estate agent, she knows her way around new construction, but she also loves getting away from it all in a rustic setting. Polka-Dot Wall • Pink Wood Floor • Drafting Table • HHA Woman's Jacket • Jacquard Fleece • Lottie's Bun • Lovely Love Seat • Makeup Case • Minimalist Minitable • New 3DS XL - HHD • Pastel Low Table • Perfume Bottles • Red Warm-Up Suit • Wii U Console
Mabel RV of Mabel NLa.jpg The public face of the Able Sisters, she dearly loves Sable and Labelle, but she needs her own space too. Solo car camping is just the thing! Ranch Wall • Block Flooring • Counter Table • New 3DS - Mabel • New 3DS - Sable • Quilted Tapestry • Ranch Bed • Ranch Tea Table • Sewing Kit • Slipper Rack • Wii U Console • Yarn Basket
Mr. Resetti RV of Mr. Resetti NLa.jpg Constantly monitoring your system's status and maintaining a deep well of reserve anger can be tiring, so Resetti likes to unwind with a little camping. Old Wallpaper • Old Flooring • Accordion Screen • Bathroom Stall • Box with Helmet • Large Tea Table • New Nintendo 3DS • Overflowing Trash • Half-Eaten Pizza • Resetti Model • Wall Fan • Wall-Mounted TV • Wii U Console
Reese RV of Reese NLa.jpg Queen of customer service, wife to grumpy old Cyrus, Reese has figured out the secret to a happy and successful marriage: go camping by yourself. Parlor Wall • Pink Wood Floor • Antique Shelf • Hearty Breakfast • Mermaid Chair • Mermaid Vanity • Natural Bench • Natural Low Table • New Nintendo 3DS • Refrigerator • Re-Tail Clock • Re-Tail Mat • Stove • Wii U console
Rover RV of Rover NLa.jpg Rover loves meeting new people so camping next to strangers is right up his alley. He doesn't even mind when people forget that they've met him before. Train-Window Wall • School-Hall Floor • Boston Bag • Hanging Strap • Laptop • Metal-Rim Table • New Nintendo 3DS • Rolling Suitcase • Rover Suitcase • Strapped Books • Train Seat • Wii U Console
Timmy and Tommy RV of Timmy and Tommy NLa.jpg (Timmy) The elder raccoon twin, he idolizes Tom Nook and hopes to imitate both his business acumen and manner of speech. And he succeeds at one of them. Plaster Wall • Monochrome Floor • Bunk Bed • Cart Return • Clerk's Shirt • Money Box • New 3DS - T&T • Retro Sign • Retro Sink • Shop Mat • Simple Panel • Wii U Console • Zen Low Table
Tom Nook RV of Tom Nook NLa.jpg Most successful businessmen of his age can be found on the golf course...and so can Tom Nook. But he also enjoys camping in the comfort of his luxury van. Office Wall • Terra-Cotta Floor • Golf Bag • New Nintendo 3DS • Nook's Homes Car • Nook's Homes Mat • Raccoon Wall Clock • Sacks of Money • Sales Graph • Wii U Console

Crossover amiibos
Name Picture RV Description Purchasable Items amiibos
Cece RV of Cece NLa.png Cece and her sister Viché are big fans of the Squid Sisters. Cece takes cosplaying her half of the duo so seriously, she only responds to the name Callie. Inkopolis Wall • Inkopolis Floor • Callie Fashion Top • Callie Pants • Callie Shirt • Callie Shoes • Callie Tights • Callie Wig • Inkopolis Chair • Inkopolis Sign • Inkopolis Table • Left Splatfest Sign • Right Splatfest Sign Callie (Splatoon)
Epona RV of Epona NLa.jpg Clear the streets because the legendary Epona is thundering into town from Lon Lon Ranch! Does anyone have an ocarina handy to calm her down? Hyrule Wall • Zelda Floor • Epona Outfit • Gossip Stone • Link Hat • Link Outfit • Lon Lon Milk • New Hero Wig • New Hero's Outfit • Piece of Heart • Sheik Mask • Sheik Outfit • Termina's Moon Sheik (SSB), Link (Ocarina of Time, Rider, Wind Walker, Majora's Mask)
Felyne RV of Felyne NLa.jpg Felyne's camper has been outfitted in a style befitting a rugged outdoorsman and hunter—so it's almost perfectly inappropriate for Felyne. Magma-Cavern Wall • Lava Floor • Barbecue Spit • Felyne Guardian • Felyne Outfit • Hunter • Hunter's Cart • Hunter's Hive • Item Box • Nabiru Mask • Nabiru Ornament • Otomon Egg • Palico Board • Poogie • Red Wing • Wyvern Eggs Any from the Monster Hunter Stories series
Ganon RV of Ganon NLa.jpg There goes the neighborhood! A manifestation of absolute evil has moved in! Yikes! This game just got dark... Maybe he'll play nice with everyone this time? Hyrule Wall • Zelda Floor • Bomb • Ganon Outfit • Ganondorf Outfit • Ganondorf Pants • Ganondorf Wig • Hyrulean Treasure • Link Hat • Link Outfit • New Hero Wig • New Hero's Outfit • Rupee Ganondorf (SSB), 8-Bit Link, Guardian, or Bokoblin (Legend of Zelda)
Inkwell RV of Inkwell NLa.jpg A Splatoon superfan, Inkwell's decided to leave his past behind and create a new identity as a squid. It'd be going better if his eight legs weren't so obvious Ink-Splattered Wall • Ink-Splattered Floor • Black Anchor Tee • Pilot Goggles • Splatoon Spawn Point • Splatoon Tower • Splattershot • Squid Bumper • Studio Headphones • Super Sea Snail • Takoroka Mesh Inkling Boy, Girl and Squid (Splatoon)
Medli RV of Medli NLa.jpg Fresh from Dragon Roost Island, it's Medli of the Rito tribe! Her fight skills are a little shaky, so she gets from dungeon to dungeon with her camper van. Hyrule Wall • Zelda Floor • Cucco Ornament • Fairy Bottle • Heart • Hero of Time Scroll • Link Hat • Link Outfit • Medli Outfit • New Hero Wig • New Hero's Outfit • Piece of Heart • Rupee Zelda (excluding Smash Bros.) or Toon Link
Viché RV of Viché NLa.jpg Viché and her sister love traveling to different conventions to show off their latest cosplay—now featuring Marie of the Squid Sisters. Inkopolis Wall • Inkopolis Floor • Inkopolis Chair • Inkopolis Sign • Inkopolis Table • Left Splatfest Sign • Marie Dress • Marie Shirt • Marie Shoes • Marie Tights • Marie Wig • Right Splatfest Sign Marie (Splatoon)
Wisp RV of Wisp NLa.jpg He's used to living inside a tiny lamp and is uncomfortable with wide-open spaces and strangers. So why is he camping? He must be here for some reason... Lunar Horizon • Galaxy Floor • GameCube Drawer • NDS Lite Bench • Nintendo Bench • Nintendo DSi Bench • Villager Statue • Wii Remote Cabinet • Wii U Console The Villager (Super Smash Bros. series)
W. Link RV of W. Link NLa.jpg It's about time this hero came around. He's known for being strong but silent, but here he's starting to open up a bit. Just don't ask about his past... Hyrule Wall • Zelda Floor • Heart • Heart Container • Hylian Shield • Hyrulean Treasure • Link Hat • Link Outfit • New Hero Wig • New Hero's Outfit • Princess Zelda Dress • Wolf Link Outfit • Zelda Wig Zelda (SSB), Link, Archer Link, or Wolf Link

Welcome amiibo Cards
Number Name Picture RV Description Purchasable Items
001 Vivian RV of Vivian NLa.jpg Vivian has arranged every item in her van just so. And if you touch ANYTHING...she'll put it back where it goes and politely ask you not to do that. White Brick Wall • Parquet Floor • Alpine Bed • Basic Trash Can • Desk Mirror • Handbag • Hanging Chair • Natural Lamp • Natural Low Table • Round Cushion
002 Hopkins RV of Hopkins NLa.jpg Now, now...Hopkins doesn't just go camping to sit in his van and play video games. He also drinks orange juice in there. Kiddie Wall • Yellow Flooring • Disk Writer • Giant Game Boy • Milk Carton • New Nintendo 3DS XL • Pastel Low Table • Round Cushion • Standing TV • Wii U Console
003 June RV of June NLa.jpg June loves reading, and she was inspired to go camping by an article in her favorite magazine. Her van is set up as the perfect place to cozy up with a book. Waiting-Room Wall • White Wood Floor • Cash Tray • Fancy Display Stand • Medicine Cabinet • Public Telephone • Reception Counter • Reception Window • Umbrella Stand • Waiting-Room Bench
004 Piper RV of Piper NLa.jpg Sleeping under the stars? Not for Piper, unless you're talking five stars, as in hotels. Her camper is nice, but it doesn't have a concierge. Yet. Cityscape Wall • Panel Carpet Floor • Classic Bed • Console Table • Fish and Chips • Minifridge • Reception Chair • Round-Cloth Table • Silver Teapot • Single Rose • Trunk
005 Paolo RV of Paolo NLa.jpg There's being a clean freak, and then there's having both a bath AND a shower in your camper van. Paolo is the cleanest camper you will ever meet. White Tile Wall • White Tile Floor • Bath Mat • Bath Set • Bathtub • Glass Partition • Modern Wash Station • Standing Sink • Towel Basket • Wooden Duckboards
006 Hornsby RV of Hornsby NLa.jpg Hornsby's low-key comedy tour starts at the campground! So far, it's just knock-knock jokes. We should keep him and Shrunk from ever meeting up... Dirt-Clod Wall • Old Board Floor • Basic Trash Can • Futon Mattress • Minifridge • Ramen Cup • Record Box • Stacked Magazines • Strapped Books • Trash Bags • Zen Desk
007 Stella RV of Stella NLa.jpg Campground feeling a bit chilly? Stop by Stella's camper for a handwoven scarf. They're acrylic, mind you, but they're as soft as real wool. Rose Wall • Herringbone Floor • Basket Chair • Bowl Sink • Classic Screen • Natural Low Table • Round Pillow • Sewing Machine • Stack of Clothes • Yarn Basket
008 Tybalt RV of Tybalt NLa.jpg Tybalt's just looking for a few friends to dominate at every sport. C'mon, guys...who's up for a little tennis, soccer, baseball, or mixed martial arts? Cabana Wall • Terra-Cotta Floor • Air Pump • Ball • Baseball Set • Casual Display Stand • Green Net • Kick Scooter • Tennis Racket • Unicycle
009 Huck RV of Huck NLa.jpg He likes his coffee like he likes his camping—scorching hot. That's why he barely ever leaves his van, although the vending machine is another big reason. Waiting-Room Wall • Block Flooring • Burger Meal • Busing Station • Drink Machine • Meeting-Room Chair • Outdoor Sign • Snack Machine • Square Minitable
010 Sylvana RV of Sylvana NLa.jpg Sylvana loves cooking and aspires to be the chef at her own country kitchen someday. For now, she'll have to settle for a campground kitchen. Blue Wall • Wooden-Deck Floor • Cafeteria Table • Counter Table • Donburi • Sample Case • Set Lunch • Udon Soup • Water Pot • Zen Chair
011 Boris RV of Boris NLa.png Boris is always happy to host a double feature, but you do NOT want to spill any popcorn kernels in his recliner. Ask me how I know... Hallway Wall • Lobby Floor • Cup of Tea • Floor Light • Metal-Rim Table • Popcorn • Sleek Table • Speaker • Standing TV • Theater Seat
012 Wade RV of Wade NLa.jpg Wade loves camping, cooking, and danger. So grilling food on an undampened cedar plank is basically his idea of heaven. Modern Screen • Tatami Floor • Daimyo's Tray • Floor Seat • Futon Mattress • Kaiseki Meal • Round Pillow • Tteok Plate • Wooden Bear • Zen Low Table • Zen Screen
013 Carrie RV of Carrie NLa.png Carrie carries her joey all day, but what's going to carry Carrie? Her camper van, that's what! It's filled with toys and trinkets for her toddler. Playroom Wall • Pink Wood Floor • Cradle • Crayons • Kiddie Meal • Pastel Low Table • Ringtoss • Round Cushion • Slipper Rack • Toy Piano
014 Ketchup RV of Ketchup NLa.jpg Oh, Ketchup. She thinks she goes with everything, but she really, really doesn't. Word to the wise—do NOT eat any of the pizza that she offers you. Ivy Wall • Backyard Lawn • Brick Oven • Cutting-Board Set • Firewood • Glass Teapot • Metal-and-Wood Chair • Metal-and-Wood Table • Whole Pizza • Worktable
015 Rex RV of Rex NLa.jpg Rex isn't too energetic at home, but getting out in nature seems to invigorate him. Look at him go, hauling a giant picnic lunch up that mountain. Summit Wall • Daisy Meadow • Backpack • Boston Bag • Box-Shaped Seat • Cable Spool • Compact Car • Lunch Box • Mug • Picnic Basket • Wood Display Stand
016 Stu RV of Stu NLa.jpg If it's got two wheels, Stu loves it! Just don't call him "Stu-wheels" if you're hoping to use any of his lockers. He hates that. Chain-Link Fence • Pavement Floor • Boston Bag • Cardboard Box • Coin Locker • Cruiser Bike • Do-Not-Enter Sign • Garbage Bin • Kick Scooter • Scooter
017 Ursala RV of Ursala NLa.jpg Ursala talks a big flower game, but she backs it up by more or less running a full-service florist's shop out of her camper. She really does love flowers! Wood Paneling • Ranch Flooring • Basic Display Stand • Casablanca Lilies • Cash Tray • Flower Display Case • Hibiscus • Plant Partition • Red Cash Register • Wood-Plank Table
018 Jacob RV of Jacob NLa.jpg When his house gets too messy, this guy flies the coop and hits the road in his van, which soon becomes even messier than his house. Old Wallpaper • Ramshackle Floor • Cardboard Bed • Cardboard Table • Garbage Bin • Milk Carton • Ramen Cup • Round Pillow • Scattered Papers • Stack of Books • Stacked Magazines • Trash Bags
019 Maddie RV of Maddie NLa.jpg Maddie is in search of the world's most perfect picnic spot, so she loaded up her van with just the right supplies and hit the road. Meadow Vista • Wildflower Floor • Cruiser Bike • Garden Chair • Garden Faucet • Garden Gnome • Garden Lantern • Garden Table • Lunch Pack • Picnic Basket • Swinging Bench
020 Billy RV of Billy NLa.png Nobody knows exactly why Billy collects the things he does. Ask him, and he'll just say they're all a part of his training. OK, Billy... Regal Wall • Parquet Floor • Black Phone • Candelabra • Cool Globe • Daimyo's Tray • Lucky Doll • Retro Screen Zen Low Table • Zen Phone Stand
021 Boyd RV of Boyd NLa.jpg Give a gorilla a forklift, and he'll lift all the forks! Boyd may be a bit rough around the edges, but he's a good guy to know when you need to move. Blue Tarp • Closed Road • Bus-Stop Stand • Detour Arrow • Forklift • Garbage Bin • Manhole Cover • Metal Can • Oil Barrel • Plastic Canister • Pylon Set • Wet-Road Sign
022 Bitty RV of Bitty NLa.png Bitty is the center of the scene no matter where she goes. And with a van full of designer goods, the campground is basically her runway. Mosaic Wall • Lobby Floor • Changing Room • Fancy Display Case • Fancy Display Stand • Hanger Rack • Jewelry Case • Perfume Bottles • Ring • Wooden Counter
023 Maggie RV of Maggie NLa.jpg Maggie treats her flowers as family and her family as flowers. In case that's confusing, let's just say she treats them all quite well. Backyard Fence • Flagstone Floor • Barrel Planter • Flower Bed • Garden Tools • Greenhouse Box • Handwashing Area • Hose Reel • Tin Watering Can • Wooden Bucket
024 Murphy RV of Murphy NLa.jpg What is he researching with all of that weird, scientific stuff? You get the feeling he might actually tell you, so think twice before asking... Lab Wall • Stone-Tile Floor • Air Purifier • Conveyor Belt • File Cabinet (M) • Laboratory Capsule • Office Phone • Rolling Cart • Scattered Papers • Video Camera
025 Plucky RV of Plucky NLa.jpg There's nothing Plucky loves more than lying out on a tropical beach and sipping on a coconut. Just don't call it "roasting," OK? Tropical Vista • Sandy-Beach Floor • Beach Chair • Coconut Juice • Life Ring • Metal-and-Wood Table • Palm-Tree Lamp • Sand Castle • Shower • Surfboard • Towel Basket • Watermelon
026 Sandy RV of Sandy NLa.jpg Nothing like a little coffee while you're camping. And while you're at it, why not have a scone too...and a cupcake! Sandy's got you covered. Modern Wood Wall • Neutral Floor • Afternoon-Tea Set • Cacao Tree • Cupcake • Fancy Tea Set • Menu Chalkboard • Natural Bench • Natural Chair • Natural Low Table • Serving Cart
027 Claude RV of Claude NLa.jpg Claude loves sitting down to a board game with a group of friends. He'll even let you cheat, as long as you don't hog all the snacks. Stone Wall • Monochrome Floor • Board Game • Cup of Tea • Donut Box • Elegant Bench • Elegant Chair • Glass Teapot • Natural Lamp • Natural Table
028 Raddle RV of Raddle NLa.jpg Wouldn't it be nice to know that a licensed doctor is nearby at the campground? We wouldn't know because Raddle is most definitely NOT a real doctor. Modern Wall • School-Hall Floor • Doctor's Desk • EKG Machine • Exam Table • First-Aid Kit • Modern Office Chair • Office Cabinet • Operating-Room Cart • Stretcher
029 Julia RV of Julia NLa.jpg Julia loves to entertain, and what setting could possible be more intimate than the cramped interior of a camping van? Rococo Wall • Herringbone Floor • Candelabra • Desk Bell • Reception Chair • Round-Cloth Table • Sausage • Steamed Lobster • Table with Cloth • Warming Buffet
030 Louie RV of Louie NLa.jpg Who ever came up with the idea of a rolling gym? Louie, that's who. Not to worry—it smells more of body spray than sweat. Actually, that may be worse... Basic Wall • Natural Wood Floor • Balance Beam • Barbell • Changing Room • Exercise Ball • Locker Stack • Massage Recliner • Wooden Duckboards
031 Bea RV of Bea NLa.jpg There's no question that Bea's bagels are the best ever baked by a beagle, but you better believe that her bakery boasts more than just bagels. Green Wall • Natural Wood Floor • Bread Basket • Bread Box • Bread-Making set • Counter Table • Dessert Case • Menu Chalkboard • Shopping Bag • Soda Case • Tong-and-Tray Stand • Wooden Counter
032 Admiral RV of Admiral NLa.jpg Don't ever confuse Admiral's noodles for an instant. He's spent days simmering to achieve that depth of flavor. And that firm noodle texture is to die for! Shanty Wall • Steel Flooring • Dinnerware • Imperial Pot • Kitchen Counter • Kitchen Dishwasher • Kitchen Refrigerator • Kitchen Stove • Metal Box • Ramen • Ramen
033 Ellie RV of Ellie NLa.jpg With an espresso machine and all kinds of tasty treats, Ellie's van could give the Roost a real run for its money! Someone alert Brewster. Café-Curtain Wall • Terra-Cotta Floor • Bread Basket • Counter Table • Espresso Machine • Fruit Drink • Iron Garden Chair • Iron Garden Table • Serving Cart • Silver Teapot
034 Boots RV of Boots NLa.jpg Boots still needs to lift hard and eat harder when he camps, so he bench-presses giant bags of rice and then eats them. Two birds with one stone, y'see? Bamboo Grove Wall • Dirt Floor • Bamboo Bench • Garden Rock • Rice Bales • Tall Garden Rock • Trellis • Veggie Basket • Wheat Bundle • Zen Barrel
035 Weber RV of Weber NLa.jpg Weber's got the gear to be a one-duck band, but he doesn't have the hunger to practice. Unlike the hunger for food, which he has far too much of. Music-Room Wall • Fancy Tile Floor • Alto Saxophone • Basic Display Stand • Organ • Record Box • Snare Drum • Toy Piano • Trumpet • Xylophone
036 Candi RV of Candi NLa.png Candi's camper has a little something for everyone. She wishes she had everything for everyone, but nobody could make a camper that big. Neutral Wall • Kitschy Tile • Basic Display Stand • Cans • Cypress Plant • Merchandise Table • Modern Cash Register • Shopping Bag • Shopping Cart • Stacked Magazines • Store Shelf
037 Leopold RV of Leopold NLa.jpg Leopold's camper is all set up as a mobile classroom, but the only subject he wants to teach is PE. Hope you like doing burpees! Classroom Wall • Classroom Floor • Basic Teacher's Desk • Book Stands • Lecture-Hall Bench • Lecture-Hall Desk • School Locker • Strapped Books • Towel Rack • Zen Backpack
038 Spike RV of Spike NLa.jpg With his punk-rock looks and gruff demeanor, Spike can be a little scary. But if you like to skate, he'll be your BFF in a heartbeat. Concrete Wall • Terrace Rug • Brown Seat • Desktop TV • Hanger Rack • Mountain Bike • Simple Panel • Skateboard Rack • Square Minitable • Succulent Plant
039 Cashmere RV of Cashmere NLa.png Cashmere can't live without her famous paella, but with this fancy new van, she doesn't have to! She'll offer you some too...IF you know what it is. Kitchen Wall • Block Flooring • Curry Plate • Cutting-Board Set • Glass Screen • Kitchen Counter • Kitchen Stove • Paella • Rolling Closet • Standing Sink
040 Tad RV of Tad NLa.jpg Any place can be a farm when you're packin' a full-duty 4x4 and muscles like Tad's. His motto? If it makes you sore, then do some more! Rice-Paddy Wall • Field Floor • Bamboo Fence • Box-Shaped Seat • Cable Spool • Cornstalks • Rice Balls • Tractor • Zen Barrel • Zen Tea Set
041 Norma RV of Norma NLa.jpg Norma's so proud of her artisanal dairy products that she always brings plenty of samples when she goes camping. Or anywhere, really. White Brick Wall • Basement Floor • Cheese • Kitchen Refrigerator • Milk Can • Milk Canister • Milk Carton • Mug • Wood Display Stand • Worktable
042 Gonzo RV of Gonzo NLa.jpg Gonzo loves three things: cash, camping, and gorgonzola cheese. And you are not allowed to question any of them. Hallway Wall • Fancy Tile Floor • ABD • Chain Divider • Glass Partition • Jail Bars • Meeting-Room Table • Money Box • Pile of Cash • Safe
043 Sprocket RV of Sprocket NLa.jpg Sprocket spends a lot of time training his voice while camping. But nobody has yet told him that you usually train for better pitch, not higher volume. Stadium Wall • Backyard Lawn • Big Amp • Double-Neck Guitar • Electric Bass • Floor Light • Floor Monitor • Silver Mic • Sound Mixer • Synthesizer
044 Snooty RV of Snooty NLa.jpg Snooty holds flower-arranging classes in her Japanese-style camper. She's muddled up the cultural references a bit, but are you going to tell her that? Tearoom Wall • Tatami Floor • Decorative Plate • Ikebana Display • Lovely Doll • Moss Ball • Wood-Plank Table • Zen Cupboard • Zen Cushion • Zen Desk • Zen Tea Set
045 Olive RV of Olive NLa.jpg With eight flavors of frosty ice cream at the tips of her fingers, Olive is truly living the dream. It's no surprise her camper is the hit of every site she visits. Tree-Lined Wall • Arched Brick Floor • Bistro Table • Cypress Plant • Garden Chair • Garden Table • Ice-Cream Display • Kitchen Counter • Shaved Ice • Tart
046 Dobie RV of Dobie NLa.jpg Dobie set out to go skiing but forgot to bring all of his skiing gear. Instead he brought all of his books and a cozy chair and lots of snacks. Whoops. Library Wall • Oil-Stained Floor • Book Stands • Console Table • Document Stack • Editor's Chair • Editor's Desk • Large Bookshelf • Plastic File Box • Scattered Papers • Stack of Books • Stack of Books
047 Buzz RV of Buzz NLa.png Buzz will cook you a five-star meal but on his terms. Don't like mayonnaise? NOW YA DO, SONNY. Don't like being called sonny? NOW YA DO, SONNY. Chain-Link Fence • Dirt Floor • Cutting-Board Set • Drink Machine • Money Box • Propane Tanks • Teppanyaki Grill • Trash Bags • Wood Display Stand • Worktable
048 Cleo RV of Cleo NLa.jpg Technically, Cleo doesn't take her work home with her. She takes it camping. With files and faxes at the ready, she can be productive anywhere. Office Wall • Panel Carpet Floor • Document Stack • File Cabinet (L) • Laptop • Meeting-Room Table • Modern Office Chair • Office Phone • Rolling Cart • Rolling File Cart • White Office Desk
049 Ike RV of Ike NLa.jpg Can you tell that Ike loves tinkering with cars? Car camping alone isn't enough for him—he had to bring a second car along for the ride too! Steel-Frame Wall • Pavement Floor • Metal Can • Plastic Canister • Sports Car • Tire Stack • Tool Cart • Tool Shelf • Toolbox
050 Tasha RV of Tasha NLa.jpg An aspiring beautician, Tasha offers free makeovers in her camper van. Just remember though—you generally get what you pay for... Floral Wall • Modern Wood Flooring • Basket Chair • Beauty-Salon Cart • Fruit Drink • Ivy Partition • Metal-and-Wood Table • Rolling Closet • Salon Chair • Salon Mirror Stand • Small Magazine Rack

Sanrio Cards
Number Name Picture RV Description Purchasable Items
001 Rilla RV of Rilla NLa.jpg No matter where her travels take her, Rilla always packs her favorite Hello Kitty shirt. She's had it since she was a little girl. Can you tell? Hello Kitty Wall • Hello Kitty Floor • Hello Kitty Bed • Hello Kitty Chair • Hello Kitty Clock • Hello Kitty Drawers • Hello Kitty Dress • Hello Kitty Hat • Hello Kitty Outfit • Hello Kitty Planter • Hello Kitty Shoes • Hello Kitty Table
002 Marty RV of Marty NLa.jpg Years ago, Marty took on an epic quest to taste every flavor of pudding in the world. His love of Pompompurin may or may not be at the root of this... Pompompurin Wall • Pompompurin Floor • Pompompurin Bed • Pompompurin Chair • Pompompurin Dress • Pompompurin Hat • Pompompurin Outfit • Pompompurin Pudding • Pompompurin Rack • Pompompurin Shoes • Pompompurin Table • Pompompurin TV
003 Étoile RV of Étoile NLa.jpg Inspired by Kiki and Lala, Étoile wants to make the world a better place. Of course, first she has to actually SEE the world. Hence the camper. Kiki and Lala Wall • Kiki and Lala Floor • Cloud-Making Machine • Kiki and Lala Bed • Kiki and Lala Clock • Kiki and Lala Dress • Kiki and Lala Outfit • Kiki and Lala Pin • Kiki and Lala Shoes • Kiki and Lala Socks • Kiki and Lala Sofa • Kiki and Lala Table • Kiki and Lala Wand
004 Chai RV of Chai NLa.png Stepping into Chai's camper is like stepping into the world of Cinnamoroll. In short, it smells delicious in there. Cinnamoroll Wall • Cinnamoroll Floor • Cinnamoroll Hat • Cinnamoroll Jacket • Cinnamoroll Outfit • Cinnamoroll Parasol • Cinnamoroll Shoes • Cinnamoroll Sign • Cinnamoroll Sofa • Cinnamoroll Stool • Cinnamoroll Table • Cinnamoroll Tray
005 Chelsea RV of Chelsea NLa.jpg Chelsea always brings the essentials when going on a camping trip: her collection of My Melody paraphernalia and a bowl of cookie dough. My Melody Wall • My Melody Floor • My Melody Bed • My Melody Chair • My Melody Clock • My Melody Dress • My Melody Dresser • My Melody Hat • My Melody Outfit • My Melody Shoes • My Melody Table
006 Toby RV of Toby NLa.jpg If Toby put as much time into maintaining his camper as he does into his Kerokerokeroppi collection, he wouldn't have to take it to the shop all the time. Kerokerokeroppi Wall • Gray Patterned Floor • Green Gingham Shorts • Green Loafers • Kerokerokeroppi Cake • Kerokerokeroppi Doll • Kerokerokeroppi Pins • Kerokerokeroppi Top • Kerokerokeroppi Tray • Red Striped Socks • Shoji Bench • Stone Lantern • Suspenders Shirt • Tranquil Bridge



  • It is possible to honk the horn of an RV. It will surprise the inhabitant and can even be heard outside by online visitors.
  • The player can interact with the RV's radio to learn what song is playing.

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