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School HHP Icon.png School  
School HHD Artwork.png
Artwork of the school in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
Function School
Services Education
Plumeria starts
Staff Teacher[nb 1]
Opening Hours All day
Main appearances
Other appearances
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The school is a facility that appears in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise. In the former game, it is situated on Main Street directly in the center-north of the main plaza. In the latter game, it is located on the main island of the Archipelago.

Before being constructed, it is an abandoned building in Happy Home Designer, and an undecorated, vacant building in Happy Home Paradise.


In Happy Home Designer[edit]

The player will be able to construct the school on the sixth in-game day. After completing the first phase of facilities (the hospital, café, and the shop) the player will be able to renovate the school and expand it to include two classrooms and a hallway. When the player renovates the school, the exterior may be changed and three new exterior design variants are unlocked.

After being constructed, villagers will appear at the school either as Students or Teachers. There is a chance that it could be 'breaktime' instead of there being lessons. As with other facilities, villagers can be invited, but not special characters, to be students or teachers.

Tom Nook has a chance to appear in the hallway. Talking to him lets him explain an incident with a paper bag he had experienced when he was at school himself.

Exterior appearance variations[edit]

In Happy Home Paradise[edit]

The school can be built after completing 6 vacation homes for Paradise Planning, and can be given a custom name if the player so desires. The building for the school is situated to the left of the Paradise Planning office. The facility consists of a single room serving as the Classroom.

Once a day, the player may speak to the Teacher to receive a start for either a Pink-Plumeria Bush or White-Plumeria Bush.

The school is staffed by a single villager assigned as the Teacher, who can normally be found standing while holding a book. Three to four other villagers will appear as students, who will either be seated at desks, or wandering around the room.

After several days pass since beginning the DLC, Leif will appear at the island's dock and ask the player to escort them to the school. He will teach a class about flowers, which will unlock hybrid flowers in the Paradise Planning catalog. After more days pass, Nat will similarly appear near the dock asking for directions to the school. Nat will teach a class about bugs, unlocking the ability to place bugs outside of vacation homes.



  1. In Happy Home Paradise only. The villager for this role is assigned by the player.