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The Happy Home Network is a gameplay feature in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer since version 2.0 and the Happy Home Paradise DLC for Animal Crossing: New Horizons as an NookPhone app. The app is used to share and visit other player's houses, in addition to offline features only for Happy Home Paradise.


In Happy Home Designer[edit]

The Happy Home Network in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, the Happy Home Network is unlocked after designing the second facility and can be accessed through the red computer on the first floor of Nook's Homes.

Up to 100 homes and facilities can be uploaded to the Happy Home Network from the client list. When uploaded, it is assigned an 11-digit project number that can be used to search for the project. Additionally, the player can save an image of a QR code for the project to the SD card. The player can view and delete their own uploaded projects via the "Your ratings" section in the Happy Home Network menu.

Other player's homes and facilities can be searched for in various ways, including searching by newly uploaded projects, by rating, by resident, or by facility. Additionally, specific projects can be searched for by inputting a project number or scanning a QR code. When accessing the Happy Home Network, the player can choose whether searches look for projects worldwide or just in their region.

When visiting another player's project, the player can rate it 0–3 points in the categories "Cute", "Cool", "Unique", and "I'd live here!". These ratings are then combined with all other players' ratings and shown when browsing projects, up to 9,999 points in each category. The player can also mark a creator as a favorite, which allows them to search for other projects made by that creator. If the project uses any custom designs, they can be taken by the player by speaking to Lottie. Projects can be reported as inappropriate either by speaking to Lottie while visiting the project or tapping an icon in the top-right corner of the Touch Screen when searching for projects. This prevents any creations from that creator from being shown to the player again.

Happy Home Network Design Contest[edit]

Main article: Happy Home Network Design Contest

From October 2015 to May 2017, 20 monthly design contest were held where players submitted designs based on a theme. Players would then vote for the best designs in the first half of the month, and after voting ended, the top ten highest-voted designs would be displayed on the Happy Home Network.

In Happy Home Paradise[edit]

In Happy Home Paradise, the Happy Home Network app is unlocked by Lottie after completing two houses for Paradise Planning. Unlike its appearance in Happy Home Designer, the Happy Home Network also now allows navigation between each of the curated vacation homes in the archipelago, as well as any facilities already built. The player may not be able to use this app while outside their island or the archipelago, however only navigational features are available while present on the archipelago.

A Showroom feature that include all the online play features is unlocked after completing 13 houses, and will allow the player to visit other player's houses or facilities. The front page of the Showroom features random houses or facilities. After selecting a house or facility to visit, the player will be taken to said building by Wardell (Niko if the client is Wardell). The player can report any house or leave either by pressing the minus button or by talking to Wardell. The player can also follow a player for any of their house designs either before visiting a player or by Wardell. After following a player, the player can press the minus button at the main menu to view the followed users. The Showroom can also be used to share up to ten designs at once. Any designs will be listed under the player's profile, which can be customized to adjust its color or design.

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