Approval rating

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Isabelle telling the mayor their approval rating

The approval rating is a feature in Animal Crossing: New Leaf that shows how much the residents of the player's town approve of the mayor. A 100% approval rating is required to receive the development permit, which allows the mayor to build public works projects and enact ordinances. To increase the approval rating, the mayor must complete various tasks. Isabelle tells the mayor the approval rating and ways to improve it when the mayor sits at their desk at town hall.

The approval rating is not mentioned after the development permit is received, and it has no further effect on the town or mayor.

Tasks that affect the approval rating[edit]

The following tasks increase the mayor's approval rating:

  • Upgrading the mayor's tent to a house – 20% (one time)
  • Changing the town tune – 3% (one time)
  • Changing the town flag – 3% (one time)
  • Donating an item to the museum – 3% (one time)
  • Completing a villager's favor – 3% each
  • Watering flowers – 3% per day
  • Posting a message on the bulletin board – 3% per day
  • Putting an item for sale at Re-Tail – 3% per day
  • Playing New Leaf each day – Up to 3% per day
  • Selling trash at Re-Tail – 1% each
  • Pulling weeds – 1% each
  • Catching a flea off of a villager – 1% each
  • Sending a letter – 1% each
  • Introducing themself to the villagers – 1% each