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Nook's Homes
The exterior of Nook's Homes
Real estate agency int.png
Nook's Homes interior with Tom Nook and Lyle
Function Town real estate
Services Expand home
Customize home's exterior
Staff Tom Nook
Opening Hours 10:00am - 8:00pm
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Nook's Homes (たぬき ハウジング, Tanuki haujingu) is a facility introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It is run by Tom Nook, who allows the player to expand their home and customize the exterior of it, and speak with Happy Home Academy representative Lyle to receive a detailed assessment of the home. Together, their services assist the player in the external, internal, and structural aspects of the home.



One of the primary services offered in the store is expansion. Expansions allow for adding up to 5 additional rooms to the house, and also expanding the size of existing rooms up to 8x8. Construction of additional rooms is similar to Animal Crossing: Wild World, where players are able to add a second floor, along with left, right, and back rooms on the ground floor. Unlike in Wild World, players are also able to build a basement. However, HRA scores are calculated without taking the basement into account. The order the rooms are built and expanded are determined by the player, rather than following a linear progression as used in previous games.

Expansions are paid for through loans. Tom Nook accepts the initial home down payment in person, but further expansions are payable only at an Automatic Bell Dispenser.


Another service offered in the store is exterior customization. Exterior customizations allow for the player to remodel a home's external appearance. Each day, Tom Nook sets up a collection of samples for the player to choose from, one of each customization type. Since customizations are generally much cheaper than expansions, the costs for these customizations must be paid in person, unlike home expansion loans.

At the back, the samples for paving stones, roof pattern, exterior wall pattern, and fences are on display. In the center, the samples for the mailbox, rectangular door, and arched door are on display. In the frontal right corner, a sample for the exterior structure is on display.

Many of the customizations have a theme, such as "Natural" and "Fairy-Tale", or are part of a set, such as "Mermaid" and "Astro". Exterior structure customizations on display can complete certain looks, but can only be purchased if the house is large enough to accommodate it and are generally much more expensive than other customization types.

When visiting another town, the player may request one of the customization samples for the player's own branch of Nook's Homes. Any customization on display except for exterior structure can be requested. The player's town branch of Nook's Homes will then replace the samples accordingly upon the player's return. Although this can only be done one sample at a time, there is no limit on how many samples can be requested.

Happy Home Academy[edit]

On the day after the Mayor moves into the town, Lyle will set up an office in the lower left corner of the building, and Tom Nook will introduce him as the local representative of the Happy Home Academy.

Speaking to Lyle will allow the player to receive a detailed assessment of the current state of the player's home. He will often provide praise for good positioning or usage of a piece of furniture, as well as tips for improving the HHA score such as Feng Shui and seasonal bonuses. In his assessments, the basement is treated as an extra area and will be ignored in the process.

For example, in June, he reveals that placing Red Carnations from Father's Day provides a score bonus for that entire month, and that a similar bonus exists in May for Pink Carnations from Mother's Day.

When the player's home has expanded enough, Lyle will begin to evaluate the home as a whole, taking into account the exterior customizations in addition to the interior design for the HHA score.




Names in other languages[edit]

European Spanish Inmobiliaria Nook Nook Real Estate

European French Nook Immobilier Nook Real Estate

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