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Episodes (conjectural name[nb 1]) are mini-events that happen in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk to working animals in town or the city. Episodes allow the player to learn more about an animal's personal life. A character under the effects of an episode will be depressed and the player will be given an option to ask about what is wrong. Before episodes can happen, certain conditions must be met.


In Wild World[edit]

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, Blathers, Pelly, Tom Nook, Mabel and Sable have episodes if their conditions are met, which are different for each character. Series' of episodes occur at frequent intervals throughout the year, and each episode is three days apart (except for the first and second episodes in a series which are four days apart). The player must hear the first episode to hear all subsequent episodes, but episodes can be heard at least a day late if the player does not play on the exact date scheduled for an episode. For Blathers and Pelly, the player can either ask them what is wrong or to get to work (wherein the player can use that character's services as normal). Tom Nook and Mabel will simply add the 'What's wrong?' to their list of options when the player talks to them.

List of episodes[edit]

  • 2nd Wednesday of January - Mabel and Sable (7 episodes)
  1. Mabel says Sable has been acting strange lately, and Sable apologizes, saying she was spacing out.
  2. Mabel once again says Sable has been acting strange, and Sable recalls how she looked up to Tom Nook as if he were an older brother when she was younger.
  3. Mabel says she is making stew for dinner tomorrow, and Sable recalls her old friendship with Tom Nook again, saying "How long? How long does Tom Nook plan to cling to such ancient history..."
  4. Mabel begins to worry about Sable, and Sable tells the player that Nook moved out of town to work in the city, and that he first wrote to her around January.
  5. Mabel tells the player about a cedar box that Sable will not show her the contents of, and Sable tells the player about Tom Nook's first letter to her from the city, recalling his determination to be successful.
  6. Mabel tells the player about a old, dull pair of scissors Sable is still using, and Sable tells the player about a time when Tom Nook sent her a box containing those scissors on her birthday.
  7. Mable tells the player that Sable has been looking for constellations at night lately, and Sable tells the player that she and Tom Nook used to stargaze before there was an observatory, and that when he returned from the city, he "came back a totally different soul."
  • 2nd Sunday of February - Tom Nook (6 episodes)
  1. Tom Nook tells the player how he is fine with people thinking he only thinks about money, because he believes it is his job to show young people how hard life is.
  2. Nook tells the player about a business mistake that also cost him a friend, and he warns them to beware of "easy" money making schemes.
  3. Nook tells the player about his experience with banks in the city.
  4. Nook gives the player business advice, telling them to expand their field only as far as they can manage, and warning them to trust no one.
  5. Nook tells the player never to let a friend borrow money and tells them he lost a friendship due to money when he was young.
  6. Nook tells the player he still has his dreams from when he was young, but he realizes that money matters more.
  • 2nd Saturday of March - Pelly and Phyllis (6 episodes)
  • 1st Sunday of April - Blathers (6 episodes)
  1. Blathers tell the player of a time when Redd nearly scams Brewster with a forgery painting, before Blathers calls it out.
  2. Blathers expresses his love of coffee due to the 24/7 nature of the museum.
  3. Blathers has been dealing with insomnia then expresses his love of pigeon milk before realizing it may be counteracting the caffeine.
  4. Blathers tells the tale of how he and Brewster met.
  5. Blathers begins expressing that Brewster used to have a hard time running his old cafe.
  6. Blathers describes how he assisted Brewster by giving him the room that now is the Roost.
  • 4th Saturday of April - Mabel and Sable (3 episodes)
  1. Mabel worries about Sable and her "city-folk complex", expressing that she acts rather cold towards people from the city. Sable expresses that she can tell city-folk apart from the rest, saying she has trouble trusting them.
  2. The two give their accounts on a time recently where Blathers rushes into the shop, freaked out by bugs and picking out women's clothes. Mabel is rather shocked and suggests that he may be cross dressing. Sable expresses that she no longer sees Blathers as just another "city folk".
  3. The two tell the player about how the clothes Blathers bought were actually a gift for Celeste. Sable says her and Mabel helped him pick out the biggest ribbon for Celeste. They both express their admiration of Blathers's brotherliness, Sable goes on to say that her views of city folk were wrong, and that them and town folk are not different.
  • 2nd Tuesday of May - Tom Nook (3 episodes)
  • 4th Sunday of May - Blathers (4 episodes)
  • 2nd Saturday of June - Pelly and Phyllis (4 episodes)
  • 4th Friday of June - Pelly and Phyllis (4 episodes)
  • 2nd Thursday of July - Blathers (3 episodes)
  1. Blathers tells the player he is homesick and explains his times in university. Though he first thinks a member from the Farway Museum would take the position, he agrees to become the curator for the town's museum.
  2. Blathers describes an incident at his library job that would go on to reinforce his fear of insects.
  3. Blathers tells the player about a time where he was stuck in a room with a fly, to his horror.
  • 4th Sunday of July - Mabel and Sable (4 episodes)
  • 2nd Saturday of August - Tom Nook (4 episodes)
  • 4th Friday of August - Pelly and Phyllis (6 episodes)
  • 3rd Saturday of September - Tom Nook (3 episodes)
  • 1st Friday of October - Blathers (4 episodes)
  • 3rd Thursday of October - Mabel and Sable (4 episodes)
  • 1st Saturday of November - Tom Nook (5 episodes)
  • 4th Thursday of November - Pelly and Phyllis (6 episodes)
  • 3rd Saturday of December - Blathers (5 episodes)
  1. Blathers is once again distraught over his fear of bugs, the player then encourages him to conquer his fear, to which he agrees and says he'll talk to Celeste about it.
  2. Blathers has started "special training" where he opens up a bug dictionary and touches the pictures of bugs, fighting his gag reflexes.
  3. Blathers describes an incident where he fainted while doing his training, he then recalls back to summer a few years ago where a large moth entered the museum, resulting in Blathers fleeing to the Roost.
  4. Blathers is disappointed that his fear of bugs isn't going away, saying he wishes to take Celeste camping in the summer to make up for all the time before where his fear made outdoor travel nearly impossible.
  5. Blathers decides to call it quits, as Celeste feels that his fear of bugs is just something that is part of him that cannot be changed.

Episode requirements[edit]

The following requirements must be met in order for each character's episodes to occur.

  • The player must speak to Blathers and Celeste at least once for Blathers's episodes to occur.
  • Nookington's must be opened in order for Tom Nook's episodes to occur.
  • The player must befriend Sable in order for her and Mabel's episodes to occur.
  • The player must shoot down Pete with a slingshot and speak to him in order for Pelly and Phyllis's episodes to occur.

In City Folk[edit]

The episode only happens once for each player in Animal Crossing: City Folk, and it runs for ten consecutive days. For the episodes to occur, some requirements must be met. During the period of episodes, the player will find that different working characters are 'depressed' each day and the player can ask them what is wrong, as in Animal Crossing: Wild World.

List of episodes[edit]

  • Day 1 - Sable and Mabel
  • Day 2 - Pelly, Labelle, and Gracie
  • Day 3 - Tom Nook
  • Day 4 - Mabel
  • Day 5 - Tom Nook
  • Day 6 - Labelle and Gracie
  • Day 7 - Mabel
  • Day 8 - Sable
  • Day 9 - Labelle
  • Day 10 - Mabel

Episode requirements[edit]

The following requirements must be met in order for episodes to occur.




  • In Animal Crossing: Wild World, no series starts on a Monday.
  • In Animal Crossing: Wild World, Pelly and Phyllis have the most episodes at 26, then Blathers with 22, Tom Nook with 21, and finally Mabel and Sable with 18.
  • In Animal Crossing: City Folk when Labelle hasn't said her dialogue on Days 2, 6, and 9, she will not follow the player or turn to face them. The player is still able to purchase items from the store, but Labelle will still not turn to face the player when interacting with an item.


  1. The title of this article is conjectural as an official name for this subject is unknown. The name for this article has instead been taken from one that is commonly used within the community.

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