List of villagers in City Folk

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The following is a list of villagers in Animal Crossing: City Folk. City Folk features 210 villagers in total (131 from Doubutsu no Mori, 8 from Animal Crossing, 35 from Doubutsu no Mori e+, 18 from Wild World, and 18 new ones). This game marks return of 42 villagers cut from Animal Crossing: Wild World. There are 146 villagers who have appeared in previous iterations of Animal Crossing that do not appear in City Folk.

Name Species Gender Personality Birthday
Agent S CF.png Agent S Squirrel Female Peppy July 2
Al CF.png Al This villager is new in this game Gorilla Male Lazy October 18
Alfonso CF.png Alfonso Alligator Male Lazy June 9
Alice CF.png Alice Koala Female Normal August 19
Alli CF.png Alli Alligator Female Snooty November 8
Amelia CF.png Amelia Eagle Female Snooty November 19
Anabelle CF.png Anabelle Anteater Female Peppy February 16
Anchovy CF.png Anchovy Bird Male Lazy March 4
Angus CF.png Angus Bull Male Cranky April 30
Ankha CF.png Ankha Cat Female Snooty September 22
Antonio CF.png Antonio Anteater Male Jock October 20
Apollo CF.png Apollo Eagle Male Cranky July 4
Astrid CF.png Astrid Kangaroo Female Snooty September 8
Aurora CF.png Aurora Penguin Female Normal January 27
Avery CF.png Avery Eagle Male Cranky February 22
Axel CF.png Axel Elephant Male Jock March 23
Baabara CF.png Baabara Sheep Female Snooty March 28
Becky CF.png Becky Chicken Female Snooty December 9
Bella CF.png Bella Mouse Female Peppy December 28
Benedict CF.png Benedict Chicken Male Lazy October 10
Bettina CF.png Bettina This villager is new in this game Mouse Female Normal June 12
Big Top CF.png Big Top Elephant Male Lazy October 3
Bill CF.png Bill Duck Male Jock February 1
Biskit CF.png Biskit Dog Male Lazy May 13
Blaire CF.png Blaire Squirrel Female Snooty July 3
Bluebear CF.png Bluebear Bear cub Female Peppy June 24
Bob CF.png Bob Cat Male Lazy January 1
Bones CF.png Bones Dog Male Lazy August 4
Boomer CF.png Boomer Penguin Male Lazy February 7
Boone CF.png Boone Gorilla Male Jock September 12
Bree CF.png Bree Mouse Female Snooty July 7
Broccolo CF.png Broccolo Mouse Male Lazy June 30
Buck CF.png Buck Horse Male Jock April 4
Bud CF.png Bud Lion Male Jock August 8
Bunnie CF.png Bunnie Rabbit Female Peppy May 9
Butch CF.png Butch Dog Male Cranky November 1
Camofrog CF.png Camofrog Frog Male Cranky June 5
Carmen CF.png Carmen This villager is new in this game Rabbit Female Peppy January 6
Caroline CF.png Caroline Squirrel Female Normal July 15
Cesar CF.png Cesar Gorilla Male Cranky September 6
Champ CF.png Champ Monkey Male Jock June 4
Chester CF.png Chester This villager is new in this game Bear cub Male Lazy August 6
Chevre CF.png Chevre Goat Female Normal March 6
Chief CF.png Chief Wolf Male Cranky December 19
Chow CF.png Chow Bear Male Cranky July 22
Chrissy CF.png Chrissy Rabbit Female Peppy August 28
Clyde CF.png Clyde This villager is new in this game Horse Male Lazy May 1
Coco CF.png Coco Rabbit Female Normal March 1
Cookie CF.png Cookie Dog Female Peppy June 18
Cousteau CF.png Cousteau Frog Male Jock December 17
Cube CF.png Cube Penguin Male Lazy January 29
Curly CF.png Curly Pig Male Jock July 26
Curt CF.png Curt Bear Male Cranky July 1
Cyrano CF.png Cyrano Anteater Male Cranky March 9
Daisy CF.png Daisy Dog Female Normal November 16
Deena CF.png Deena Duck Female Normal June 27
Del CF.png Del Alligator Male Cranky May 27
Derwin CF.png Derwin Duck Male Lazy May 25
Dizzy CF.png Dizzy Elephant Male Lazy July 14
Dora CF.png Dora Mouse Female Normal February 18
Dotty CF.png Dotty Rabbit Female Peppy March 14
Drake CF.png Drake Duck Male Lazy June 25
Drift CF.png Drift Frog Male Jock October 9
Ed CF.png Ed Horse Male Jock September 16
Egbert CF.png Egbert Chicken Male Lazy October 14
Elise CF.png Elise Monkey Female Snooty March 21
Elmer CF.png Elmer Horse Male Lazy October 5
Eloise CF.png Eloise Elephant Female Snooty December 8
Elvis CF.png Elvis Lion Male Cranky July 23
Eunice CF.png Eunice Sheep Female Normal April 3
Fang CF.png Fang Wolf Male Cranky December 18
Felicity CF.png Felicity Cat Female Peppy March 30
Filbert CF.png Filbert Squirrel Male Lazy June 3
Francine CF.png Francine Rabbit Female Snooty January 22
Freckles CF.png Freckles Duck Female Peppy February 19
Freya CF.png Freya Wolf Female Snooty December 14
Friga CF.png Friga Penguin Female Snooty October 16
Frobert CF.png Frobert Frog Male Jock February 8
Gabi CF.png Gabi Rabbit Female Peppy December 16
Gala CF.png Gala This villager is new in this game Pig Female Normal March 5
Gaston CF.png Gaston Rabbit Male Cranky October 28
Genji CF.png Genji Rabbit Male Jock January 21
Gigi CF.png Gigi This villager is new in this game Frog Female Snooty August 11
Gladys CF.png Gladys Ostrich Female Normal January 15
Gloria CF.png Gloria This villager is new in this game Duck Female Snooty August 12
Goldie CF.png Goldie Dog Female Normal December 27
Goose CF.png Goose Chicken Male Jock October 4
Grizzly CF.png Grizzly Bear Male Cranky July 31
Groucho CF.png Groucho Bear Male Cranky October 23
Gwen CF.png Gwen Penguin Female Snooty January 23
Harry CF.png Harry Hippo Male Cranky January 7
Hopper CF.png Hopper Penguin Male Cranky April 6
Hugh CF.png Hugh Pig Male Lazy December 30
Iggly CF.png Iggly This villager is new in this game Penguin Male Jock November 2
Jambette CF.png Jambette Frog Female Normal October 27
Jay CF.png Jay Bird Male Jock July 17
Jeremiah CF.png Jeremiah Frog Male Lazy July 8
Jitters CF.png Jitters Bird Male Jock February 2
Joey CF.png Joey Duck Male Lazy January 3
Kabuki CF.png Kabuki Cat Male Cranky November 29
Kid Cat CF.png Kid Cat Cat Male Jock August 1
Kiki CF.png Kiki Cat Female Normal October 8
Kitt CF.png Kitt Kangaroo Female Normal October 11
Kitty CF.png Kitty Cat Female Snooty February 15
Knox CF.png Knox This villager is new in this game Chicken Male Cranky November 23
Kody CF.png Kody Bear cub Male Jock September 28
Lily CF.png Lily Frog Female Normal February 4
Limberg CF.png Limberg Mouse Male Cranky October 17
Lobo CF.png Lobo Wolf Male Cranky November 5
Lolly CF.png Lolly Cat Female Normal March 27
Lucky CF.png Lucky Dog Male Lazy November 4
Lucy CF.png Lucy Pig Female Normal June 2
Mac CF.png Mac This villager is new in this game Dog Male Jock November 11
Maelle CF.png Maelle Duck Female Snooty April 8
Mallary CF.png Mallary Duck Female Snooty November 17
Maple CF.png Maple Bear cub Female Normal June 15
Marcel CF.png Marcel This villager is new in this game Dog Male Lazy December 31
Margie CF.png Margie Elephant Female Normal January 28
Marina CF.png Marina Octopus Female Normal June 26
Mathilda CF.png Mathilda Kangaroo Female Snooty November 12
Melba CF.png Melba Koala Female Normal April 12
Merry CF.png Merry Cat Female Peppy June 29
Midge CF.png Midge Bird Female Normal March 12
Mint CF.png Mint Squirrel Female Snooty May 2
Miranda CF.png Miranda Duck Female Snooty April 23
Mitzi CF.png Mitzi Cat Female Normal September 25
Moe CF.png Moe Cat Male Lazy January 12
Monique CF.png Monique Cat Female Snooty September 30
Monty CF.png Monty Monkey Male Cranky December 7
Moose CF.png Moose This villager is new in this game Mouse Male Jock September 13
Mott CF.png Mott This villager is new in this game Lion Male Jock July 10
Nan CF.png Nan Goat Female Normal August 24
Nana CF.png Nana Monkey Female Normal August 23
Nate CF.png Nate Bear Male Lazy August 16
Nibbles CF.png Nibbles Squirrel Female Peppy July 19
Octavian CF.png Octavian Octopus Male Cranky September 20
Olivia CF.png Olivia Cat Female Snooty February 3
Opal CF.png Opal Elephant Female Snooty January 20
Pango CF.png Pango Anteater Female Peppy November 9
Pate CF.png Pate Duck Female Peppy February 23
Patty CF.png Patty Cow Female Peppy May 10
Peaches CF.png Peaches Horse Female Normal November 28
Peanut CF.png Peanut Squirrel Female Peppy June 8
Pecan CF.png Pecan Squirrel Female Snooty September 10
Peewee CF.png Peewee Gorilla Male Cranky September 11
Peggy CF.png Peggy Pig Female Peppy May 23
Pekoe CF.png Pekoe This villager is new in this game Bear cub Female Normal May 18
Pierce CF.png Pierce Eagle Male Jock January 8
Pinky CF.png Pinky Bear Female Peppy September 9
Pippy CF.png Pippy Rabbit Female Peppy June 14
Pompom CF.png Pompom Duck Female Peppy February 11
Poncho CF.png Poncho Bear cub Male Jock January 2
Poppy CF.png Poppy This villager is new in this game Squirrel Female Normal August 5
Portia CF.png Portia Dog Female Snooty October 25
Prince CF.png Prince Frog Male Lazy July 21
Puck CF.png Puck Penguin Male Lazy February 21
Puddles CF.png Puddles Frog Female Peppy January 13
Pudge CF.png Pudge Bear cub Male Lazy June 11
Punchy CF.png Punchy Cat Male Lazy April 11
Purrl CF.png Purrl Cat Female Snooty May 29
Queenie CF.png Queenie Ostrich Female Snooty November 13
Rasher CF.png Rasher Pig Male Cranky April 7
Rhonda CF.png Rhonda Rhinoceros Female Normal January 24
Ribbot CF.png Ribbot Frog Male Jock February 13
Rizzo CF.png Rizzo Mouse Male Cranky January 17
Roald CF.png Roald Penguin Male Jock January 5
Robin CF.png Robin Bird Female Snooty December 4
Rocco CF.png Rocco Hippo Male Cranky August 18
Rod CF.png Rod Mouse Male Jock August 14
Rodeo CF.png Rodeo Bull Male Lazy October 29
Rolf CF.png Rolf Tiger Male Cranky August 22
Roscoe CF.png Roscoe Horse Male Cranky June 16
Rosie CF.png Rosie Cat Female Peppy February 27
Rowan CF.png Rowan Tiger Male Jock August 26
Ruby CF.png Ruby Rabbit Female Peppy December 25
Sally CF.png Sally Squirrel Female Normal June 19
Samson CF.png Samson Mouse Male Jock July 5
Savannah CF.png Savannah Horse Female Normal January 25
Scoot CF.png Scoot Duck Male Jock June 13
Simon CF.png Simon Monkey Male Lazy January 19
Snake CF.png Snake Rabbit Male Jock November 3
Spork CF.png Spork Pig Male Lazy September 3
Static CF.png Static Squirrel Male Cranky July 9
Sterling CF.png Sterling This villager is new in this game Eagle Male Jock December 11
Stinky CF.png Stinky Cat Male Jock August 17
Stitches CF.png Stitches Bear cub Male Lazy February 10
Sydney CF.png Sydney Koala Female Normal June 21
Tabby CF.png Tabby Cat Female Peppy August 13
Tammi CF.png Tammi Monkey Female Peppy April 1
Tangy CF.png Tangy Cat Female Peppy June 17
Tank CF.png Tank Rhinoceros Male Jock May 6
Teddy CF.png Teddy Bear Male Jock September 26
Tiffany CF.png Tiffany Rabbit Female Snooty January 9
Tipper CF.png Tipper Cow Female Snooty August 25
Tom CF.png Tom Cat Male Cranky December 10
Truffles CF.png Truffles Pig Female Peppy July 28
Tutu CF.png Tutu Bear Female Peppy September 15
Twiggy CF.png Twiggy Bird Female Peppy July 13
Vesta CF.png Vesta Sheep Female Normal April 16
Victoria CF.png Victoria Horse Female Peppy July 11
Violet CF.png Violet Gorilla Female Snooty September 1
Vladimir CF.png Vladimir Bear cub Male Cranky August 2
Walker CF.png Walker Dog Male Lazy June 10
Wart Jr. CF.png Wart Jr. Frog Male Cranky August 21
Wendy CF.png Wendy This villager is new in this game Sheep Female Peppy August 15
Whitney CF.png Whitney Wolf Female Snooty September 17
Willow CF.png Willow Sheep Female Snooty November 26
Winnie CF.png Winnie Horse Female Peppy January 31
Wolfgang CF.png Wolfgang Wolf Male Cranky November 25
Yuka CF.png Yuka Koala Female Snooty July 20
  • New.gif = Indicates the villager's debut in the series

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