Fishing Tourney

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Fishing Tourney
Occurs Different in each game
Special characters Chip
Appearances Animal Crossing,
Doubutsu no Mori e+,
Animal Crossing: Wild World,
Animal Crossing: City Folk,
Animal Crossing: New Leaf,
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The Fishing Tourney is a fish-catching event that occurs throughout the year in the Animal Crossing series. While the principle of the fishing tourney remains the same across the series, each incarnation has different variations.

Animal Crossing[edit]

Summer Fishing Tourney[edit]

In Animal Crossing during June, Chip the beaver will host a fishing tournament every Sunday where players can win furniture for record-breaking fish. However, he only accepts types of bass that are caught in the river (small bass, bass, and large bass). Chip will give players a prize for every bass they give him that beats the previous record for the day. Bass caught before the tourney can be given to Chip for prizes. If players have the record at the end of the day, they will receive an additional gift in the mail. Players can talk to Tortimer at any time during the tourney by the Wishing Well to receive the Angler Trophy.

Fall Fishing Tourney[edit]

The Fishing Tourney reappears in November. It is identical to the Summer Fishing Tourney.


  • 1st Sunday of June
  • 2nd Sunday of June
  • 3rd Sunday of June
  • 4th Sunday of June
  • 1st Sunday of November
  • 2nd Sunday of November
  • 3rd Sunday of November
  • 4th Sunday of November

Animal Crossing: Wild World[edit]

Although the tournament starts at 12 P.M., players can use any previously caught fish in it. Players can take the fish to Tortimer who is outside of the Town Hall. If it is the biggest fish caught that day, players get the prize of a random furniture item. A villager may later submit a larger fish, however, so players have to keep trying. If at 6 P.M., players still have the largest fish caught, they win the Fish Trophy, which is mailed to them. If players do not have a fishing rod, they can talk to Tortimer for a free one.



Animal Crossing: City Folk[edit]

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, there are two types of tourney, running from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M., with different fish available in each. Chip returns to the front of the Town Hall with his tent full of coolers, and is standing eagerly for contestants to bring in fish to be measured, after which he eats the player's submission. Winning the tourneys will get players a Gold or Silver Trophy, dependent on which tourney they entered, that arrives by post the next morning. Additionally, players receive a piece of common furniture from Chip every time they beat a previous record.

During the tournaments held on the second Saturday of the month, any fish is accepted. The prize is the Gold Trophy.

During the tournaments held on the third Saturday of the month, only specific fish will be accepted in the competition. For each of those tourneys, the specific fish is chosen at random from a potential three each month. The prize is the Silver Trophy.


(Dab, Horse Mackerel, Pond Smelt)
(Crucian Carp, Loach, Sea Bass)
  • 2nd Saturday of April
  • 3rd Saturday of May
(Black Bass, Red Snapper, Sea Bass)
(Black Bass, Carp, Horse Mackerel)

Animal Crossing: New Leaf[edit]

In New Leaf, the Fishing Tourney is slightly different compared to the last games. The heights of the fish are automatically recorded as part of the new updates in the game. But as it was in Animal Crossing: City Folk, there are certain months where Chip will accept any fish, while some months he will ask the player to catch a specific type of fish.

Tournaments Held[edit]

Month Tournament Type
3rd Saturday of January One Type of Fish
(Horse Mackerel, Pond Smelt, or Sea Bass)
2nd Saturday of February Any Type of Fish
3rd Saturday of March One Type of Fish
(Crucian Carp, Horse Mackerel, or Loach)
2nd Saturday of April Any Type of Fish
3rd Saturday of May One Type of Fish
(Carp, Black Bass, or Sea Bass)
2nd Saturday of October Any Type of Fish
3rd Saturday of November One Type of Fish
(Carp, Crucian Carp, or Black Bass)
2nd Saturday of December Any Type of Fish

Fish can be submitted to Chip from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Upon submitting the fish to Chip, he will give the player a piece of furniture, wallpaper or flooring. He will give out ordinary furniture, wallpaper or flooring if the player submits a record breaking fish at or below the average size of the fish. However, if the size is above average, he will give the player a furniture, wallpaper or flooring from the Fish set at random. The items given from the Fish set are split into two groups; one group in which can only be obtained during months where Chip will accept any fish, while the other group is for when Chip will only accept a certain kind of fish by what he tells the players to catch.

One Type of Fish Tournament[edit]

Item Name Image Buy Price Sell Price Available From Feng Shui Color HHA Theme / Style Size (sq) Info Customizable?
Flounder Table - 600 Chip Green (x2) Toy Shop/Cute 4 Table No
Jellyfish Lamp - 625 Chip Aqua (x2) Toy Shop/Cute 1 Lamp / Wall furniture No
Octopus Chair - 600 Chip Red (x2) Toy Shop/Cute 1 Chair No
Puffer-Fish TV - 600 Chip Orange/White Toy Shop/Cute 1 TV No
Red-Snapper Chair - 600 Chip Red (x2) Toy Shop/Cute 2 Chair No
Marine Pop Wall - 410 Chip

Any Type of Fish Tournament[edit]

Item Name Image Buy Price Sell Price Available From Feng Shui Color HHA Theme / Style Size (sq) Info Customizable?
Crab Clock - 600 Chip Red (x2) Toy Shop/Cute 1 Clock No
Dab Table - 600 Chip Brown (x2) Toy Shop/Cute 4 Table No
Football-Fish Lamp - 600 Chip Blue (x2) Toy Shop/Cute 1 Lamp No
Sea-Anemone Bed - 600 Chip Red (x2) Toy Shop/Cute 2 Bed No
Squid Chair - 600 Chip White (x2) Toy Shop/Cute 1 Chair No
Marine Pop Floor - 410 Chip

There will be a plinth inside Chip's tent. When the winners are announced inside the tent, the winners will stand on the first, second and third stands on the plinth. During the winners are announcements, they will let off party poppers and Chip will give each person an award (i.e. a trophy) according to his or her position. The awards ceremony must take place before 9 P.M. or else it will be canceled, and trophies will be mailed.

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival[edit]

During the Fishing Tourney, Chip will visit and all spaces will turn into Fishing Rod Spaces. After every turn is over, an awards ceremony will occur. Happy Points will be given out depending on the place that the player ranked.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp[edit]

In this game, the Fishing Tourney occurs in Saltwater Shores‎ or Lost Lure Creek (depends on event} and is also different from other games. Players can catch only specific species of fish with the sparkling shadow for the tourney, and they should give them to Chip so he can measure the size of each fish. Players can rent a golden fishing rod for 80 Leaf Tickets, giving them guarantee chances of catching two fish at once. Also, the player can use a tourney throw net to catch several fish at once.

Fishing Tourney: Candied Catches was hosted by Jack instead of Chip.

Event name Set Event fish Dates
Fishing Tourney #1 Underwater World Set Clown Fish PC Icon.png
Clown Fish
Surgeonfish PC Icon.png
Barred Knifejaw PC Icon.png
Barred Knifejaw
March 15th - 20th, 2018
Fishing Tourney #2 Underwater World Set Puffer Fish PC Icon.png
Puffer Fish
Sea Butterfly PC Icon.png
Sea Butterfly
Zebra Moray PC Icon.png
Zebra Moray
May 19th - 24th, 2018
Fishing Tourney #3 Underwater World Set Bluegill PC Icon.png
Angelfish PC Icon.png
Arowana PC Icon.png
June 29th - July 4th, 2018
Fishing Tourney #4 Underwater World Set Achilles Surgeonfish PC Icon.png
Achilles Surgeonfish
Spotted Knifejaw PC Icon.png
Spotted Knifejaw
Black Clown Fish PC Icon.png
Black Clown Fish
July 25th - 30th, 2018
Fishing Tourney #5 Vibrant Set Guppy PC Icon.png
Piranha PC Icon.png
Golden Koi PC Icon.png
Golden Koi
August 14th - 19th, 2018
Fishing Tourney #6 Splatoon 2 Splatoon 2 Set Green Squid PC Icon.png
Green Squid
Pink Squid PC Icon.png
Pink Squid
Purple Octopus PC Icon.png
Purple Octopus
September 19th - 26th, 2018
Fishing Tourney: Candied Catches Halloween Set Orange Candy Fish PC Icon.png
Orange Candy Fish
Melon Candy Fish PC Icon.png
Melon Candy Fish
Grape Candy Fish PC Icon.png
Grape Candy Fish
October 23rd - 29th, 2018
Fishing Tourney #8 First Anniversary Set Gold Horse Mackerel PC Icon.png
Gold Horse Mackerel
Gold Olive Flounder PC Icon.png
Gold Olive Flounder
Gold Football Fish PC Icon.png
Gold Football Fish
Gold Tuna PC Icon.png
Gold Tuna
November 21st - 27th, 2018
Fishing Tourney #9 Snow Festival Set Sweet Shrimp PC Icon.png
Sweet Shrimp
Horsehair Crab PC Icon.png
Horsehair Crab
Lobster PC Icon.png
December 19th - 26th, 2018
Fishing Tourney #10 Ice Fishing Set Pond Smelt PC Icon.png
Pond Smelt
Dace PC Icon.png
Salmon PC Icon.png
January 22nd - 29th, 2019
Fishing Tourney #11 Pink Crystal Crystal Collection (Pink) Set Horseshoe Crab PC Icon.png
Horseshoe Crab
Chambered Nautilus PC Icon.png
Chambered Nautilus
Coelacanth PC Icon.png
February 18th - 25th, 2019
Fishing Tourney #12 Super Mario Super Mario (Part 2) Set Cheep Cheep PC Icon.png
Cheep Cheep
Eep Cheep PC Icon.png
Eep Cheep
Blooper PC Icon.png
Cheep Chomp PC Icon.png
Cheep Chomp
March 14th - 21st, 2019
Fishing Tourney: Schoolroom Schoolroom Set Killifish PC Icon.png
Goldfish PC Icon.png
Catfish PC Icon.png
Pink Koi PC Icon.png
Pink Koi
April 24th - 29th, 2019