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The player being prompted by Isabelle about the Early Bird town ordinance

Town ordinances are a new feature in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, in which the player can select a set of improvements for their town. Each ordinance comes with its own benefits. A town may have only one ordinance activated at a time, which can be cancelled for free, and switched to another for 20,000 Bells.

List of town ordinances[edit]

Beautiful Town[edit]

Early Bird[edit]

  • Shops open at earlier hours.
  • Villagers will be awake earlier.

Night Owl[edit]

  • Shops close at later hours.
  • Villagers will be awake longer.

Bell Boom[edit]

  • Shops will both sell and buy items for 20% more.
  • The premium list of items to sell at Re-Tail will increase from one to two.
  • More medals can be won on the island tours.
  • More Bells can fall from trees.