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GorillaSpeciesIconSilhouette.png Hans gor10
Hans NH.png
Species Personality Gender
Gorilla Emotion Smirking NH Icon cropped.png Smug Male
Birthday December 5th Sagittarius
Quote "One good turn deserves another."
Catchphrase "groovy"
Clothing Blue Argyle Tee[nb 1]
Down Ski Jacket (Red & Yellow)[nb 2]
Main appearances
Other appearances
Name in other languages

Japanese スナイル
Korean 스나일
Italian Grigilio
German Hans

Simplified Chinese 史奈鲁
French Loran
Spanish Hans
Dutch Hans

Traditional Chinese 史奈魯
Quebec French Loran
Latin American Spanish Hans
Russian Ганс

Phrase in other languages

Japanese いえてる
Korean 알만하다
Italian entonces
German kongkong

Simplified Chinese 同意
French tût tût
Spanish cungagún
Dutch groovy

Traditional Chinese 同意
Quebec French tût tût
Latin American Spanish cungagún
Russian респект

Hans is a smug, gorilla villager in the Animal Crossing series that debuted in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. He strikingly resembles a yeti, which is made more apparent by his phrase and name. His initial phrase "groovy" is possibly a pun relating to being cool. The name Hans is a popular masculine name in Scandinavian countries, places characterized by cold temperatures and mountains. Sunairu likely derives from スノー sunō (snow) and ゴリラ gorira (gorilla). His favorite saying is similar to that of Rosie, except "purr" is replaced by "turn."



Hans in New Leaf.

Hans is a gorilla with white fur and light blue skin. He has a bright orange nose, bangs on his forehead, and droopy, outlined eyes, making him resemble a yeti.


Below is a brief description of the smug personality. For more information, click here.

As a smug villager, Hans will be kind and gentlemanly towards the player. On occasion, he will also flirt with the player, regardless of their gender. He might also come off as conceited. He will get along with all villager personalities, but he is most often seen getting along with normal, peppy and lazy villagers. Additionally, sisterly villagers might not get along with Hans, due to his flirty nature. He will go to sleep at 2:00 a.m. and wakes up at 8:30 a.m.


In New Leaf[edit]

Hans's picture in Animal Crossing: New Leaf One good turn deserves another.
Siblings Youngest of three
Skill Spoon bending
Goal Painter
Fear Ghost Mask
Clothing Smallcheckmark.png Official
Smallxmark.png Ornate
Color Gray
Type Blue Mountain
Milk None
Sugar None

In New Horizons[edit]

One good turn deserves another.


Species Gender Personality
Gorilla Male Smug (A)
Birthday December 5 Sagittarius
Catchphrase groovy
Default Clothing Down Ski Jacket (Red & Yellow)
Favorite Styles Elegant and Gorgeous
Favorite Colors Gray and Blue
Hobby Fitness


In New Leaf[edit]

House of Hans NL Exterior.png
House of Hans NL.png
Cabin Table HHD Icon.png Cabin Table Exotic Bench HHD Icon.png Exotic Bench
Ice-Cream Case HHD Icon.png Ice-Cream Case Fireplace HHD Icon.png Fireplace
Clothesline Pole HHD Icon.png Clothesline Pole Freezer HHD Icon.png Freezer
Snowboard HHD Icon.png Snowboard Conga Drum HHD Icon.png Conga Drum
Djimbe Drum HHD Icon.png Djimbe Drum Ski Rack HHD Icon.png Ski Rack
Vintage Radio HHD Icon.png Vintage Radio Simple Kettle HHD Icon.png Simple Kettle
Wallpaper: Modern Wall HHD Icon.png Modern Wall
Floor: 24px Kitchen Tile
Music: K.K. D&B [nb 3]

In New Horizons[edit]

Other appearances[edit]

In Happy Home Designer[edit]

Happy Home Designer House Info
Type: Gorilla
Client's Vision: An indoor ski run.
Required Items: Lift chair, ski rack,
Favorite Song: K.K. House
Favorite Saying: One good turn deserves another.
Hans's Happy Home Designer icon

In Pocket Camp[edit]

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Character Info
Needed to Invite:

Required Friendship Level: 5

First-Aid Kit PC Icon.png
TV with VCR PC Icon.png
Cabin Dresser PC Icon.png
Ski Rack PC Icon.png
Cabin Bed PC Icon.png
First-Aid Kit TV with VCR Cabin Dresser Ski Rack Cabin Bed
Friendship Rewards:
Blue Argyle Tee PC Icon.png
PC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png

Blue Argyle Tee
and Sparkle Stone
PC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png

Sparkle Stone
Snowmobile PC Icon.png

Craft Unlock
Level 7 Level 9 Level 15
Hans's Pic PC Icon.png
PC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png

Pic of Hans‎‎
and Sparkle Stone
PC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png

Sparkle Stone
PC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png

Sparkle Stone
Level 20 Level 25 Level 30
PC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png

Sparkle Stone
PC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png

Sparkle Stone
PC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png

Sparkle Stone
Level 35 Level 40 Level 45
Hans's Pocket Camp icon
His red-hot passion for life is what gives him all of his best poetry ideas.
 Preferred theme:
PC Banner - Rustic.png
 Primary reward:
PC Crafting Material - Steel.png Steel

Card profiles[edit]

Animal Crossing amiibo card[edit]

Animal Crossing amiibo card
#241 Hans - Series 3
Type: Gorilla
Star sign: Sagittarius
Birthday: December 5th
Dice value: 6
Hand sign: Scissors
241 Hans amiibo card NA.png
240 Deirdre List of amiibo cards
#241 Hans
242 Chevre


Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese スナイル

Korean 스나일

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
史奈鲁 / 史奈魯
Shǐnài lǔ

Russian Ганс

Dutch Hans -

German Hans Same as English name

European Spanish Hans Same as English name

European French Loran From Laurent and orangutan

Italian Grigilio From grigio and gorilla

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  1. Prior to New Horizons
  2. New Horizons
  3. Does not contain a stereo initially.