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The Animal Crossing: Wild World - Demo Version Game Card

Animal Crossing: Wild World - Demo Version is a timed demo of Animal Crossing: Wild World that was playable at retail store kiosks in Europe around the time of the game's release in 2006.[1] Unlike the full game, the town and player in the demo are predetermined, and there is a 10-minute time limit.

Differences from the full game[edit]

The end of the demo

The player cannot save, and once the 10-minute timer expires, a message saying "Unfortunately, I have to call an end to this session now. I look forward to the next time we meet!" appears before the demo resets.


On the title screen, there are no options like in the full game, and it loads into the game automatically after a message appears reading, "Welcome to the demo version of Animal Crossing: Wild World! Have fun exploring!". Before the game loads, there is a seizure warning that is not in the full game.

When starting the demo, Kapp'n does not ask the player questions, instead starting with him dropping off the player at town hall. Once the player visits their house, Tom Nook appears like in the full game and tells them they need to pay their home loan of 19,800 Bells; however, he notes that because it is the demo version, it is up to the player to choose to work part-time for him or explore the town.

Town and player[edit]

The player is female and is named Jenny, and the town's name is Amiville. The player wears a bold check shirt, has 10,000 Bells, and has a cool shirt, beret, funky glasses, fishing rod, net, shovel, and watering can in their inventory. Amiville has eight villagers: Biskit, Bud, Dora, Tabby, Baabara, Static, Gabi, and Whitney. The town layout is always the same. The player's house is at its third expansion stage—despite the loan being the same as the initial one in the final game—and it is fully furnished. Its stereo plays "K.K. Bossa".

It is possible to complete the part-time job and pay off the first home loan within the 10-minute time limit,[2] thus unlocking the ability to purchase and sell items at Nook's Cranny. The items at Nook's Cranny and the Able Sisters are always the same. Town hall has fewer options than in the full game, and Copper does not let the player access his services. In the museum, Blathers, Celeste, and Brewster repeat their introduction dialog every time they are spoken to, making their services inaccessible.

The date for the default posts on the bulletin board is February 3, 2006.



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