T&T Emporium

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Logo T&T Emporium.png
T&T Emporium
T&T Emporium.jpg
Staff Timmy and Tommy
Opening Hours 9:00am - 9:00pm
Number of items available 33
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T&T Emporium (まめつぶデパート Mametsubu Depāto?, Mametsubu Department Store) is a new store in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, owned by Timmy and Tommy. T&T Emporium is the fifth and final store expansion of Timmy and Tommy's stores, after being upgraded from T.I.Y. The expansion adds another two stories to the building, along with a huge selection of items. A fifth store upgrade is new to the Animal Crossing series, with the previous games having only four of them. T&T Emporium is similar to Nookington's, except that Tommy and Leif are on the first floor, Timmy is on the second floor, and there is an added third floor where Gracie is.

The first floor of the store holds main products, including tools, stationery, medicine, and fortune cookies, along with products pertaining to gardening. The second store contains several furniture items. The third floor is home to GracieGrace.


First Floor[edit]

Garden Corner[edit]

Second Floor[edit]

Third Floor[edit]

  • Five Gracie furniture pieces
  • One Gracie wall
  • One Gracie carpet
  • Ten Gracie clothing and/or accessories


To upgrade from T.I.Y. into T&T Emporium, the following prerequisites must first be met:

  • Complete four successful Fashion Checks
  • 100,000 Bells spent at T.I.Y.
  • 30 days have passed since T.I.Y. opened